X. The Ark

Season Three - 1965/1966

Story Editor: Gerry Davis
Writers: Paul Erickson and Lesley Scott
Director: Michael Imison
Produced by: John Wiles
Designer: Barry Newbery
Incidental Music: Tristram Cary (actually stock from The Daleks)


The TARDIS materialises in what appears to be a jungle. They have in fact landed on a spacecraft which Dodo nicknames the Ark. The Earth is about to plunge into the Sun, and the remaining humans, along with their Monoid slaves, have left and are headed for the planet Refusis II.

Dodo is suffereing from a cold, an illness which, in this time, is unknown. With no immunity to the disease a plague breaks out, and the Doctor and his companions are put on trial. The Doctor manages to create an antidote to the cold, and they are allowed to go on their way.

The TARDIS then materialises on board the Ark as it nears the end of the journey. The journey has been long, and the Guardians had started the Monoids on constructing a human statue. Near the end of the journey Dodo notices that the head is that of a Monoid. Due to the previous cold epidemic the Monoids has staged an uprising and now rule the humans.

With the aid of the invisible Refusians the Doctor manages to force the Guardians and the Monoids to live together on the new world, an arrangement that the Refusians are happy with.

Regular Cast

  • Steven Taylor: Peter Purves
  • Dodo Chaplet: Jackie Lane

Guest Cast

  • Commander: Eric Elliot (1-2)
  • Mellium: Kate Newman (1-2)
  • Manyak: Roy Spencer (1-2)
  • Zentos: Inigo Jackson (1)
  • First Monoid: Edmund Coulter (1-2)
  • Second Monoid: Frank George (1-2)
  • Rhos: Michael Sheard (2)
  • Baccu: Ian Frost (2)
  • First Guardian: Stephanie Heeson (2)
  • Second Guardian: Paul Greenhalgh (2)
  • Maharis: Terrence Woodfield (3-4)
  • Venussa: Eileen Helsby (3-4)
  • Dassuk: Brian Wright (3-4)
  • Refusian Voice: Richard Beale (3-4)
  • Monoid One: Edmund Coulter (3)
  • Monoid Two: Ralph Carrigan (3)
  • Monoid Three: Frank George (3-4)
  • Monoid Voices: John Halstead (3-4), Roy Skelton (3-4)
  • Yendon: Terence Bayler
  • Guardians: Mark Allington, Andrea Beddows, Raymond Byron, Terry Cashfield, Rosemary Chalmers, Diane Chapman, Roy Douglas, Jackie Duval, Royston Farrell, Deryn Fisher, Iris Fry, George Gibbs, Hazel Graham, Paul Greenhalgh, Ron Gregory, David Greneay, Trevor Griffiths, Philip Harris, Stephanie Heeson, Bill Hunter, Paul Johnson, Tony Kemp, Jacqueline Lewis, Paul Linley, Rosemary Lloyd, Sheila McGrath, John Moyce, Victor Munt, Sara Negus, Alan Norburn, Michael Osborn, Jackie Salt, Judith Webb, Gloria Williams, Jan William
  • Monoids: Bernard Barnsley, Eric Blackburn, John Caeser, Denis Marlow, Bill Richards, Chris Webb

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 107. The Steel Sky Saturday, March 5, 1966 5:15 PM - 5:40 PM 5.5M 52%
BBC 1 108. The Plague Saturday, March 12, 1966 5:15 PM - 5:40 PM 6.9M 56%
BBC 1 109. The Return Saturday, March 19, 1966 5:15 PM - 5:40 PM 6.2M 51%
BBC 1 110. The Bomb Saturday, March 26, 1966 5:15 PM - 5:40 PM 7.3M 51%


  • Ealing Television Film Studios
  • Riverside Studio 1

Working Titles

The Space Ark