5.3. Victory Of The Daleks

Series 5 - 2010

Writer: Mark Gatiss
Produced by: Peter Bennett
Director: Andrew Gunn
Music: Murray Gold


London is in the middle of the Blitz in World War 2. Churchill says it is time to roll out the secret weapon, and a Dalek is pushed onto the war map.

The TARDIS lands in a store room, and when the Doctor emerges he is met by armed soldiers - and Winston Churchill. The Doctor was responding to Churchill's request - although he is a month late. Churchill takes the Doctor to the top of the war rooms to show him something. On top of the building is Edwin Bracewell, head of the Ironside project. In the distance are several German planes coming in for attack. Churchill orders a weapon to fire, and all the places are destroyed.

When the Doctor asks to see the weapon, a camouflage coloured Dalek appears. The Dalek, called an Ironside, appears not to know of the Doctor, and is serving Bracewell and the British.

The Doctor tries to warn the Churchill about the Daleks, but Churchill refuses to listen, and insists they will help him win the war. There is more than one Dalek, and they are doing menial tasks such as carrying files and fetching tea. More of a concern is why Amy doesn't know about the Daleks. The Doctor tries to tell Churchill the Ironsides are Daleks, and they are his deadliest enemy, to which Churchill says if Hitler invaded Hell he would give the Devil a favourable reference. Despite everyone's trust in the Ironsides the Doctor is still suspicious of the Daleks and their motives.

The Doctor and Amy talk to Bracewell. The Doctor asks how Bracewell came up with the Ironsides, and Bracewell says he is teeming with ideas, and shows the Doctor some of his other ideas. The Doctor goes mad and attacks a Dalek, trying to provoke it. When the Doctor shouts that he is the Doctor, and that they are the Daleks, the attacked Dalek asks another Dalek to review the 'testimony', and sends it to a Dalek ship in space where it is received by other Daleks. The Daleks activate the Progenitor aboard the ship.

In the war rooms the Daleks attack and kill the soldiers, shooting off Bracewell's hand - revealing him to have a robotic arm - before teleporting back to the ship. The Doctor follows the Daleks in the TARDIS, leaving Amy in the war rooms. The Dalek ship is detected by the RDF; know Churchill and Amy know where the Doctor is.

On board the Dalek ship the Doctor appears, and the Daleks threaten to exterminate him. He holds out a Jammie Dodger claiming it is a bomb. This gives him time to look at the ship, which is old and beaten up, running on empty. A bit like the Daleks. The Daleks say they found a Progenitor - containing pure Dalek DNA.

The Doctor asks about Bracewell, and realise the Daleks built Bracewell, who in turn claimed to have created the Ironside - to lure the Doctor to Earth. The Progenitor wouldn't recognise the current Daleks' DNA, but when the Doctor claimed he was the Doctor, and the Ironsides were the Daleks, the Daleks could use this as testimony for the Progenitor, as the Progenitor would recognise the Doctor and believe his word.

The Daleks order the Doctor to withdraw, or they would destroy London. The ship does not have the power to destroy London, but the Daleks are able to send a signal that powered up all generators, turning all lights on in London prior to a German air-strike.

On board the ship DNA re-construction is completed, and five new Daleks appear, each with a different colour to signify their tasks. The new Daleks consider the old Daleks to be inferior, and exterminate them.

Amy has an idea to fight the Daleks, and goes to see Bracewell, who doesn't know who he is any more after realising he is a robot constructed by the Daleks. Bracewell is as clever as the Daleks, and Amy asks him for a solution. Whilst his ideas are being prepared Bracewell comes up with a device to see what is happening on the Dalek ship.

The Daleks call the Doctor's bluff about the Jammie Dodger; before the exterminate him the Daleks detect an incoming attack. Bracewell has fitted Spitfires with .... and lasers, and the Doctor tells them to blow up the Dalek ship. The Dalek shield are effective, and all but one Spitfire is destroyed. Inside the TARDIS the Doctor disrupts the Daleks' shields, and the Danny Boy, inside the Spitfire, is able to attack, destroying the transmitter controlling the lights in London.

The Daleks orders the Doctor to call off the attack on their ship or they will use Bracewell as a bomb. Bracewell's power source - an Oblivion Continuum - would be enough to shatter Earth. The Doctor tells Danny Boy to withdraw from his attack as the TARDIS materialises back in the war rooms, where he rushes back and thumps Bracewell, knocking him to the ground. The Daleks start to open a time corridor, and start Bracewell's countdown to explode.

The Doctor asks Bracewell to tell him about himself, to prove himself human. The Doctor about Bracewell's feelings. Amy takes over, and asks some different questions to make Bracewell emotional. As Bracewell talks about a lost love the countdown starts reversing and eventually deactivates. The Daleks disappear down their time corridor. This frees Bracewell from any Dalek control.

Regular Cast

  • Amy Pond: Karen Gillan

Guest Cast

  • Winston Churchill: Ian McNiece
  • Bracewell: Bill Paterson
  • Blanche: Nina De Cosimo
  • Dalek 1: Tim Wallers Childers, Nicholas Pegg
  • Dalek 2: Barnaby Edwards
  • Dalek Voice: Nicholas Briggs
  • Lilian: Susanah Fielding
  • Todd: James Albrecht
  • Air Raid Warden: Colin Prockter
  • Female Civilian Typist: Phillipa Burt
  • Male Civil Servants: Jamall Nasir, Tim Driscoll
  • Women's Auxiliary Air Force (WAAFs): Linzi Furneaux, Sian Lewis, Frances Valaydon Pillay, Maria Honeker, Amy Roland, Victoria Alerwick
  • RAF Officers: Paul Dawkins, David Stock, Shelby Williams, Nick Caffreysm, Matthew Clifford
  • Marines: Rob Caisey, Tim Cooper, John Ninnis, John Childs, Richard Knott, Matthew Lias, Jamie Wainwright, Jamie Jones, Matthew Doman
  • Female Civilian Secretary: Natasha Green
  • Technician: Dominic Kynaston
  • Bronze Enemy: Ben Ashley
  • White Enemy: Jon Davey
  • Blue Enemy: Matthew Doman
  • Red Enemy: Joe White
  • Orange Enemy: Jeremy Harvey
  • Black Enemy: Sean Saye
  • Danny Boy: Christopher Miller
  • Voice of Danny Boy: Mark Gatiss
  • Air Force Chief: Phil Gould
  • Army Chief: Les Mason
  • Ministers: Dominick Murphy, Graham Smith
  • Admiral: Peter Hanks
  • Attlee Double: Don Leatherbarrow

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 3. Victory Of The Daleks Saturday, April 17, 2010 6:20 PM - 7:05 PM 7.82M 84
BBC HD 3. Victory Of The Daleks 1 Saturday, April 17, 2010 8:25 PM - 9:10 PM 0.38M 84
1: Position only for this channel

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  • Upper Boat Studios: Studio 1 & 2
  • Upper Boat Studios: Studio 6

Outside Locations

  • Brackla Bunkers, Brackla, Bridgend
  • Freeman's Cigar Factory, Penarth Road, Cardiff
  • Glamorgan Building, King Edward VII Avenue, Cathays Park, Cardiff
  • Jacobs Market, West Canal Wharf, Cardiff
  • The Bunker, Joint Resilience Unit, Lilliput Lane, West Cross, Swansea