8.8. Mummy On The Orient Express

Series 8 - 2014

Writer: Jamie Mathieson
Produced by: Peter Bennett
Director: Paul Wilmshurst
Music: Murray Gold


On a reproduction of the Orient Express many of the passengers are having a meal. One of the guests, Mrs Pitt, asks her granddaughter, Maisie, if it's a fancy dress party as she can see what appears to be a man dressed as a Mummy. None of the other people can see the Mummy. 66 seconds later she collapses after the Mummy touches her.

The TARDIS materialises in the baggage car. The Doctor tells Clara that this is an exact reproduction of the Orient Express - only slightly larger and in space. After tensions in the last adventure Clara tells the Doctor that the Orient Express is a good choice for a final trip.

After briefly meeting Maisie, still upset after her mother's death, Clara introduces herself and the Doctor to Captain Quell. Quell tells them is surprised at yet another doctor on board, and tells them they have doctors and professors coming out of their ears on the train. Clara asks Quell about what happened to Maisie. The Doctor is initially dismissive about the events. Old women sometimes do die naturally, and he is not convinced about a Mummy that only she saw.

In his compartment the Doctor is wondering if there really is a Mummy on the train whilst in her compartment Clara phones Danny to discuss her trip with Danny.

Restless the Doctor finds the chair Mrs Pitt had been using - an Excelsior Life Extender - where he meets Chief Engineer Perkins. The Life Extender had done everything it could to keep Mrs Pitt alive, almost draining the battery. Perkins tells the Doctor that there is a rumour that something else may have been responsible, and tells the Doctor about the 'Foretold'.

Outside her compartment Clara sees Maisie heading towards the baggage car with a shoe in her hand and follows. Inside the baggage car is a separate compartment controlled by a computerised lock that will not open for Maisie. Clara says she has a friend who is good with locks, but Maisie used her shoe to smash the lock and the door opens.

In a passenger carriage the Doctor asks Professor Emil Moorhouse, professor of alien mythology, what he knows about the mythical Mummy known as the Foretold. Legend has it that only a person destined to die can see it. Moorhouse tells the Doctor that the legend also says that the victim has 66 seconds to live after the Mummy appears.

In the buffet car the lights flicker and a kitchen hand sees a Mummy. He tries to get away from it, but the room is crowded. He locks himself into a meat refrigerator but the Mummy appears next to him. 66 seconds after first seeing the Mummy he's is dead. Quell, after hearing of the death, tells the staff that it is just a heart attack, and orders them not to start spreading any rumours.

The Doctor talks to Quell in his office, but even after a number of deaths Quell doesn't think there is anything to investigate. Outside the Doctor is met by Perkins who has been looking into things himself and offers plans of the train and a passenger manifest. In the baggage car the Doctor, Perkins and Moorhouse review camera footage of Mrs Pitt's death and notice that when the she first sees the Mummy the lights flicker and 66 seconds later she is dead.

Using an internal telephone the Doctor calls Clara's mobile, and she tells the Doctor that she and Maisie are trapped in the baggage car. The Doctor finds the door and the damaged lock with a high heeled shoe lodged in the controls. The Doctor asks the computer, called Gus, to open the door but it says it can only be opened by executive order.

The Doctor uses the sonic screwdriver but it doesn't work on the door. Instead a sarcophagus inside opens and the lights begin to flicker. As the Doctor tries again to open the door Quell and two guards arrest the Doctor. He's not on the manifest and could be killer.

In a passenger carriage another guard sees the Mummy approaching. He fires his gun but it has no affect on the Mummy. Hearing the gunshots Quell and the Doctor arrive in time to see the guard die.

The Doctor takes charge and tells the passenger about the Mummy. He also says that if he wanted to put a team together to analyse the Mummy he would probably choose the people on board the train, and thinks that is excatly what someone has done. At that moment the train stops and a number of the passengers disappear and the carriage transforms into a laboratory. The passengers had been holograms. Gus, speaking through a computer, tells the scientists to capture the Mummy and then they can use to equipment to reverse engineer it.

Gus reveals that there is a scroll that, for reasons unknown, the Foretold always appears in the vicinity of the scroll. The Doctor wonders how the scientists are going to capture the Foretold when they cannot see it. Then the lights flicker and Moorhouse starts to describe it. Despite the Doctor wanting details Moorhouse, realising he is going to die, tries to bargain with the Foretold but it doesn't work.

The Doctor wonders how the Foretold chooses victims, and looks through the passenger's medical records. Although some of the victims were old and young they all had a medical weakness, and the Foretold is starting with the weakest first. Quell reveals he has post traumatic stress disorder, and when the lights flicker he sees the Foretold.

There is still the question of why it takes 66 seconds exactly. The Doctor asks the scientists but no-one knows. Perkins answers that moving energy out of phase takes about a minute, and because the Foretold is out of phase is why only the intended victim can see it.

Looking at the passenger manifest Perkins works out who the next victim will be. Due to her bereavement Maisie is likely to be next. The Doctor calls Clara to tell her Maisie is next, and to fetch her to the laboratory. The Doctor tells Clara that he can't save her, but can observe the Foretold in action. Clara says that Maisie would not agree to that, and the Doctor tells Clara she should lie. Clara reluctantly tells Maisie that the Doctor 'can' save her.

Gus lets them out of the locked area and Clara leads her to the laboratory. Moments later the lights flicker and Maisie sees the Foretold. Using a scanner the Doctor is able to scan Maisie's grief and implant it in himself, making him the next victim. The Doctor sees the Foretold and starts talking to it.

Inside the Foretold the Doctor can see markings like the scroll on the war. He realises the Foretold is a soldier from a war thousands of years ago. The soldier had be augmented with technology, including anti-phase camouflage and personal teleport, which would not let the soldier die. At the last second the Doctor shouts 'Surrender'. The Foretold backs away and everyone can see it.

The Foretold salutes the Doctor before collapsing into dust. The Doctor tells Gus that he has solved his little problem. Gus thanks the Doctor and then says survivors are not required and starts decompression. The passengers start to choke as air is removed from the train.

All that remains of the soldier is a piece of technology, including a teleporter. Clara is the last to collapse as the Doctor continues to work on the device and the train explodes.

Clara awakes on a beach with the Doctor. The Doctor tells her that he was able to teleport everyone into the TARDIS. When he tried to scan Gus to see where he was Gus destroyed the train.

Regular Cast

  • Clara Oswald: Jenna Coleman

Guest Cast

  • Danny Pink: Samuel Anderson
  • Perkins: Frank Skinner
  • Captain Quell: David Bamber
  • Gus: John Sessions
  • Maisie: Daisy Beaumont
  • Mrs Pitt: Janet Henfrey
  • Professor Moorhouse: Christopher Villers
  • Singer: Foxesa
  • Foretold: Jamie Hill

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 (HD) 8. Mummy On The Orient Express Saturday, October 11, 2014 8:35 PM - 9:20 PM 7.11M 85

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