8.11. Dark Water / Death In Heaven

Series 8 - 2014

Writer: Steven Moffat
Produced by: Peter Bennett
Director: Rachel Talalay
Music: Murray Gold


At home Clara is trying to pluck up the courage to tell Danny about her travels with the Doctor. She phones him as he is walking in London. Danny thinks it would be better to have a face to face talk, but Clara is not quite ready for that. Concentrating on the call Danny starts to cross a road. On the phone there is a long pause before Clara hears a woman's voice. She has found the phone and tells Clara there has been a fatal accident.

Despite her Gran telling her she deserves better Clara feels she doesn't deserve better, but is owed better, so she calls the Doctor. Inside the TARDIS Clara behaves as though nothing had happened, and doesn't tell the Doctor about Danny. Instead she tells the Doctor she wants to see a volcano. As the Doctor sets the TARDIS going Clara goes around various hiding spots collecting hidden TARDIS keys, and some sleep patches.

She puts a sleep patch on the Doctor's neck and he awakes outside the TARDIS close to a volcano. Clara appears holding all of the TARDIS keys. Clara coolly tells the Doctor that Danny is dead, and demands he changes things. When the Doctor refuses Clara throws TARDIS keys into the lava, destroying them. When it comes to the last key the Doctor still refuses, and Clara throws the last key into the lava.

Realising what she has done Clara breaks down, but the Doctor asks her to look in her hand where she finds a patch. The Doctor, feeling Clara apply the patch, pushed it into her palm inducing a dream state which allowed the Doctor to play out Clara's dream from the safety of the TARDIS. The Doctor cares for Clara so much that even knowing how far Clara is prepared to go, and how she betrayed him, he is prepared to help her find out if there is any trace of Danny in any form of after life.

Danny awakes inside the Nethersphere where Seb offers him some coffee. Seb asks Danny to fill in some forms, and asks if Danny knows he is to be cremated. Danny demands to know where he is, and Seb explains that he is on the next stage - where you go when you die.

Turning off safety features and linking Clara to the TARDIS telepathic circuits the TARDIS de-materialises and arrives in the 3W facility which looks like a mausoleum. All around are tanks containing human skeletons like tombs. Finding an interface to the computer systems the Doctor and Clara see an introduction hologram. From behind the hologram a woman appears - Missy.

The Doctor, and Clara, are taken aback when Missy kisses the Doctor. Missy says she is a Mobile Intelligent Systems Interface - an interactive welcome droid. The Doctor asks to see whoever is in charge, and Missy says she is in charge. When the Doctor asks who in charge of her Missy calls in Doctor Chang. Clara tells Chang there is a particular person they want to speak to and he leads them into his office.

In the Nethersphere Danny, still not understating where he is, steps out of Seb's office onto the balcony and sees they are in a sphere that looks like a city. Seb asks Danny about his time as a soldier, and if he ever killed anyone. Seb tells Danny he has a request to meet someone - it's a young boy that Danny killed whilst on duty. The boy doesn't say anything. Danny says he is sorry. When he tries to touch the boy he runs off.

In Chang's office Chang says he needs to take a reading from Clara whilst the Doctor asks about the skeleton in a tank in the room, and why it doesn't just float. Chang tells the Doctor that the skeleton is inside a support exoskeleton that cannot be seen though the specially engineered water - Dark Water. In dark water only organic material can be seen.

The Doctor, when asked about his identify, uses the psychic paper to convince Chang he is a Government inspector and asks Chang what 3W stands for. Chang explains to the Doctor and Clara that a scientist, founder Doctor Skarosa, examined white noise and heard what he thought were the voices of the recently departed. Chang explains that Skarosa set up institutes to protect the dead and called them 3W after the three words he heard - Don't Cremate Me. One thought no-one had ever considered was that the dead remain conscious after death.

In the Nethersphere Seb is explaining to Danny the same idea. The dead remain conscious inside the Nethersphere and still have a link to their body on Earth. This is why Danny is feeling cold - his body is being kept in a cold place. As Danny starts to realise what being cremated really means Seb receives a call - from Clara.

In Chang's office the Doctor is convinced everything is fakery when Clara hears Danny's voice from a computer. The equipment is not reliable and the connection is lost. Seb and Chang both work on their computers and make the connection again. Talking to Danny Clara has been asked by the Doctor to be sceptical and ask Danny a question to which only he knows the answer, something he has difficultly answering. When Clara tells him that she will do anything to get him back, which in Danny's mind would mean dying, Danny gets Clara to end the connection. Danny is understandably upset, and Seb offers him an iPad containing a simple way to stop the pain: a button that will delete Danny Pink.

The Doctor and Chang leave Clara to check on the tanks. As they enter a corridor they see the tanks have been activated by Missy, who Chang reveals is his boss. Missy, no longer needing Chang, disintegrates him. As the Doctor backs away he sees a Cyberman appearing as the water drains in a tank. Missy shows the Doctor the Netherspehere, floating in the corridor. The Doctor recognises it as a Matrix data-slice - a Gallifreyan hard drive. Missy asks the Doctor to imagine uploading human minds to the hard drive, edit them to remove the emotions, and download them again whilst the bodies are upgraded. The Doctors asks Missy who she really is, and after some prompting remembers putting his hand on her and feeling two hearts.

The Doctor opens a door leading out of the facility and arrives on the streets of London. Inside the 3W facility Cybermen start to activate, including the Skarosa one in Chang's office where Clara is. Outside the Doctor sees the Cybermen and tries to warn the people. No-one pays much attention to the Doctor's shouting, especially when Missy just says it is a mad Scotsman. Missy tells the Doctor it is too late and that humans have one big weakness: the dead outnumber the living.

The Doctor is shocked when Missy tells him her name is short for Mistress. Being in a female body she couldn't keep calling herself the Master.

Inside Chang's office Clara is caught by the Skarosa Cyberman. The Cyberman scans her and identifies her as Clara Oswald but she tells it that she is the Doctor.

On the streets of London instead of being scared people are taking pictures of the Cybermen, with Missy even charging for people to have their picture taken with the "big metal men". Missy shows the Doctor photos from around the world of people posing with Cybermen. Missy is taken aback when a woman offers to take her picture with the Doctor. Now she has Missy's control device Osgood shouts out and the people  around them pull out guns and point them at Missy.

More UNIT soldiers, and Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, appear. Kate addresses the Cybermen, and when they claim human technology is not effective she shows them an old Cyberman's head. The Cybermen then press their breast plates and using jet packs blast off into the sky. Moments later the roof of St Paul's cathedral opens and more Cybermen blast off into the sky.

When there is an explosion in the sky Missy explains that the Cybermen are pollinating, falling like rain. Inside the Nethersphere lights start going out and Seb tells Danny that it looks like people might be going home and that the bodies have had a bit of an upgrade. Missy tells the Doctor that the human race will cease to exist within 24 hours.

The Doctor asks Missy what's happening but she, and the Doctor, are shot with darts. As the Doctor goes to sleep he manages to warn Osgood to guard the graveyards.

At a nearby graveyard it starts to rain, but only over the graveyard. Excess water runs away into the drains and sewers, some of which lead to funeral homes. In a close by funeral home, where Danny Pink's body had been taken, he reawakens as a Cyberman and see his reflection in a mirror.

At a UNIT facility the Doctor awakens to find the TARDIS and Missy being loaded onto a plane - known as Boat One. The plane has been fitted out with computers and a large desk. On one wall is a picture of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. When Kate says the President is on board the Doctor is worried about the Americans getting involved, until Colonel Ahmed tells the Doctor she means the President of Earth. Kate tells the Doctor that international protocols recognise the Doctor as the President with complete control over every nation state.

In the 3W facility Clara is still trying to make three Cybermen think she is the Doctor. A fourth Cybermen reveals details about her, and she insists that she made them up. The fourth Cyberman stuns Clara. No order had been given and it destroys the first three Cybermen before they can react.

In the hold of Boat One Missy is left alone with two guards and Osgood, and starts working on her handcuffs. Upstairs the Doctor is shown video footage from around the world showing people being revived as Cybermen. The Doctor realises that Missy has created an army that can weaponise the dead.

With the Doctor away Missy taunts Osgood and tells Osgood that she will be killed. Missy starts to count down. When she gets to zero she tells Osgood to look in her pocket. Osgood finds Missy's handcuffs, and moments later Missy uses her device, which Osgood had been examining, to kill the guards and finally Osgood.

Clara awakes in a cemetery where Cybermen are breaking out of the graves. The new Cybermen seem confused and initially start wandering around. In amongst the confused Cybermen Clara sees one standing beside a grave. The Cybermen takes off the front of its face to reveal Danny. Danny asks Clara top activate his emotional inhibitor that hasn't activated.

When the plane hits turbulence Cybermen appear at the  plane's windows. On a monitor the Doctor sees that Missy is free. In the hold he finds Osgood's glasses and Missy. As the TARDIS phone rings Missy reveals it was her that gave Clara the number, and it was her that kept putting the Doctor and Clara together. The Doctor answers the phone and Clara tells him about Danny. The Doctor tells Clara to not activate the emotional inhibitor as Danny would become a complete Cyberman and kill her.

Cybermen are attack the plane and some people have been sucked out as they broke in. Kate goes to the hold and is sucked out of the plane when Missy blows open a loading door. Missy teleports moments before the plane explodes. As he falls the Doctor manages to remotely control the TARDIS to catch him.

The TARDIS materialises in the cemetery and the Doctor talks to Clara before she fixes Danny. As Danny is connected to the Cybermen's hive mind he could tell the Doctor what their plan is. Danny can't connect properly, and tells the Doctor that to do that the Doctor would have to activate the emotional inhibitor, effectively killing him. Instead Clara takes the Doctor's sonic screwdriver and activates the emotional inhibitor.

Missy teleports into the cemetery. When the threatens Clara the Doctor knocks her device away and Clara picks it up without being seen. Ignoring it Missy tells the Doctor she has a gift for him, and offers him a bracelet that controls all the Cybermen. The Doctor says he doesn't want an army, but Missy says he does. With an army the Doctor can, for example, halt the suffering in Dalek camps.

It takes the Doctor a while to realise that Danny, despite having an active emotional inhibitor, is still fulfilling a promise to care for Clara. The Doctor throws the bracelet to Danny, and he is able to command all the Cybermen to leave Earth and to burn the pollinating clouds. Around Earth the skies clear and the Doctor, Clara and Missy are left in the cemetery.

Clara is prepared to kill Missy, but the Doctor takes the device from her and prepares to do it himself.  Instead a blue bolt hits Missy and she disappears. In the cemetery is one last Cyberman that points to Kate lying on the ground. The Doctor realises the Cybermen must have caught her, and when Kate says it was her dad who rescued her the Doctor salutes the transformed Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart as it flies away.

Two weeks later at home Clara sees a portal and hears Danny. Danny tells her that there is a away for someone to travel through, but only one person can make one trip. Clara expects Danny to come through, but instead he sends through the boy. Later, when she meets up with the Doctor she lets the Doctor believe that Danny returned and that they are together. The Doctor tells her that he is fine with that has he has found Gallifrey at the co-ordinates it should be, as Missy told him, even though Missy was lying.

The Doctor and Clara go their separate ways. Inside the TARDIS the Doctor hears a knock and opens the door to Santa Claus asking what he wants for Christmas.

Regular Cast

  • Clara Oswald: Jenna Coleman

Guest Cast

  • Danny Pink: Samuel Anderson
  • Missy: Michelle Gomez
  • Woman: Joan Blackham (11)
  • Gran: Sheila Reid (11)
  • Seb: Chris Addison
  • Doctor Chang: Andrew Leung (11)
  • Boy: Antonio Bourouphael
  • Cyberman: Jeremiah Krage
  • Mr Armitage: Nigel Betts (11)
  • Osgood: Ingrid Oliver (12)
  • Kate Lethbridge-Stewart: Jemma Redgrave (12)
  • Colonel Ahmed: Sanjeev Bhaskar (12)
  • Teenage Boy: Shane Keogh-Grenade (12)
  • Teenage Girl: Katie Bignell (12)
  • Graham: James Pearse (12)
  • Voice of the Cybermen: Nicholas Briggs (12)
  • Santa Claus: Nick Frost (12)

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 (HD) 11. Dark Water Saturday, November 1, 2014 8:15 PM - 9:00 PM 7.34M
BBC 1 (HD) 12. Death In Heaven Saturday, November 8, 2014 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM 7.60M 83

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