SS1. The Shadow Of The Scourge

Writer: Paul Cornell
Director: Gary Russell
Producers: Jason Haigh-Ellery, Gary Russell, Jacqueline Rayner
Music: Alistair Lock
Recorded: 29th - 30th July 2000

I am far more than just another Time Lord.


The Pinehill Crest Hotel in Kent is host to three very different events: a cross-stitch convention, an experiment in time travel and... the summoning of the scourge.

The Doctor, Bernice and Ace find themselves dealing with a dead body that's come back to life, a mystical symbol that possesses its host, and a threat from another universe that's ready for every trick the Doctor's got up his sleeve.

This time, has the Doctor gone too far?

Regular Cast

  • Ace: Sophie Aldred
  • Professor Bernice Summerfield: Lisa Bowerman

Guest Cast

  • Annie Carpenter: Holly King
  • Mary Hughes: Caroline Burns-Cook (1-2)
  • Brian Hughes: Lennox Greaves
  • Michael Pembrose: Michael Piccarilli
  • Gary Williams: Nigel Fairs
  • Scourge Leader: Peter Trapani

CD 1: Parts One and Two

CD 2: Parts Three and Four