Tom Baker
Fourth Doctor
1974 - 1981

Quote from

Pyramids Of Mars

Something's interfering with time, Mr Scarman. And time is my business.

Fourth Doctor


Blu-Ray logo In 2009 Doctor Who was produced in High Definition, and started to be released on Blu-Ray discs. As with DVDs these Doctor Who Blu-Ray discs also feature additional extra items and commentary (sometimes only in upscaled standard definition), and offering digital surround sound.

Season 12 - The Collection

Released: 2018 BBC Worldwide Ltd. trading as BBC Studios
Runtime: 480 mins
BBCBD: 0435
Rating: 12

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  • Tom Baker in Conversation
  • Behind the Sofa
  • New Making-of documentaries
  • Immersive 5.1 Surround Sound mixes
  • Optional updated special effects
  • Genesis of the Daleks - TV movie version
  • Doctor Who Times
  • The Tom Baker Years
  • PDF production material