Tom Baker
Fourth Doctor
1974 - 1981

Telos Novellas

Telos Publishing logo From 2001 to 2004 Telos Publishing held a licence to produce short novellas featuring the first eight Doctors. Two of the novellas were even set before the beginning of Doctor Who.

Something's interfering with time, Mr Scarman. And time is my business.

Ghost Ship by Keith Topping

Published: 2002 Telos Publishing
No. of Pages: 104
ISBN: 1 903889 08 1

Deluxe edition also published (ISBN: 1 903889 09 X)

Perhaps sensing the Doctor's deepening mood of introspective melancholy, the TARDIS lands in the most haunted place on Earth, the luxury ocean liner the Queen Mary on its way from Southampton to New York in the year 1963. But why do ghosts from the past, the present and perhaps even the future, seek out the Doctor? What appalling secret is hidden in Cabin 672? And will the Doctor be able to preserve his sanity as he struggles to save the lives of the passengers against mighty forces which even he does not fully understand?