10.11. World Enough And Time

Series 10 - 2017

Writer: Steven Moffat
Produced by: Peter Bennett
Director: Rachel Talalay
Music: Murray Gold


The Doctor decides to test Missy (which Bill and Nardole are both not happy about) by letting her take the lead for once. The Doctor finds a spaceship that has sent out a distress call. When the TARDIS materialises the Doctor stays inside and lets Missy, Nardole, and Bill, go out whilst he communicates via ear pieces.

The ship the Doctor chooses is a brand new colony ship. It is around 400 miles long and 100 miles wide with over 1056 floors. It started its journey with a skeleton crew of about 50 people to pick up some colonists but got caught in the gravity well of a black hole. With the engines on full it is managing to escape, but very slowly.

Missy, Nardole, and Bill, find themselves in an empty control room, but they have been noticed. A man appears on a monitor screen and tells them he on the way up. The screen was black and white, and when he arrives he's blue skinned, and armed. The man, Jorj, demands to know if anyone is human. A computer screen shows three lifts, and Jorj them they have detected a human and are on their way. With Jorj becoming more and more agitated the Doctor leaves the TARDIS as Bill reveals she is human. 

The Doctor tries to calm Jorj down, but when the lifts ping to signal their arrival Jorj is startled and fires, leaving a hole through Bill. The lifts opened and masked people appear with a stretcher, and take Bill away after telling the Doctor she will be repaired. Jorj tells the Doctor to let the masked people and Bill go. The Doctor asks for more information about the people. Jorj tells him that 2 days ago there were only 50 people on board. Now there are thousands of life signs. When the ship nearly hit the black hole about 20 of the crew went to the bottom of the ship to reverse the thrusters. Shortly afterwards masked people arrived and took away all the other humans, leaving Jorj.

On floor 1056 Bill wakes briefly and sees a surgeon. When she wakes again she finds herself in what looks like a mid-1900's hospital. In her chest is a device where the hole used to be. Grabbing an IV stand she leaves the theatre, and in a corridor she can hear the word 'pain' being repeated. She finds an 'In' ward containing beds with masked patients. Opposite she finds an 'Out' ward with similar people sitting in wheelchairs. One is pressing a device that is saying 'pain' repeatedly. Bill hides as a nurse appears - but all she does is turn down the speaker.

As she is wandering around Bill meets a strange man - Mr Razor - who offers her tea. He insists that the people Bill has seen are being cured. Mr Razor has a feed from the control deck showing the Doctor, Missy, Nardole, and Jorj, but they appear to be frozen. Razor tells Bill she could have been on floor 1056 for weeks, maybe even months.

On the control deck the Doctor, Nardole, Missy, and Jorj are not frozen. It's just that the time moves much slower as they are close to the black hole. The Doctor explains to Jorj that the thousands of life signs are the descendants of the crew. Whilst a short amount of time has passed in the control deck, in deck 1056 many years have passed. Knocking out Jorj the Doctor, Missy, and Nardole, make their way down to floor 1056.

Whilst Missy is left to learn more from the computer the Doctor and Nardole investigate further. With Missy left alone Razor seizes the opportunity to talk to her. Missy can't remember Razor - until he pulls off a disguise to reveal he is the Master - one of Missy's earlier regenerations.

The Doctor and Nardole find an operating theatre - and a Mondasian Cyberman. The Doctor tells the Cyberman they are just passing through, and that the are looking for Bill. After a short while checking the Cyberman reveals it is Bill Potts.

Regular Cast

  • Nardole: Matt Lucas
  • Bill Potts: Pearl Mackie

Guest Cast

  • Missy: Michelle Gomez
  • The Master / Mr Razor: John Simm
  • Jorj: Oliver Lansley
  • Surgeon: Paul Brightwell
  • Nurse: Alison Lintott
  • Voice of the Cybermen: Nicholas Briggs

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 (HD) 11. World Enough And Time Saturday, June 24, 2017 6:45 PM - 7:30 PM 5.0M 85

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