9.6. The Woman Who Lived

Series 9 - 2015 - 2016

Writer: Catherine Tregenna
Produced by: Derek Ritchie
Director: Ed Bazalgette
Music: Murray Gold


Earth: 1651. In a wood at night the Doctor is hunting for alien artefact that shouldn't be on Earth. His tracking device leads him to a coach that is being robbed by a masked person on horseback known as the Knightmare. The Knightmare is after an amulet which is in a trunk. As the Doctor and the Knightmare argue the coach driver drives away with the amulet. The Doctor tells the Knightmare to show their face. When the mask is pulled off the Doctor sees Ashildr.

Ashildr, now called Me, does not use her original name. She can barely remember her father, Einarr (Chuckles) or the village where she first met the Doctor. She does remember the Doctor, and what he did for her. Me takes the Doctor back to the large house she lives in with a servant. Me tells the Doctor she was not robbing Lucie Fenshawe by change. Lucie had bragged about an amulet from foreign lands. She is rich and lives, and robs, for the adventure. Such as being a medieval queen, and fighting in the Hundred Years' War.

Me struggles to remember her past and writes it down in journals that make up a huge library in her house. The Doctor reads some of her journal entries. Some of the pages are missing where bad memories are removed, and some of the writing is smudged with tears. He also reads about her children, killed by the plague.

She asks the Doctor to let her go with him. When he says he'll think about she asks the Doctor to go with him. She knows where Lucie Fenshawe lives and is an excellent house breaker. In the Fenshawe house they evade servants and find the amulet. After waking Mr Fenshawe they escape through a chimney.

On the return to the house they are met by Sam Swift and his men. A scuffle breaks out where Me and Swift continually disarm each other.

Back at the house Me transforms from the Knightmare into Lady Me, and the Doctor meets her old servant Clayton. When Me asks the Doctor to take her with him again he doesn't agree. When the Doctor hears a big cat he opens doors to reveal Leandro, a large lion like creature. Me tells the Doctor that he had been helping her and Leandro. The Doctor realises that the only reason someone wouldn't just ask for his help would because he wouldn't approve.

Leandro tells the Doctor his tribe, on Delta Leonis, was overthrown and his world destroyed. The amulet was Leandro's means of travel. Me says they need it to travel the galaxy. The amulet needs a death in order to work. When the Doctor asks who is to be killed Me calls for Clayton.

Two guards arrive to tell Me that another outlaw, Sam Swift, has been captured and sentenced to be hanged in half an hour. Swift also said the Knightmare was heading her way. Me tells them that the Doctor is the Knightmare's accomplice and shows them a wanted poster. Leaving the Doctor with the guards and Clayton Me and Leandro heads to Swift's execution. The Doctor is able to bribe the guards and heads on horseback after Me and Leandro.

At the Gallows Swift is making jokes and drinking whilst awaiting his execution. When the Doctor gets there he joins in, delaying Swift's execution. The Doctor shows his psychic paper to the executioner and says it is a pardon. When Swift is pardoned Me places the amulet on Swift's chest. The life force drains from Swift and starts to open a portal. Through the portal they can see Leonian space ships. Leandro had told Me he was the last of the Leonians. Leandro tells Me that she will be going nowhere, and that the escape he talked about meant her death.

When the space ships start to attack Me realises she actually cares about the people and asks the Doctor for help. The Doctor tells Me the only way to stop the portal is to reverse Swift's death - which she can do with the second Mire medical chip. Leandro tries to stop her but isn't quick enough. As the portal closes the Leonians kill Leandro.

Fortunately Swift can't remember much after the amulet was attached to his chest. The Doctor tries to ease Me by telling her that most of the energy was used by the portal so he should lead a normal life. But he's not certain. Me tells the Doctor that he doesn't need to watch out for her. Instead she will watch out for the people - and protect them from the Doctor.

In the present day the Doctor is waiting for Clara to return from taking her year 7s to taekwondo. After helping one of the pupils with her homework the pupil, via Clara's phone, gives him a selfie. In the background he can see Ashildr/Me.

Regular Cast

  • Clara Oswald: Jenna Coleman

Guest Cast

  • Lady Me / The Knightmare: Maisie Williams
  • Sam Swift: Rufus Hound
  • Coachman: Gareth Berliner
  • Lucie Fanshawe: Elisabeth Hopper
  • Mr Fanshawe: John Voce
  • Clayton: Straun Rodger
  • Pikeman Lloyd Llewelyn: Gruffud Glyn
  • Pikeman William Stout: Reuben Johnson
  • Leandro: Ariyon Bakare
  • Crowd 1: Daniel Fearn
  • Crowd 2: Karen Seacombe
  • Hangman: John Hales
  • Voice of the Knightmare: Will Brown

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 (HD) 6. The Woman Who Lived Saturday, October 24, 2015 8:20 PM - 9:10 PM 6.11M 81

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