4D. Revenge Of The Cybermen

Season Twelve - 1974/1975

Script Editor: Robert Holmes
Writer: Gerry Davis
Produced by: Philip Hinchcliffe
Director: Michael E. Briant
Designer: Roger Murray-Leach
Incidental Music: Carey Blyton


The Doctor, Harry and Sarah return to the Nerva Beacon, but some time in the past where its use is as a beacon. The beacon is in orbit around an unknown asteroid, known by the natives as Voga - the planet of gold.

The Cybermen plan to destroy the planet, as gold is lethal to them, and use the beacon as a base. To do this they use the Cybermats to spread a disease. Sarah is infected, and the Doctor uses the transmat, which screens for foreign particles, to cure her.

On Voga the Doctor discovers that Kellmen, who was presumed to have been helping the Cybermen, was in fact helping the Vogans, has constructed a giant missile. Kellmen had lured the Cybermen to the base whereby the Vogans' missile would be used to destroy it.

The Cybermen learn of the plan and set the beacon on collision course with Voga, and evacuate to their ship. The Doctor manages to aim the Vogans' bomb at the Cybership, destroying it. The Doctor, Harry and Sarah return to the beacon. The Doctor manages to save the beacon, and when they crew return the Doctor and his companions has already disappeared.

Regular Cast

  • Sarah Jane Smith: Elisabeth Sladen
  • Harry Sullivan: Ian Marter

Guest Cast

  • Commander Stevenson: Ronald Leigh-Hunt
  • Lester: William Marlowe
  • Vorus: David Collings
  • Cyberleader: Christopher Robbie
  • Magrik: Michael Wisher (1-2,4)
  • Professor Kellmen: Jeremy Wilkin (1-3)
  • Warner: Alec Wallis (1)
  • Tyrum: Kevin Stoney (2-4)
  • Sheprah: Brian Grellis (2-4)
  • First Cyberman: Melville Jones (2-4)
  • Cybermen: Tony Lord, Pat Gorman
  • Monitor Voice: Michael E. Briant (1-2)
  • Vogan Voice: Michael Wisher (1)
  • Vogans: David Billa, Roy Caeser, Harry Fielder, David Sulkin, Barry Summerford, Cy Town, Leslie Weekes
  • Stuntmen: Alan Chuntz (1,4), Terry Walsh (1,4)

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 398. Part One Saturday, April 19, 1975 5:35 PM - 6:00 PM 9.5M 57%
BBC 1 399. Part Two Saturday, April 26, 1975 5:30 PM - 5:55 PM 8.3M
BBC 1 400. Part Three Saturday, May 3, 1975 5:50 PM - 6:15 PM 8.9M
BBC 1 401. Part Four Saturday, May 10, 1975 5:30 PM - 5:55 PM 9.4M 58%


  • Television Centre Studio 1

Outside Locations

  • Wookey Hole, Somerset


Part 3: Watch for a wobbling Cyberman's head shortly after the Doctor makes his speech to the Cybermen about how pathetic they are.

Part 4: As Nerva Beacon is coming in to crash-land on Voga, the Doctor manipulates the controls just enough to send the Beacon flying over the surface of the planet, but missing it. They take great pride in showing the moving planet surface as this happens, but it's obvious that the mountains and hills are actually on a rotating drum, spinning on its side. Besides, what planet could rotate that fast?

Elisabeth Sladen pulls a "Katy Manning" twice. After she escapes from the Vogans and climbs to the top of a rock, in order to get down the other side she goes feet first and is spread-eagled. You can see a long, slim, hole at her crotch - either her fly's down or (more likely) she ripped the pants wide open. You can clearly see white underwear. The next is a few scenes later when Harry helps her down a rocky hill. The camera is behind them. She comes down a bit fast and the pants fall down a few inches before the camera cuts out and she presumably pulls them back up.

Look at the lower windows in the outer hallway of the beacon. It looks like the stars are on a piece of paper that is taped to the outside of the window...

Watch when the Cybership is approaching. Before it is in visual range, they say that it is coming "straight at them". But when the ship comes into visual range and they show it on the screen, it is at an angle and completely stationary. A minute passes then the ship moves. (i.e. they said the ship was moving before it actually did.)

When Sarah gets out of the boat, she nearly falls flat on her face.


This was the first story to be released on BBC Video.