Peter Davison
Fifth Doctor
1982 - 1984

Audio Adventures

Audio adventures are additional adventures, often between television adventures, featuring different Doctors and their travelling companions.
6C/A.The Land Of The Dead
The TARDIS lands in Alaska, 1964, then departs after avoiding an accident; arriving thirty years later the Doctor and Nyssa find strange creatures
6C/B.Winter For The Adept
Due to a teleportation accident Nyssa finds herself in the Swiss Alps, 1963. Is it coincidence that she finds shelter in a school haunted by a poltergeist?
6C/C.The Mutant Phase
In the 22nd century, the Daleks have occupied planet Earth. By the 43rd century, only a handful of humans survive. No matter where the Doctor turns the Daleks will be waiting for him.
Nyssa is dying, and there's only one place in the universe to go for help.
6C/E.Spare Parts
The Doctor and Nyssa unearth a black market in second-hand body parts.
6C/F.Creatures Of Beauty
What if it is not clear who is right and who is wrong? Who is ugly and who is beautiful?
A strange telepathic message prompts the Doctor to travel to where Omega's ship vanished
The TARDIS takes the Doctor and Turlough to London in 1702 where the travellers become enmeshed in the plans of Sir Nikolas Valentine.
Time is running out as the fearsome shadow of an ancient werewolf moves ever closer
6Q/A.Red Dawn
Ares One: NASA's first manned mission to the dead planet Mars. But is Mars as dead as it seems?
6Q/B.The Eye Of The Scorpion
Egypt is in mourning. Pharaoh, the great God-King, is dead.
6Q/C.The Church And The Crown
Peri becomes embroiled in a plot to kill Queen Anne and the Doctor finds himself duelling Musketeers
The Doctor struggles to understand the secret of the domain of the dead, ­known as Nekromanteia.
7Z.The Sirens Of Time
Gallifrey is in a state of crisis and three incarnations of the Doctor must join together to set time back on the right track.