8C. Sword Of Orion

Writer: Nicholas Briggs
Director: Nicholas Briggs
Produced by: Jason Haigh-Ellery, Gary Russell, Jacqueline Rayner
Music: Alistair Lock
Recorded: 16th - 17th May 2000

The Doctor: Come with me.
Grace: You come with me.
The Doctor: Me come with you?
Grace: Yes.
The Doctor: Me come with you? ... It's tempting.


The human race is locked in deadly combat with the 'Android Hordes' in the Orion System. Light years from the front line, the Doctor and Charley arrive to sample the dubious delights of a galactic backwater, little suspecting that the consequences of the Orion War might reach them there. But High Command's list for victory knows no bounds.

Trapped aboard a mysterious, derelict star destroyer, the Doctor and Charley find themselves facing summary execution. But this is only the beginning of their troubles. The real danger has yet to awaken.

Until, somewhere in the dark recesses of the Garazone System, the Cybermen receive the signal for reactivation...

Regular Cast

  • Charley Pollard: India Fisher

Guest Cast

  • Grash: Bruce Montague
  • Chev: Helen Goldwyn
  • Ike: Ian Marr
  • Deeva Jansen: Michelle Livingston
  • Vol: Hylton Collins
  • Thinnes: Mark Gatiss (1)
  • Digly: Barnaby Edwards (1)
  • Kelsey: Toby Longworth (1-2)
  • Cybermen: Nichlas Briggs, Alistair Lock (1-2)

CD 1: Parts One and Two

CD 2: Parts Three and Four

Running Time: 110 minutes