AA. Doctor Who - The Savages

Season Three

  • Story Editor: Gerry Davis
  • Writer: Ian Stuart Black
  • Director: Christopher Barry
  • Produced by: Innes Lloyd
  • Designer: Stuart Walker
  • Incidental Music: Raymond Jones

AA. Doctor Who - The Savages

The TARDIS lands on a world on which live the highly advanced Elders, and the primitive Savages. The Doctor and his companions are escorted to the Elders' city. Steve and Dodo are givem a guided tour, but Dodo decides to take a detour and stumbles across a secret laboratory.

The Elders have been draining the life force from the Savages and transferring it to themselves. They trap some of the Doctor's life force, but along with it they get some of his attitudes and conscience.

Jano transfers this lifeforce to himself, and turns against the Elders, destroying the transference machinerey. Steven agrees to stay behind and help the united Elders and Savages co-exist.

Regular Cast

  • Steven Taylor: Peter Purves
  • Dodo Chaplet: Jackie Lane


  • Chal: Ewen Solon
  • Tor: Patrick Godfrey
  • Captain Deal: Peter Thomas
  • Senta: Norman Henry
  • Jano: Frederick Jaeger
  • Namna: Clare Jenkins
  • Exorse: Geoffrey Frederick (1,3,4)
  • Avon: Robert Sidaway (1-2)
  • Flower: Kay Patrick (1-2)
  • Wylda: Edward Caddick (1)
  • First Assistant: Andrew Lodge (2,3)
  • Second Assistant: Christopher Denham
  • Third Assistant: Tony Holland (2)
  • Savage: John Dillon (3)
  • Guard: Tim Goodman (3)
  • Savage Extra: John Raven
  • Elders: Tony Douglas, Nicholas Edwards, Royston Farrell, Fiona Fraser, Lynn Howard, Bartlett Mullins, Christine Wass, Lionel Wheeler
  • Children: Peter Baldwin, Denise Brown, Frances Machin
  • Non-Speaking Artists: Keith Ashley, David Billa, Bill Burridge, Joan Gennele Dixon, Alex Donald, Tony Douglas, Michael Earl, Nicholas Edwards, Keith Goodman, Scot Hamilton, David Harford, Lyn Howard, Gordon Lang, Tony Madison, Olive McNeil, Nina Ovenden, Robert Pitt, Martin Tozer

Showings on the BBC

First showing

Channel Episode Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 119 Episode 1 Saturday, May 28, 1966 5:35 PM - 6:00 PM 4.2M 48%
BBC 1 120 Episode 2 Saturday, June 4, 1966 5:35 PM - 6:00 PM 5.6M 49%
BBC 1 121 Episode 3 Saturday, June 11, 1966 5:35 PM - 6:00 PM 5.0M 48%
BBC 1 122 Episode 4 Saturday, June 18, 1966 5:35 PM - 6:00 PM 4.5M 48%


Outside Locations

  • Gravel Pit nr. Chalfont St. Peter, Bucks
  • Oxshott Sandpit, Oxshott, Surrey
  • Sunningdale, Berks


  • Ealing Television Film Studios
  • Riverside Studio 1



No blooper details are available


  • Peter Purves departs at the end of the story.

Working titles

  • The White Savages