3. School Reunion

Series 2 - 2006

Writer: Toby Whithouse
Produced by: Phil Collinson
Director: James Hawes

Correctomundo. A word I have never used and hopefully never will again.


Duffry Vale High School has a new teacher. Mickey has called in the Doctor and Rose, suggesting that something strange has been happening at the school. Whilst the Doctor poses as a school teacher Rose becomes a dinner lady.

Whilst in class the Doctor finds out first hand that something is strange when one pupil in particular is very quick to do complex calculations, and also knows how to travel faster than light. In the kitchen Rose, whilst on the phone to Mickey, watches the kitchen staff bring in a vat of liquid. The wheel buckles and one of the staff is covered in the liquid. Rose goes to help but is assured that everything is all right. Roses watches as there is a flash of light in the room where the injured staff member was taken.

Also investigating the school is journalist Sarah Jane Smith. The Doctor is delighted to meet her, but does not immediately give away his identity, calling himself John Smith; Sarah remarks that she used to have a friend called that.

The Doctor and Rose meet in the cafeteria to discuss the investigation. Rose loves the chips, but there is one pupil who is now allowed chips. The whole school is very well behaved, and one pupil is pleased when break time ends early.

The Doctor, Rose and Mickey return the school at night to have a look round. They split up to have a look round. At the same time Sarah is also looking around, and comes face to face with the TARDIS. As she steps out of the room she notices a figure in the light - the Doctor. They meet up with Rose, who has found a sample of the liquid that is being put in the chips, and Mickey finds a cupboard full of shrink-wrapped rats.

There is a bit of animosity between Rose and Sarah, which Mickey likens to the girlfriend meeting the ex. Sarah opens the boot of her car to reveal K9, who is looking a bit worse for wear and is not working. At a nearby cafe the Doctor and Sarah catch up, and the Doctor manages to get K9 working, and K9 analyses the liquid, revealing the presence of the Krillitanes.

The Doctor works out that the liquid is enhancing the children's mental abilities. The Krillitanes are trying to break the Scasis Paradigm which would give them control over the Universe. Finch, headmaster and leader of the Krillitanes, offers the Doctor a chance to join them - with the power he would be able to bring back the Time Lords. The Doctor passes.

The paradigm cannot be broken using just a computer - it needs imagination, hence the use of the children. Mickey manages to turn of the power to the headsets that control the children and get the out of the school. The Doctor has set a trap in the cafeteria. The liquid is extremely volatile. The Doctor, Rose, Mickey and Sarah evacuate the school whilst K9 remains. As the Krillitanes close in he fires on the liquid, and the school explodes.

Back in the TARDIS the Doctor offers Sarah a chance to join him again. She refuses, but Mickey asks if he can. Sarah suggests that the TARDIS needs a Smith on board, and the Doctor accepts. As Sarah watches the TARDIS dematerialise the K9 mark IV is revealed.

Regular Cast

  • Rose Tyler: Billie Piper

Guest Cast

  • Mickey Smith: Noel Clarke
  • Mr. Finch: Anthony Head
  • Sarah Jane Smith: Elisabeth Sladen
  • Mr. Parsons: Rod Arthur
  • Mr. Wagner: Eugene Washington
  • Nina: Heather Cameron
  • Kenny: Joe Pickley
  • Milo: Clem Tibber
  • Melissa: Lucinda Dryzek
  • Dinner Lady: Caroline Berry
  • Luke: Benjamin Smith
  • Voice of K9: John Leeson
  • Ordinary Teachers: Amanda Renate, Sharelle Hughes, Shane Morgan, Verdun Rolands
  • Krillitane Dinner Ladies: Moira Hunt, Laura Semmens, Ceri Clutterbuck
  • Waitress: Rebecca Cottan
  • Youths: Tecwyn Davies, Owain Sullivan
  • Krillitane Teachers: Steve Darling, Carl Carew, Glen Jones, Matthew John
  • Krillitane Nurse: Suzanne Cazenove
  • Stunt Double for Mickey: Maurice Lee
  • Additional Dialogue Recording: Nick Wilkes, Paul Ganney, Vernon Keeble-Watson, Paula Keogh, Hannah Welch,Linday Hollingsworth

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 3. School Reunion Saturday, April 29, 2006 7:20 PM - 8:05 PM 8.3M 85

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  • Unit Q2, Newport

Outside Locations

  • Belle View Car Park, Cardiff Road, Newport
  • Da Vinci's Coffee Shop, High Street, Newport
  • Duffryn High School, Lighthouse Road, Newport
  • Fitzalan High School, Leckwith, Cardiff