9.14. The Return Of Doctor Mysterio

Series 9 - 2015 - 2016

Writer: Steven Moffat
Produced by: Peter Bennett
Director: Ed Bazalgette
Music: Murray Gold


One winter night in New York eight-year-old Grant is awoken by a wooshing noise outside his window. The Doctor had been setting a trap on the roof and accidentally tried it out, leading to him swinging from the roof by a rope. Grant lets him inside just as the rope snaps, saying he is expected. Once inside Grant hands the Doctor a plate of cookies and a glass of milk.

The Doctor takes Grant to the roof to show off the device he had been working on which the trap had been designed to protect. Grant is starting a cold, and the Doctor hands him a glass of water from his pocket to ease Grant's cough. He also hands Grant a gemstone - for safe keeping. The Doctor lets Grant turn on the lights, and the gemstone if a major part of it. The Doctor explains that the gemstone is intuitive and knows what you want. It draws energy to make whatever you want happen. Grant then tellts the Doctor that he swallowed it, thinking it was medicine. Grant worries about what will happen, but the Doctor tells him it will be okay. The gemstone knows what Grant wants - and is turning him into a superhero.

Years later, in the offices of the Harmony Shoal Institute, Mr Brock is concluding a press conference anout the company. One reporter asks questions about the company and its befactors, and another person asks for the way to the little boys' room. As the people leave a scientist, Doctor Sim, has worried about the brains that he asks Mr Brock to look into. At midnight Mr Brock follows Doctor Sim to a vault, both missing the reporter - disguised as a cleaner, and Nardole, who had been hiding in one of the restrooms.

Inside the vault Brock does not see what is wrong. Sim tells him that at first there were 24 specimens (brains), then 30, and currently 36. With  no deliveries the brains had just arrived. When Brock taps the glass on one of the jars eyes apperar in the brains. Sim then points to a jar that contains Sim's brain. Sim has been possessed, and three Surgeons appear to do the same to Brock. 

Outside the vault the reporter hears the Doctor - eating sushi from the press conference. They see Sim leave the vault and the Doctor takes the reporter - who introduces herself as Lucy Fletcher - to where the TARDIS is. The Doctor tells Lucy that he has noticed that Harmony Shoal is spread across the world in all the capital cities. When Nardole appears he points out that the New York office is not in a capital city.

The group is discovered by Sim and held at gun point. Sim threatens to fire when there is a knocking at the window, even though they are on the 100th floor. Moments later the re-inforced glass smashes and the Ghost, a masked vigilante superhero, enters the room. Sim fires at the Ghost but the bulltes ricochet off. Instead the Ghost knocks Sim unconscious. The Ghost goes first to Lucy Fletcher, and says that he often reads her newspaper column. The Doctor introduces himself and Nardole. The Ghost offers to give Lucy a lift home. The Doctor recognises the Ghost - Grant.

The Ghost takes Lucy to her apartment block, then leaves her when he hears an emergency - a baby crying via a baby monitor. The Ghost transforms back into Grant and looks for the baby, and finds the Doctor holding her. A short while later the mother returns home - it's Lucy. As Lucy puts her daughter - Jennifer - to bed the Doctor realises that Lucy is actually Grant's school crush (despite the fact she has been married). When the Ghost rushes off to stop a fire Lucy questions the Doctor about Harmony Shoal and the brains. The Doctor tells Lucy that the purpose of Harmony Shoal is to replace the brains of key people in key locations with alien entities that migrate from planet to planet. Although Lucy doesn't believe the Doctor she also does not think he is lying.

Lucy then starts to question the Doctor about the Ghost. She knows that the Doctor knows who he is, and asks the Doctor to put her in touch with him. Grants hears the request, and from another room calls Lucy, as the Ghost, to arrange an interview. 

In the Harmany Shoal office Sim and Brock review security footage and see the Ghost. Sim has a plan to capture the Ghost, but Brock is more concerned with the Doctor. As they watch the Doctor appears in the office. The Doctor tells them to pack up and leave. He tells them there have been many attempts made to conquer the Earth and not one has succeeded. As Sim and Brock threaten to shoot the Doctor Nardole materialises the TARDIS around him. When the TARDIS materialises it is in the Tokyo office of Harmony Shoal. Using a computer the Doctor detects an alien signal, the same as the one emitting from the New York office. The signals are going to a craft in low orbit, and the Doctor materialises the TARDIS on board.

The Doctor notices the reactor core has been rewired; the ship is more like a bomb that a ship. The Doctor then realises that the aliens plan to bomb New York. Harmony Shoal in New York has been built to withstand a nuclear attack; in the other cities all the world leaders would flock to Harmony Shoal offices and become possessed. The Doctor can't defuse the ship, so instead presses all the buttons and the ship starts to leave orbit earlier than the aliens planned.

Grant, as the Ghost, meets Lucy on the roof of the apartmenbt block with a picnic hamper for their interview. As they talk Brock arrives with the surgeons - he want's Brock's body. Despite threatening Lucy the Ghost flies off. Moments later Grant stumbles through the door onto the roof, and is taken hostage along with Lucy. Brock plans to use them both to get the Ghost to return. From the ship the Doctor calls to Grant using a frequency only he can hear. Grant is the only one who can stop the ship. Grant has little option but to reveal he is the Ghost as he catches the ship before it can impact with the ground.

The TARDIS materialises on the roof, and the Doctor tells Brock his plan is finished and show Brock the UNIT helicopters coming to close down Harmony Shoal. As Grant and Jennifer float awawy - with the ship bomb - the Doctor is left to change Jennifer.

Regular Cast

  • Nardole: Matt Lucas

Guest Cast

  • Grant: Justin Chatwin
  • Lucy: Charity Wakefield
  • Mr Brock: Tomiwa Edun
  • Dr Sim: Aleksandar Jovanovic
  • Young Grant: Logan Hoffman
  • Teen Grant: Daniel Lorente
  • Reporter: Sandra Teles
  • Operator: Tanroh Ishida
  • Soldier: Vaughn Johseph

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 (HD) 14. The Return of Doctor Who Mysterio Sunday, December 25, 2016 5:45 PM - 6:45 PM 7.83M 82

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  • BBC Wales Roath Lock Studios