Tom Baker - Fourth Doctor

1974 - 1981

Quote from

Pyramids Of Mars

Something's interfering with time, Mr Scarman. And time is my business.

Fourth Doctor


In 2009 Doctor Who was produced in High Definition, and started to be released on Blu-Ray discs. As with DVDs these Doctor Who Blu-Ray discs also feature additional extra items and commentary (sometimes only in upscaled standard definition), and offering digital surround sound.

Season 12 - The Collection

Published: 2018 BBC Worldwide Ltd. trading as BBC Studios
Rating: 12
Runtime: 480 mins
BBCBD: 0435
  • Tom Baker in Conversation
  • Behind the Sofa
  • New Making-of documentaries
  • Immersive 5.1 Surround Sound mixes
  • Optional updated special effects
  • Genesis of the Daleks - TV movie version
  • Doctor Who Times
  • The Tom Baker Years
  • PDF production material
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