4X. Image Of The Fendahl

Season Fifteen - 1977/1978

Script Editor: Robert Holmes
Writer: Chris Boucher
Produced by: Graham Williams
Director: George Spenton-Foster
Designer: Anna Ridley
Incidental Music: Dudley Simpson


A human skull is found by archaeologists. To determine its age it is subjected to a time scanner experiment and found to be over twelve million years old. The TARDIS is drawn to Earth by the Time scanner.

The skull is an artefact of Fendhal, an ancient creature that feeds of the life-force of others. Using Thea Ransome, who is unaware she is a medium, the entity is able to materialise on Earth.

Thea is eventually transformed into the Fendahl, and a group of acolytes assembled by black arts practitioner Maxillian Stael are transformed into the Fendahleen.

The Doctor is able to show the surviving people how to protect themselves using rock salt. Using the time scanner to cause an implosion the Doctor destroys the Fendhal. He and Leela take the skull to be jettisoned near a supernova.

Regular Cast

  • Leela: Louise Jameson
  • Voice of K-9: John Leeson

Guest Cast

  • Thea Ransome: Wanda Ventham
  • Professor Adam Colby: Edward Arthur
  • Martha Tyler: Daphne Heard
  • Ted Moss: Edward Evans
  • Maximillan Stael: Scott Fredericks
  • Doctor Fendahlman: Dennis Lill (1-3)
  • David Mitchell: Derek Martin (1-2)
  • Hiker: Graham Simpson (1)
  • Jack Tyler: Geoffrey Hinsliff (2-4)
  • Coven Member: Geoffrey Witherick (2)
  • Security Guards: David Elliott (2), Roy Pearce (2)
  • Coven Members: (all 3-4) John Emms, Jay McGrath, Douglas Stark
  • Fendahl Core: Wanda Ventham (4)

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 462. Part One Saturday, October 29, 1977 6:10 PM - 6:35 PM 6.7M
BBC 1 463. Part Two Saturday, November 5, 1977 6:10 PM - 6:35 PM 7.5M 75%
BBC 1 464. Part Three Saturday, November 12, 1977 6:05 PM - 6:30 PM 7.9M
BBC 1 465. Part Four Saturday, November 19, 1977 6:10 PM - 6:35 PM 9.1M 61%


  • Television Centre Studio 6

Outside Locations

  • Stargroves, East End, nr. Newbury, Hants


John Leeson's K-9 voice is not heard in this story, although the K-9 prop appears in Parts One and Four.