14. The Runaway Bride

Series 2 - 2006

Writer: Russell T. Davies
Produced by: Phil Collinson
Director: Euros Lyn
Music: Murray Gold


The Doctor has no time to come to terms with the loss of Rose as a strange woman in a wedding dress materialises inside the TARDIS.

The woman, Donna Noble, is not happy about being kidnapped, and the Doctor doesn't really want her around. The TARDIS materialises on Christmas Eve 2007 in London. It's Donna's wedding day, and the Doctor helps her to get to the wedding by calling a taxi.

After realising neither has any money the cab leaves them by the side of the road. The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to get money from a cash machine and Donna hails another taxi by herself. It's then that the Doctor notices the robot Santas.

Using the TARDIS the Doctor is able to follow the taxi and persuades Donna to jump into the TARDIS. The wedding has been called off, but all the guests are still partying at the reception when the Doctor and Donna walk in. The Doctor is introduced to Donna's fiancé Lance. The three of them manage to escape from the robot Santa's that have tracked the Donna.

The Doctor has seen a video of Donna's wedding and notices she was riddled with Huon particles. Investigating where Lance and Donna met the Doctor discovers that HC Clements was owned by Torchwood.

The Doctor leads Lance and Donna underneath HC Clements into a Torchwood facility underneath the Thames where Huon particles were being made... and where Lance had been giving them to Donna over the course of the engagement.

Lance has been working for the spider-like Empress of Rachnoss, and when she makes an appearance the Doctor and Donna manage escape when the Doctor materialises the TARDIS around them. To find out why the Empress is on Earth, and more importantly why she had drilled to the centre of the Earth, the Doctor takes the TARDIS back in time to when Earth was forming. At the centre of the Earth is the Rachnoss, the Empress's children, and the Empress is trying to free them.

Returning to the present day the Doctor has a plan to stop the Empress, but he first offers her assistance. When she declines, the Doctor opens up the Thames and floods the chamber that contains a shaft to the centre of the Earth. The Doctor watches as the Empress transports back to her ship, which is destroyed on the orders of Mr. Saxon.

Donna opts not to travel with the Doctor, but says he needs to find someone...

Regular Cast

  • Donna Noble: Catherine Tate

Guest Cast

  • Empress of Rachnoss: Sarah Parish
  • Lance Bennett: Don Gilet
  • Geoff Noble: Howard Attfield
  • Sylvia Noble: Jacqueline King
  • Vicar: Trevor Georges
  • Taxi Driver: Glen Wilson
  • Nerys: Krystal Archer
  • Rhodri: Rhodri Meilir
  • Little Girl: Zafirah Boateng
  • Robot Santa: Paul Kasey
  • Older Bridesmaid: Diane Dawson
  • Young Bridesmaids: Ellie Hand, Tilly Matthews
  • Best Man: Kodjo Tsakpo
  • Ushers: Owen Stanton, George Onyehasi
  • Groom's Mum: Sandra Scott
  • Groom's Dad: Ash Croney
  • Photographer: Gareth Evans
  • Handsome Man: Marcus Maggio
  • Man on Mobile Phone: Ben Mclean
  • Gay Men: Richard Price, Zac Humpage
  • Wedding Guest Kids: Ella Hunt, Alexandros Allen, Kyde Marrable
  • Wedding Guests: Simon Hamilton, Sophie Luckie, Kyle Legall, Ben Callaghan, Gail Felton, Mike Briton Jones, Gary Devonish, Ian Wilson, Sarah Vaughton, Gwen Hestor, Kwesi Gepi Attee, Euneta Waithe, Susanna Jon, Susie Coats, Justin Walters, Joanna Ruiz, June Simmonds, Cynthia Reynolds, Jorja Welsh, Tony Honekar, Maria Ohrwall, Laura Jones, Peter Kemp, Bobby Tee, John Richardson, Beryl Cornish, Eddie Hunt, Michelle Wignall, Biannca Jones, Keena Anderson, Dave James, David Ulett, Ian Coather, Mark Gottshalk, Leroy Ingram, Kuda Kaliyati, Jill Alexander, Darren Clarke, Aleta Morgan, Maddie Reid
  • Double for Donna: Corinna McShane
  • Lads in Car: Daniel Radbourne, Chris Ilston
  • Pedestrians: Richard Walker, Duncan Collins, Winston Pyke, Clare Brice, Rhi Louise, Helen Steadman, Alejandro DeSilva, Sadie Reid, Alison Clist, Johnson Yakoob, Mike Williams, Rachel Doe, Neil Ford, Craig Ford, Lesley Dring, Annette Balaam, Antony Asis, Yolaris Khan, Sally Martin, Lawrence Llewellyn, Kaman Chan, Dan Gough, Chester Durrant, Chris Swann, Tom Rawles, Adam Young, Rebecca Harford, Robert Skipmore, Toni Rice, Poppie Skold, Nick Madge, Hayley Jones, Jim Fox, Gemma Hobbs, Mark Sterling, Lindsay Summers, Caroline Bennett, Greg Bennett, Stephen Evans, Antonia Harrison
  • Whistle Ladies: Jo Standing, Lamorna Waters
  • Taxi Driver: Darrel Heath, Peter Brent
  • Double for Taxi Driver: Carl Watson
  • Big Issue Seller: Mark Chappell
  • Man at Cash Point: Andrew Sweet
  • Evil Santas: Ken Hosking, Adam Sweet, Richard Tunesi, Joe White, Pete Symonds, Mark Llewellyn Thomas
  • ¬£10 Lady: Lorraine Joseph
  • Stunt Santa Driver: George Cottle
  • Stunt Driver Mum: Tina Maskell
  • Stunt Driver Smart: Richard Hamnett
  • Stunt Drivers: Gary Hoptrough, Rob Hunt
  • Children in Car: Jack Ruiz Rodriguez, Ellie Ruiz Rodriguez
  • Grandparents: Margarette Damsell, Harry Damsell
  • Stunt double for Donna: Nina Armstrong
  • Double for the Doctor: Daniel Geoff
  • Office Workers: Samantha Bennett, Natascha Motee, Brian Taher, Helen Lennox, Helen Cuthbert, Deborah Light, Miriam Akhtr, Neil Partridge, Will Downie, Richard Beavis
  • Barman: Richard Beavis
  • Passers-by: Sousilla Pillay, Stephen Evans
  • Staff: Clare Reynolds, Paul O'Brian
  • DJ: Mark Haste
  • Hero Gold Head: Paul Casey
  • Gold Head Robots: Ken Hosking, Richard Tunesi, Adam Sweet
  • Mum: Durine Howell
  • Dad: Darius Walker
  • Soldiers: Eddy Martin, Carl Watson, Dennis Gregory, Andrew Mitchell, Bryan Williams, Craig Bowden, Richard Harris, Chris Alderman, Jonathan Holcroft, Kay-D Mills
  • Crowd: Lindsay Hollingsworth, Wendy Olley,Wendi Sheard, Emma Feeney, Paula Keogh, Jenny Pink, Stephen Bracken Keogh, Daryl Adcock, Nick Carter, Nicholas Wilkes, Matthew Jones, Paul Sparrowham

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 14. The Runaway Bride Monday, December 25, 2006 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM 9.4M 84

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  • Upper Boat Studios, Trefforest

Outside Locations

  • A4/M4 Chiswick Flyover, London
  • A4232 - Ely Link Road, Cardiff
  • Atradius Building, Cardiff Bay
  • Baverstock Hotel, Merthyr Tydfil
  • Cardiff City Road
  • Churchill Way, Cardiff
  • In-pound Station
  • IPC Helipad, Shoe Lane, London
  • Millennium Stadium, Westgate Street, Cardiff
  • New Country House Hotel, Thornhill, Cardiff
  • Riverside, Cardiff
  • St. John The Baptist Church, Trinity Street/St. John Street, Cardiff
  • St. Mary's Street, Cardiff
  • Thames Barrier, Barrier Approach, Woolwich, London
  • Usk Valley Business Park, Pontypool, Torfaen
  • Water Guard Pub, Cardiff Bay
  • Westgate Street, Cardiff