David Tennant
Tenth Doctor
2005 - 2010


Blu-Ray logo In 2009 Doctor Who was produced in High Definition, and started to be released on Blu-Ray discs. As with DVDs these Doctor Who Blu-Ray discs also feature additional extra items and commentary (sometimes only in upscaled standard definition), and offering digital surround sound.

Rose: No, you're not keeping the horse.
The Doctor: I let you keep Mickey.

The Complete Specials

Released: 2010 BBC Worldwide Ltd.
Run time: 311 mins
BBCBD: 0059
Rating: 12

Contains 5 discs with The Next Doctor (upscaled), Planet Of The Dead, The Waters Of Mars, The End Of Time (parts 1 and 2)

The Next Doctor and associated Confidental have been upscaled from standard defintion. Some of the extras are standard definition; the other extras and main specials are high definition.


  • Doctor Who Confidentals
  • Deleted scenes
  • Doctor Who at Comic-Con
  • David Tennant's video diary
  • BBC Christmas Idents
  • Doctor Who at the Proms