K. The Dalek Invasion Of Earth

Season Two - 1965/1965

Story Editor: David Whitaker
Writer: Terry Nation
Director: Richard Martin
Produced by: Verity Lambert
Designer: Spencer Chapman
Fight Arranger: Peter Diamond (5)
Incidental Music: Francis Chagrin

One day, I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back. Until then there must be no regrets. No tears. No anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine.


The TARDIS materialises on Earth, but this time in the twenty second century. Whilst looking around at the devestation Susan causes an accident, bringing down tons of masonary, and blocking entry to the TARDIS. The Doctor is not happy, and he sets off with Ian to find something that may get them back inside the TARDIS.

Susan, meanwhile, has hurt her ankle. Barbara goes to dip a handkercheif in water, and wehn she returns Susan has vanished. Tyler appears and leads Barbara to safety, where Susan was taken. The Doctor and Ian hear gunfire and go back to check on Susan and Barbara - and get caught by the Daleks.

The Doctor is resuced by a group of freedom fighters, and learns of a plague created by the Daleks. When Earth had become sufficiently weak, they invaded, and enslaved the humans.

The Doctor decides to visit the hub of the Dalek invasion, and uncovers a plan to replace the magnetic core of the Earth with a drive mechanism that would allow the Daleks to pilot Earth like a giant spacecraft. The Daleks plans are defeated when the Doctor arranges for the bomb to be deflected, releasing the magnetic energy which destroys the Daleks.

Regular Cast

  • Susan Foreman: Carole Ann Ford
  • Barbara Wright: Jacqueline Hill
  • Ian Chesterton: William Russell

Guest Cast

  • Carl Tyler: Bernard Kay
  • David Campbell: Peter Fraser
  • Robomen: Peter Badger, Martyn Huntley
  • Dortmun: Alan Judd (1-4)
  • Dalek Machines Operated By: Nick Evans (2,3,5,6), Robert Jewell, Kevin Manser (2-5), Peter Murphy (2-6), Gerald Taylor (2-6)
  • Dalek Voices: David Graham (2-6), Peter Hawkins (2-6)
  • Jenny: Ann Davies (2-6)
  • Jack Craddock: Michael Goldie (2-3)
  • Thomson: Michael Davis (2)
  • Baker: Richard McNeff (2-3)
  • Larry Madison: Graham Rigby (3-5)
  • Wells: Nicholas Smith (4-6)
  • Slyther Operator: Nick Evans (4-5)
  • Ashton: Patrick O'Connell (4)
  • Women in the Wood: Jean Conroy (5), Meriel Horson (5)
  • Robomen: Peter Diamond, Adrian Drotskie, Bill Moss, Reg Tyler
  • Double for the Doctor: Edmund Warwick (4)
  • Revolting Prisoners: (all 6) Robert Aldous, James Appleby, Nigel Bernard, Jo Calvert, Leslie Conrad, George Dare, Stenson Falke, Daphne Green, Margo Hanson, Jonas Kurchi, Tony Lambden, Maureen Lane, Peter Morton, Bill Moss, Rex Rashley, John Sackville West, Donald Simons, Rosina Stewart, Fred Taylor, John Timberlake, Graham Tonbridge, Alan Wakeling, Tony Walsh, Les Wilkinson, Jan Willis
  • Extras: John Censor, Susanne Charise, Roy Curtis, John Doye, Otto Friese, Pat Gorman, David Graham, Joe Hardesty, Peter Holmes, Peter Honeywell, Bill McAllister, Roma Milne, Patricia Phipps, Steve Pokol, Tony Poole, Molly Prescott, Michael Reed, Leonard Woodlow

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 46. World's End Saturday, November 21, 1964 5:40 PM - 6:05 PM 11.4M 63%
BBC 1 47. The Daleks Saturday, November 28, 1964 5:40 PM - 6:05 PM 12.4M 59%
BBC 1 48. Day Of Reckoning Saturday, December 5, 1964 5:40 PM - 6:05 PM 11.9M 59%
BBC 1 49. The End Of Tomorrow Saturday, December 12, 1964 5:40 PM - 6:05 PM 11.9M 59%
BBC 1 50. The Waking Ally Saturday, December 19, 1964 5:40 PM - 6:05 PM 11.4M 58%
BBC 1 51. Flashpoint Saturday, December 26, 1964 5:40 PM - 6:05 PM 12.4M 63%


  • Riverside Studio 1

Outside Locations

  • Albert Memorial and Memorial Hall, London
  • Exterior of Riverside Studios
  • Hammersmith Bridge, London
  • Queen Caroline Street, London
  • Trafalgar Square, London
  • Unknown quarry
  • Westminster Bridge, London
  • Westminster South Bank, London
  • Whitehall, London

Working Titles

The Return of the Daleks


Part 4: William Hartnell is absent from due to illness.

The departure of Carole Ann Ford at the end of part six sees the first regular cast change.

This story was the basis of the second Dalek film, Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.