12.5. Fugitive Of The Judoon

Series 12 - 2020

Writers: Vinay Patel and Chris Chibnall
Series Producer: Nikki Wilson
Director: Nida Manzoor
Music: Segun Akinola

The Doctor: You can't be me. I know what I've done. I know my own life.

Ruth: One of us has to be wrong.


In Gloucester, Earth, it's Monday, and Ruth Clayton's birthday. But other than that the day starts off much the same as any other day. While her companion, Lee Clayton, may not have gotten Ruth any presents he tells her he will get her a cake. Ruth heads to work as usual, handing out flyers for her guided tours of Gloucester. Afdter not attracting many people for her tours Ruth heads into a local cafe for a coffee where Allan tells Ruth he thinks there is something odd about Lee and tries to show her a dossier he has compiled.

Whilst life seems normal on Earth a Judoon ship is in orbit, looking for someone on Earth. In the TARDIS Graham, Ryan, and Yaz, have been sitting in the TARDIS watching the Doctor as she is busy at the controls, looking for something. She tells them she is looking for the Master (see Spyfall). The TARDIS picks up a warning transmission from the Judoon ship: Notice of a zonal enforcement field on Earth. As the Judoon has no jurisdiction on Earth the Doctor uses the TARDIS to break through the enforcement field and pilots it down to Gloucester.

In Gloucester Ruth watches as a platoon of Judoon, from near the moon, materialise and start scanning the and cataloguing the locals. When a woman, Marcia, tries to run from the Judoon she is shot and disintegrated. Ruth is catalogued as human, and the Judoon confirm she is not the fugitive they are looking for.

In the cafe Lee asks Allan for the birthday cake he has ordered. Allan has written a special message for Ruth on the cake: "You can to better." Before Allan and Lee can start fighting the TARDIS materialises. The Doctor tells Allan not to let anyone inside, especially alien police in black leather. After hearing this Lee quickly runs out of the cafe, leaving the cake. As the Doctor, Yaz, and Ryan leave Graham pauses to look at what is on offer in the cafe before disappearimg. When Judoon enter the cafe they scan Allan; when they mention a fugitive Allan hands the Judoon the dossier on Lee.

Outside Lee meets up with a shocked Ruth and leads her back to their flat. Inside Lee seems anxious, which makes Ruth even more anxious. Looking outside he sees Judoon setting up a temporal isolator weapon.

When the Doctor arrives she confronts the Judoon, using her psychic paper to convice them she is an imperial regulator. She tries to convince the Judoon that they have broken so many regulations that she's taking over capture of the fugitive. The Judoon says that under Judoon Engagement Article 163B they must capture the fugutive, and the Doctor says that is overridden by Earth Law 12. The Judoon backs down and gives the Doctor 5 minutes to talk to the fugitive. It's only then the Doctor realises they've lost Graham.

When he recovers Graham finds himself lying on the floow of a spaceship. He hears an American voice telling him not to move as movement sensors will set off laser spikes. After neurtalising the threat a man materialises in front of Graham: Captain Jack Harkness. Thinking Graham is a new regeneration of the Doctor Jack says hello, with a kiss. When Graham tells Jack he's not the Doctor, but that he travels with the Doctor, and that the Doctor is now a woman, Jack gets excited.

At Ruith's flat the Doctor quickly tells her about the Judoon and asks Ruth to let her, Yaz, and Ryan, inside. The Doctor finds Lee packing to leave. The Doctor thinks it is Lee that is the fugitive the Judoon are looking for. Lee insists it's a case of mistaken identity. The Doctor uses her sonic screwdirver to scan both Lee and Ruth, and finds they are both completely human. With Ruth and Lee not saying anything the Doctor asks Yax and Ryan to search the flat. Yaz finds a small box that is not from Earth. Both Ruth and Lee claim to have never seen the box before, although Lee doesn't sound entirely convincing.

When time finally runs out Lee takes the box and stays in the flat. The Doctor takes Ruth out via a fire escape whilst Yaz and Ryan go through the front doors to distract the Judoon. They tell the Judoon that their arbitration was successful. As the Judoon go inside to apprehend Lee both Yaz and Ryan disappear and reapperar on Jack's ship. After being reunited with Graham Jack gives them a message, "Beware the Lone Cyberman", before transporting them back to Earth before nanogenes affack him.

Inside Ruth's flat they find Lee, who surrenders to them. Soon afterwards Commander Gat, who both the Judoon and Lee know, materialises in the flat. Commander Gat had been looking for Lee, and she reveals it was the box that lead her to him. Commander Gat asks the Judoon to kill Lee, and when the Judoon refuses she does it herself.

The Doctor and Ruth escape and hide out in Gloucester Cathederal. Ruth receives a text message sent from Lee before his death, and it awakens a deep memory of her childhood home. When the Judoon arrive they identify Ruth as the fugitive. Out of nowhere Ruth uses instictial martial arts to attack the Judoon. After she breaks the Judoon Captain they transport back to their ship. The Doctor scans Ruth again and realises there is biological cloacking around her.

Ruth drives the Doctor to a lighthouse where she grew up, and where her parents are buried. Ruth told the Doctor about living at the lighthouse, and about her parents. At the disused lighthouse the Doctor is uneasy and takes a look around as Ruth starts a fire. The Doctror finds the grave, but it has a blank headstone. Inside the lighthouse Ruth is drawn to an emergency switch, and she is caught in an energy blast when she breaks the glass. As Ruth learns who she really is the Doctor discovers, buried under the grave, a Police Box.

Ruth tells the Doctor that she is the Doctor, and holding the Doctor's hand they teleport inside Ruth's TARDIS. Both the Doctor and Ruth believe that each other is a future regeneration, as neither can remember being the other. Ruth tells the Doctor she is running from her former employer, Commander Gat. Ruth had used a Chameleon Arch (see Human Nature) to hide herself on Earth. With the TARDIS active the Judoon lock on and tractor it aboard their ship. Ruth, armed with a laser rifle, meets with Gat on the Judoon ship. Surrounded by Judoon Ruth hands the rifle to Gat. The Doctor is confused when the Judoon reveal that it wasn't Gat that contracted them to capture Rugth. The Judoon say information about their contractee is condifential.

The Doctor, despite Ruth's protestations, tells the Judoon that she is the fugitive. Both the Judoon and Gat are taken aback when then realise that both the Doctor and Ruth are the same person. When the Doctor scans Gat she realised that Commander Gat is Gallifreyan. The Doctor has seen Gallifrey destroyed, twice, so that means somehow both Ruth and Gat must be from her past. Thinking the Doctor is trying to trick her Gat fires Ruth's gun at Ruth. But the gun has been sabotaged and backfires, destroying Gat. Ruth threatens the Judoon with her gun (after resetting it) and tells them to consider the contract void. As the Doctor and Ruth leave the Judoon shout out that theie contracts are always fulfilled.

Regular Cast

  • Graham O'Brien: Bradley Walsh
  • Ryan Sinclair: Tosin Cole
  • Yasmin Khan: Mandip Gill

Guest Cast

  • Ruth Clayton / The Doctor: Jo Martin
  • Captain Jack Harkness: John Barrowman
  • Lee Clayton: Neil Stuke
  • Commander Gat: Ritu Ayra
  • Judoon Captain Pol-Kon-Don: Paul Kasey
  • All Ears Allan: Michael Begley
  • Marcia: Judith Street
  • Tourist: Katie Luckins
  • Voice of Judoon Captain: Nick Briggs
  • Judoon: Simon Carew, Richard Highgate, Richard Price, Matthew Rohman

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 (HD 5. Fugitive Of The Judoon Sunday, January 26, 2020 7:10 PM - 8:00 PM

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