KKK. Day Of The Daleks

Season Nine - 1972

Script Editor: Terrance Dicks
Writer: Louis Marks
Produced by: Barry Letts
Director: Paul Bernard
Designer: David Myerscough-Jones
Incidental Music: Dudley Simpson
Fight Arranger: Rick Lester (4)
Daleks Originated by: Terry Nation


It is late at night at the Auderly House and Sir Reginald Styles is working late. A gust of wind blows through the French windows. He goes to close the windows and a soldier attacks him before disappearing into thin air.

At UNIT head quarters the minister discusses the incident with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. UNIT are handling Sir Reginald's security, and the Brigadier assures the minister he is putting his best man onto the case.

In the laboratory the Doctor is still trying to get the TARDIS de-materialisation circuit to work as the Brigadier enters and begins to talk about Sir Reginald Styles, the chief representative of the UN at a security conference, who trying to avert another World War. The Chinese delegation refuse to attend, and Sir Reginald is set to fly to Peking to talk to them. The Brigadier then tells the Doctor about the apparent assassination attempt.

The next day the Doctor, Brigadier and Jo go to Auderly House to speak to the house keeper, Miss Paget. Sir Reginald is acting as though nothing happened, putting the experience down to tiredness. As Sir Reginald prepares to leave for the airport UNIT begins a search of the grounds. Although Sir Reginald now says nothing happened then muddy boot prints by the windows suggest otherwise.

In the grounds another soldier appears from nowhere. He heads towards the house but hears a high pitched siren. He tries to run back to a canal but is caught and knocked out by two Ogrons. They leave the solider as they disappear into a tunnel under a bridge. The UNIT soldiers conducting the search find the solider, and a strange looking gun. Inside the tunnel Sergeant Benton finds a strange device.

The unconscious soldier, the Ogrons and the device are from the future - the 22nd century. There the whole area is run by the Controller, and the planet is under the control of the Daleks. The Ogrons report back to the Controller about the soldier they found.

In the 20th century the unconscious solider is taken to hospital whilst the Doctor investigates the gun and the device. Tests on the gun reveal it to be a disintegrator gun from the future. The device has a small de-materialisation circuit similar to that of the TARDIS. The device is a crude time machine. The Doctor tries to get the device working, and the soldier in the ambulance disappears.

As events seem to be centring around Auderly house the Doctor decides that he and Jo should spend the night there. The Doctor sends away all the staff leaving just him and Jo alone, although outside is guarded by UNIT soldiers. Back at the canal tunnel three more soldiers appear. The leader decides to wait for more light before continuing.

Back at Auderly the night has been uneventful. During the morning the Doctor continues to investigate the device, which starts to hum. One of the soldiers is watching from outside and sees the Doctor leave the room. He enters through the French windows and heads for the device. After unsuccessfully trying to attack the Doctor he asks for the device to be turned off. Before the Doctor can react the two other soldiers appear with Jo - and order the Doctor to turn the device off at gunpoint.

The leader of the soldiers, Anat, mistakes the Doctor for Sir Reginald. The Doctor tells her Sir Reginald is in Peking, and offers a newspaper as proof. The Doctor tells her that he took Sir Reginald's place in order to meet her. Anat tells one of the other soldiers, Boaz, to act as look out.

Outside the UNIT soldiers do not know about the soldiers inside the house, but they have noticed that two of their own have gone missing. Sergeant Benton reports this to Captain Yates, and suggests that as it is not a warm day they could be inside.

Boaz spots Benton and Yates, and Anat, Boaz and the third soldier, Shura, hide with the Doctor and Jo in the cellar under the stairs. Yates and Benton expect to find the Doctor and Jo, and Yates radios back to UNIT HQ to report the disappearance of two soldiers, the Doctor and Jo.

In the cellar Anat orders Boaz and Shura to tie the Doctor and Jo up before all three prepare to head back to their own time. Jo is trained in escapology but the knots are too tight. It gives the Doctor and Jo time to think about why Anat, Boaz and Shura have travelled through time to kill Sir Reginald.

In the 22nd century the Controller reports that they have detected the device being operated in the 20th century. Although they do not have precise co-ordinates the Daleks order the Controller to send a patrol back to where they first found the solder. The Daleks also reveal the Magnetron, a device which will detect the time device that the Doctor has, and if anyone uses it will redirect them to the Daleks' base.

From Auderly Anat attempts to radio their base, but the Magnetron is causing interference. Shura offers to go back to the tunnel to see if there is a better signal there. Shura manages to avoid the UNIT patrols and get back to the canal tunnel, but still cannot get a signal home. Instead he finds an Ogron. The Ogron injures his arm, but he is able to fire his gun and the Ogron is disintegrated.

Back at UNIT HQ Benton and Yates tell the Brigadier about the two missing UNIT soldiers and the Doctor and Jo. The Brigadier is stressed; Sir Reginald has succeeded in convincing the Chinese and the conference is going ahead - the following evening at Auderly House. He calls Auderly House to try speaking to the Doctor. At Auderly, when the phone starts ringing, Anat orders Boaz to bring the Doctor and Jo up from the cellar. The Brigadier is surprised when the Doctor finally answers the phone. The Brigadier tells the Doctor that Sir Reginald is returning, and the Doctor sends a coded message back to the Brigadier that things are not all right by mentioning the marines.

Anat doesn't realise the Doctor has managed to tell the Brigadier they are in trouble, and is happy about hearing Sir Reginald is returning. Left by herself Jo manages to undo the ropes on her wrist and grabs hold of the device the Doctor had been examining. The device activates and Jo is transported into the future.

Normally the devices would take people back to the soldiers' base, but this particular one was intercepted by the Daleks and Jo is transported to the Controller. The Controller tells Jo that he can get her back to her own time, but he needs to know exactly where she came from. The Controller pretends to be Jo's friend and offers her refreshments as he prepares to tell the Daleks what he now knows.

In the grounds of Auderly house Ogrons appear from the future and start firing at the house. Boaz and Anat run from the house, firing at the Ogrons. The Doctor attacks one before following Boaz and Anat. They have escaped, and the Brigadier arrives and kills one of the Ogrons. The Doctor jumps into the Brigadier's Land Rover and heads to the canal tunnel.

He finds Boaz and Anat just as they are transporting back to the future. He is caught in the time field and transferred with them, but not before seeing a Dalek appear in the 20th century. In the 22nd century the Doctor asks Boaz about the Daleks; before he an answer they hear the high pitched sirens of Ogrons and start running from them. The Doctor gets separated from Anat and Boaz in the tunnels and finds a shaft leading up out of the tunnels. Up on the surface there are more Ogrons, and the Doctor can see the Dalek complex. Guessing that's where he might find Jo, and answers about the Daleks, he heads over to the complex. He fails to spot a security camera watching him enter the complex at area 117 and alarms are set off.

Back at their base Anat and Boaz are met by another guerilla soldier, Monia. Boaz is ready to go back and try again but Monia says that things have changed. There are reports that Jo has been seen, and that it will only be a matter of time before the Doctor is picked up by the Daleks.

In the complex the Doctor sees people of all ages working as slaves, and whilst watching he is caught by an Ogron. The Doctor is taken to the cells, and the senior guard tries to get information from him, accusing the Doctor of being a spy. The Controller arrives and tells the Doctor he is an honoured guest - and that Jo is waiting to see him. The Controller lays on a meal of 20th century food for the Doctor and Jo. The Doctor asks the Controller about the factory he saw; the Controller says that is a rehabilitation centre - even though it contains women and children. Although Jo is happy to accept what the Controller says the Doctor is suspicious - especially of a regime that needs to import savage alien life-forms as security guards.

The Daleks know of the Doctor, but the Doctor has regenerated since they last saw him; to be sure they plan to use a mind analysis to check the Doctor is the same one. When the Controller leaves the Doctor and Jo alone they escape from the complex. Ogrons are dispatched to re-capture the Doctor and Jo. The guerillas were watching and plan to rescue the Doctor and Jo; as an enemy of the Daleks he could be useful.

The Doctor is taken to the mind analysis room where the machine reveals the Doctor's previous regenerations. The Daleks are prepared to exterminate him, but the Controller intervenes, saying the Doctor has important information and that he should interrogate him. The Controller instead talks to the Doctor and Jo, and the Doctor accuses him of being a traitor. The Controller explains about how the Daleks took over. At the end of the 20th century there were a series of wars, and the Daleks seized their opportunity. Able bodied men work down mines, and other people work in factories, and Earth's minerals are mined and taken back to Skaro.

The guerillas start their attack on the complex, fighting Ogrons with disintegrator guns and Daleks with explosives. They manage to get in to the complex to rescue the Doctor and Jo and take them back to their base, where they tell the Doctor about their version of history. The guerillas record that Sir Reginald was only pretending to be working for peace and set a bomb that destroyed the conference. The guerillas were travelling back in time to stop Sir Reginald and change the course of history. The Daleks were sending Ogrons back to stop them to ensure history was not changed.

Shura is still in the 20th century with some Dalekenium explosive, and makes it back into Auderly House's cellar unseen by the UNIT soldiers. In the 22nd century the Doctor realises that Shura is still in the 20th century, with the explosive. He realises that Shura still thinks he has a mission to complete - the killing of Sir Reginald. Shura has enough explosives to destroy a house. It dawns on Anat that if it it wasn't Sir Reginald who blew up the house and started the war then someone else must have done: Shura, in a last suicidal mission.

The guerilla soldiers escort the Doctor and Jo back to the tunnels where they can transport back to the 20th century to talk to Shura an stop him blowing up the house. However the Controller and a number of Ogrons are waiting for the Doctor. The Doctor tells the Controller that he can prevent the wars that enabled the Daleks to take control. The Controller dismisses the Ogrons and lets the Doctor and Jo transport back to the 20th century.

In the 20th century UNIT soldiers help the Doctor and Jo back to Auderly House and the peace conference. The Daleks learn of the Controller's deceit and transport themselves to the 20th century to make sure the peace conference does not succeed. As the delegates enter the house to start the meeting the Doctor and Jo arrive and tell the Brigadier to get everyone out of the house. Daleks and Ogrons arrive shortly afterwards, exterminated everyone they come across. The Doctor leaves the Brigadier trying to get the delegates out as he goes to the cellar to talk to Shura.

The Doctor explains to Shura that the delegates are leaving, and that exploding the bomb now would mean destroying an empty house. The Daleks and the Ogrons start a full attack on the back of the house and UNIT soldiers try their best to defend it as the delegates leave. Jo goes into the cellar to let the Doctor and Shura know what it happening. Shura tells the Doctor and Jo to go and to let the Daleks into the house.

The Doctor and Jo leave, and tell the Brigadier to retreat and let the Daleks and Ogrons into the house. As they enter Shura explodes the Dalekenium, destroying the house, Daleks and Ogrons.

Regular Cast

  • Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart: Nicholas Courtney
  • Sergeant Benton: John Levene
  • Jo Grant: Katy Manning
  • Captain Yates: Richard Franklin

Guest Cast

  • Anat: Anna Barry
  • Boaz: Scott Fredericks
  • Controller of Earth Sector One: Aubrey Woods
  • Daleks: Murphy Grumbar, John Scott Martin, Rick Newby
  • Dalek Voices: Oliver Gilbert, Peter Messaline
  • Ogrons: Maurice Bush, Rick Lester, David Joyce, Frank Menzies, Geoff Todd, Bruce Wells (2-4)
  • Shura: Jimmy Winston (1,2,4)
  • Girl Technician: Deborah Brayshaw (1,3)
  • UNIT Radio Operator: Gypsie Kemp (1-2)
  • Sir Reginald Styles: Wilfred Carter (1,4)
  • Miss Paget: Jean MacFarlane (1,4)
  • Guerilla: Tim Condren (1)
  • Monia: Valentine Palmer (3-4)
  • Senior Guard: Andrew Carr (3-4)
  • Guard at Work Centre: George Raistrick (3-4)
  • Manager: Peter Hill (3)
  • Television Reporter (Alec Macintosh): Alex Macintosh (4)
  • UNIT Guard: David Melbourne (1)
  • Style's Aid: Desmond Verlini (1)
  • UNIT Personnel: Barbara Chambers (2); Leon Maybanks (2)
  • Dalek Guard: Brychan Powell (2)
  • Girl Technicians: Scarlett O'Hara, Alison Daumler, Karen Butch
  • Extras at Peace Conference: (all 4) Charles Aday-Gray, Donald Baker, Robert Bauld, Robert Baldwin, Keith Beresford, Terence Brown, Betty Cameron, Ron Collins, Alan Coper, Jane Cousins, BJ Crane, Michael Culling, Jeanne Doree, Richard Eden, Sue Farebrother, Iris Fry, Pat Gorman, Beverley Grant, Ted Heath, Paul Hickin, Ron Hicks, Nick Hobbs, Christopher Holmes, MJ Howes, Derek Hunt, Gaynor Jackson, Suzanne Jackson, Brian Justice, Sam Mansaray, David Melbourne, R Pickford, Michael Potter, Brychan Powell, Hugh Price, Terence Price, Anne Priestley, Colin Richmond, Hugh Rodgers, Stan Ross, Len Saunders, Basil Tang, Pat Taylor, Harry Tierney, Terry Walsh, Glen Whitter, Eileen Winterton, Vincent Wong, JH Wright

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 304. Episode One Saturday, January 1, 1972 5:50 PM - 6:15 PM 9.8M
BBC 1 305. Episode Two Saturday, January 8, 1972 5:50 PM - 6:15 PM 10.4M
BBC 1 306. Episode Three Saturday, January 15, 1972 5:50 PM - 6:15 PM 9.1M
BBC 1 307. Episode Four Saturday, January 22, 1972 5:50 PM - 6:15 PM 9.1M

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  • Television Centre Studio 4
  • Television Centre Studio 8

Outside Locations

  • Bull's Bridge, Hayes, Middlesex
  • Burnham, Bucks
  • Harvey House, Green Dragon Lane, Brentford, Middlesex


Part 1: When Styles's house is being attacked by the Ogrons, the male freedom fighter (in studio) loses his hat while running out to fight. In the next shot (on location) he has it back on again.

Part 1: At the start of this story, when the Doctor is messing around in the TARDIS trying to get it working, he hands a clipboard and pen to Jo. As he does so, the pen falls off the board and gets stuck about halfway down the console where it stays for several more shots. But then Jo hands the clipboard back to the Doctor with the pen, and no sign of her having gone to fetch the errant writing implement.

Part 1: Watch the scene where the controller is reporting the status of what is going on in the future. The camera pulls right back to show who he has been reporting to - the Daleks. The boom operator forgets to move out of the way and the boom mike is still easily seen sitting above the controller's head.

If you look at the Daleks' screen on which the Controller is depicted (in the upper-right corner) you can not only see that it's a video overlay, but you can see the edges of the screen waver noticeably as the switcher's hand jiggles!

Katy Manning's red knickers appear quite a few times: When she's getting up from sitting on the floor, when she's climbing down a wall, and basically when ever she makes a sudden movement, when she's travelling through time; when she moves closer to the Doctor and says, "You shouldn't have said that, you don't know the whole picture", when she runs up the stairs out of the cellar, etc. etc...) (But interestingly enough, it isn't Katy Manning who's climbing down that wall - it's her stunt double, who happens to be male! [This is according to Jon Pertwee at a convention...])

This story was also the first to have a small Frank Bellamy illustration accompanying each episode billing in the magazine.

Working Titles

The Time Warrior


Episode One of this story was accompanied by a Radio Times cover and a competition to win a Dalek.