Donna Noble
played by Catherine Tate

Nice to meet you, skinny man. Oh, word of advice. You can wear a suit that tight up to the age of 35... and no further.

Donna Noble worked at HC Clements with her fiancé, Lance. Unbeknown to her over time Lance had been lacing her drink with Huon particles. On her wedding day the particles in her body were drawn to the TARDIS, which was in orbit, and she was transported inside, to the surprise of the Doctor.

Donna is a loud character and often stood up to the Doctor. After Lance's death he offers her a chance to take a trip in the TARDIS, but she refuses, although they were destined to meet again after Donna searched for the Doctor to join him on his travels.

After merging with the Doctor as part of a meta-crisis the Doctor had to put a block on Donna's memory of him; if she remembered him she would die. But when the Fourteenth Doctor re-entered her life her memory came back, only to be saved by her daughter, Rose.

First regular appearance: Partners In Crime

Final regular appearance: Journey's End

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Addiional information about Donna Noble
  • Home: London, England, Earth (21st century)
  • Family: Wilf Noble (granddad) ::: Sylvia Noble (mother) ::: Shaun Temple (husband) ::: Rose Noble (daughter)