7H. Remembrance Of The Daleks

Season Twenty Five - 1988

Script Editor: Andrew Cartmel
Produced by: John Nathan-Turner
Writer: Ben Aaronovitch
Director: Andrew Morgan
Designer: Martin Collins
Incidental Music: Keff McCulloch
Stunt Arranger: Tip Tipping

I am far more than just another Time Lord.


The Doctor was once based on Earth, but was forced to leave in a hurry. He left something behind, something that the Daleks want - a remote stellar manipulator known as the Hand of Omega.

The Doctor lands on Earth in 1963, and finds that the military have already found a Dalek and are attempting to fight it. But is it the wrong Dalek? The Doctor soon discovers that there are two Dalek factions fighting each other in the battle to obtain the Hand of Omega.

The Doctor re-programs the Hand of Omega, and wants the Daleks to have it. He has two problems: First, ensure the right faction gets the Hand, second try to keep the military from getting diced in the cross-fire, as well as looking after his new companion Ace.

The intended Daleks manage to get the Hand, and when they use it the Doctor's program comes into play, and the Dalek mothership, along with Skaro, is destroyed. The Hand of Omega returns to Gallifrey. On Earth, the last of the second Dalek faction self-destructs when it cannot find any data about its home planet or fellow Daleks.

Regular Cast

  • Ace: Sophie Aldred

Guest Cast

  • Group Captain 'Chunky' Gilmore: Simon Williams
  • Professor Rachel Jenson: Pamela Salem
  • Sergeant Mike Smith: Dursley McLinden
  • Alison Williams: Karen Gledhill
  • Ratcliffle: George Sewell
  • The Girl: Jasmine Breaks
  • Headmaster: Micheal Sheard (1-2)
  • Harry: Harry Fowler (1,3)
  • Dalek Operators: Hugh Spight (1-3), John Scott Martin (2-4), Tony Starr (2-4), Cy Town (2-4)
  • Dalek Voices: Roy Skelton, Royce Mills (2-4), Brian Miller (2-4)
  • Battle Computer Voice: John Leeson (1-3 - credited as a Dalek voice)
  • Embery: Peter Hamilton Dyer (1)
  • John: Joseph Marcell (2)
  • Vicar: Peter Halliday (2)
  • Double for Ace: Tracy Ebdon (2 - credited as Stuntwoman)
  • Martin: William Thomas (3)
  • Kaufman: Derek Keller (3)
  • Emperor Dalek/Davros: Terry Molloy (Emperor credited to Roy Tromelly for 3)
  • Black Dalek: Hugh Spight (4)
  • Soldiers: Tony Aspin, Ian Bodenham, Charles Hunter, Ian Johns, Bill Malin, Ross Murray, Lee Ryan, David Skinner, Stuart Smith, Jack Talbot, Robert Terson, Derek Van Weenan, Norman Warren
  • Dalek Operators: Norman Bacon, David Harrison, Nigel Wild
  • Teleprinter Operator: Simon Harboro (1-2)
  • Typists: Frances Tanner (1-2), Rebecca Knight (1-2)
  • Dead Soldier (Andrews): Neil Lyndon Johnson (1)
  • A/C Grant: Paul Vaughn Teague (1)
  • School Teacher: Ray Martin (1)
  • Girls: (all 1) Zoe Barry-Hughes, Tamsin Breaks, Zoe Morgan, Anna Stevenson, Hero Trew
  • Policemen: Chris Andrews (1), Peter Gates Fleming (1)
  • Onlookers: (all 1) Ronnie Aldon, Ian Clare, Judy Collins, Averil Dean, Tom Gandl, Selina Gilbert, Linda Kent, Alison McGuire, Wyn McLeod, Kelly Murray, Frank Novak, Alfred Rogers, Tina Sarsfield, Judd Solo, Lee Towset, Pam Wardell, Peter Whitaker
  • Mrs. Smith: Kathleen Bidmead (2-4)
  • Milkman: Richie Kennedy (2)
  • Grave Digger: Ron Berry (3)
  • Aunt: June Easther (4)
  • Uncle: Robin Easther (4)
  • Undertaker: John Evans (4)
  • Pallbearers: (all 4) Colin Baldwin, Gary Dean, Hugh Elton, David J. Ross, Doug Starke, Colin Thomas
  • Association Men: Matthew King, Tommy Charlton, Alec Gifford, Steve Little

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 668. Part One Wednesday, October 5, 1988 7:35 PM - 8:00 PM 5.5M 68%
BBC 1 669. Part Two Wednesday, October 12, 1988 7:35 PM - 8:00 PM 5.8M 69%
BBC 1 670. Part Three Wednesday, October 19, 1988 7:35 PM - 8:00 PM 5.1M 70%
BBC 1 671. Part Four Wednesday, October 26, 1988 7:35 PM - 8:00 PM 5.0M 72%


  • Television Centre Studio 8

Outside Locations

  • Kew Bridge Stream Museum, Bentford, Middlesex
  • St. John's School, Hammersmith, London
  • Theed Street, London
  • Wilesden Lane Cemetery, London


Part 1: A camera pops out from a side wall at top right of the screen during the scene where the Doctor and Ace first meet the Headmaster.

Part 2: The TV announcer announcing "Doc..." gives the time as a quarter past five. This comes in episode 2 between breakfast and lunch! If it was quarter past five, it should be pitch dark outside if it's November! (Note: The show being announced is obviously the first ever episode of Doctor Who, but it wasn't shown at 5.15; it was delayed by about 2 minutes due to extra news coverage on the JFK assassination.)

Part 3: When the Dalek shuttlecraft lands you can see the wires lowering it down along with the metal eyelets that attach them to the shuttlecraft at each corner.

Part 3: When the Daleks' shuttlecraft is landing the view from outside shows that the window to the laboratory is wide open. However, from the inside, it's closed until the blast rips it from the frame!

Part 4: When the girl kills Mike Smith he falls back against some stairs; you can see the stairs slide backwards!

Part 4: Watch the Black Dalek just before the Doctor arrives and destroys him. As he turns to face the second of the approaching vans, the top of his dome slips sideways as if it's about to fall off!

There's a scene where you can see Sylvester McCoy's shadow on the wall of the school cellar steps as he waits for his cue.

When Ace is yelling at Mike for being a stinking dirty scumbag (the second time) she's supposed to be very angry. However, it's plainly clear that she's doing her best not to laugh. Near the end of the scene she has a grin breaking through and you can see her actually smirking at the end as she runs off screen.

In several scenes modern cars can be seen driving past.

In one scene the Doctor switches seats with Ace while they are in a van, supposedly during a blackout lasting about a second as they go under a bridge. If you watch closely during the blackout, you can see the Doctor and Ace sitting perfectly still until the lights come on, when they bounce down leaving Ace to be surprised at the seat change.

Just before the Doctor tells Ace about the Hand of Omega watch as Sophie Aldred trips on some of the barbed wire.


Part One has a pre-titles sequence showing the Dalek mothership approaching Earth.

Starting with this story Doctor Who was made, and transmitted, in NICAM stereo.