6P. Resurrection Of The Daleks

Season Twenty One - 1983

Script Editor: Eric Saward
Produced by: John Nathan-Turner
Writer: Eric Saward
Director: Matthew Robinson
Designer: John Anderson
Incidental Music: Malcolm Clarke


The TARDIS is caught in a time corridor, and the Doctor is surprised to find that the destination is on twentieth century Earth. There they find Stein who has escaped in the time corridor from a Dalek craft in the future.

In the future, under the command of Commander Lytton, the Daleks have boarded a space prison craft to rescue their leader Davros. The Daleks need Davros's help to find an antidote for the Movellan virus.

The Daleks have a plan to create replicas of the Doctor and his companions and use them to assassinate the Gallifreyan High Council. Stein himself his a replica working for the Daleks, although the Doctor manages to make him switch allegiance.

Davros plans to regain control of the Daleks, and his Daleks and the original Daleks have a battle, and many other lives are lost. On the prison ship, which is still docked with the Daleks' craft, Stein activates the self destruct, taking out the Dalek craft.

On Earth the Doctor manages to destroy the Daleks that have emerged through the time corridor with samples of the Movellan's virus. Tegan, sickened by the loss of life, decides to part company with the Doctor and Turlough.

Regular Cast

  • Tegan Jovanka: Janet Fielding
  • Vislor Turlough: Mark Strickson

Guest Cast

  • Davros: Terry Molloy
  • Stein: Rodney Bewes
  • Doctor Styles: Rula Lenska
  • Commander Lytton: Maurice Colbourne
  • Colonel Archer: Del Henney
  • Professor Laird: Chloe Ashcroft
  • Sergeant Calder: Philip McGough
  • Lieutenant Mercer: Jim Findley
  • Engineer Kiston: Leslie Grantham (uncredited for 1)
  • Dalek Operators: John Scott Martin, Cy Town, Tony Starr, Toby Byrne
  • Dalek Voices: Brian Miller, Royce Mills
  • Osborn: Sneh Gupta (1)
  • Galloway: William Sliegh (1)
  • Crewmembers: John Adam Baker (1), Linsey Turner (uncredited for 1)
  • Soldier: Mike Mungaravan (1)
  • First Trooper: Roger Davenport (2)
  • Policemen: Mike Braben, Michael Jeffries
  • Soldier: Simon Crane
  • Escapees: (all 1) George Christie, Mike Coleman, Alan Crisp, Della McCrae, Ranjit Nakara
  • Chemist: Nicholas Curry (1)
  • Man with Metal Detector: Pat Judge (2)
  • Troopers: Michael Eriera, Kevin Goss, Barney Lawrence, Tony Liotti, Sean McCabe, Martin Nelson, Robert Peters, Alan Riches, Trevor St John Hacker, Jeff Wayne, Christopher Wolf
  • Crewmembers: Graham Cole, Eric Corlett, Ian Marshall Fisher, Robert Goodman, Karen Halliday, Penny Lambirth, Kenneth Lawrie, Kevin O'Brien, Ginny Rose, Nigel Tisdallm Mike Vinden
  • Walk-ons: Ulric Brown, Derek Holt, Pat Judge, Rudolf Ramillo, Peter Roy, Albert Welch

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 613. Part One Wednesday, February 8, 1984 6:45 PM - 7:35 PM 7.3M 69%
BBC 1 614. Part Two 1 Wednesday, February 15, 1984 6:50 PM - 7:40 PM 8.0M 65%
1: Scheduled for 18:45 - 19:35


  • Television Centre Studio 8

Outside Locations

  • Butler's Wharf, Shad Thames, London
  • Curlwe Street and Lafone Street, London


Part 1: Somebody accidentally omitted to credit Leslie Grantham.

Part 2: As Mercer and Stein escort the Doctor to confront Davros, watch the wall behind them as the door slides shut. The "wall" is a semi-transparent screen. You can clearly see the silhouette of a stagehand push the door shut, straighten up, and walk off.

Part 2: Somebody forgot to include a picture of Leela amongst all the other companions in the mind-probe sequence.

Part 2: When Tegan finds the canisters she mentions how light they are and tosses them about. However, when they arrive on the Dalek ship it takes two troopers to pick one up.

Part 2: In one of the scenes where the Doctor is strapped to a mind probe, there is another body in the background next to Tegan and Turlough. (Supposedly a corpse.) Keep an eye on its hand; you'll see it moving.

Working Titles

The Return



This story was made as a normal four parter, but scheduling problems due to the Winter Olympics meant that it was transmitted in two 45 minute episodes.

Janet Fielding leaves at the end of the story.

Part Two includes a lengthy flashback sequence; the clips are: Turlough (Terminus 1), Tegan (Logopolis 1), Nyssa (Black Orchid 1), Adric (Warriors' gate 2), Romana 2 (Warriors' gate 1), Romana 1 (The Ribos Operation 1), K-9 (Warriors' Gate 1), Harry (Terror of the Zygons 2), The Fourth Doctor, Sarah (both Pyramids of Mars 1), Jo (The Mutants 3), the Brigadier (The Ambassadors of Death 1), Liz (Spearhead from Space 1), The Third Doctor (The Mutants 3), Zoe (The War Games 1), Victoria, Jamie (both The Enemy of the World 3), The Second Doctor (The War Games 1), Ben, Polly (both The Tenth Planet 3), Dodo (The War Machines 2), Sara Kingdom (The Dalek Masterplan 5), Katrina (photo), Steven (The Time Meddler 2), Vicki (The Rescue 2), Barbara, Ian, Susan (all The Daleks 3), The First Doctor (The Dalek Masterplan 10). Note the omission of Leela.

There is no novelisation of this programme.