7.2. Dinosaurs On A Spaceship

Series 7 - 2012/2013

Writer: Chris Chibnall
Produced by: Marcus Wilson
Director: Saul Metzstein
Music: Murray Gold


In Egypt 1334BC the Doctor tries to leave after meeting Queen Nefertiti after defeating a giant alien locust attack, but Queen Nefertiti has other ideas and follows the Doctor into the TARDIS.

Over two thousand years later in 2367AD the Indian Space Agency, along with the Doctor and Queen Nefertiti, is tracking a ship the size of Canada heading towards Earth very fast. There are signs of life on the ship. The ISA has tried communicating with the craft but has not had any response. Indira tells the Doctor that if the ship comes within 10,000km of Earth they will send up missiles - in approximately 6 hours and 19 minutes.

The Doctor needs help, and so goes to the African Plains, 1902, to meet Riddell, a big game hunter. The Doctor says he has no idea what is on the ship, and asks Riddell if he wants to find out.

Back in the Pond's house Rory's Dad is up a ladder examining a fitting room. There is a breeze and the TARDIS materialises around Amy, Rory and Rory's Dad - Brian - who is still on the ladder. The Doctor de-materialises the TARDIS and immediately materialises on board the spaceship with a gang of companions - Nefertiti, Riddell, Amy, Rory and Brian. Brian is not entirely sure what is going on, and it is left to Rory to try to explain.

The Doctor, and his gang, start examining the spaceship. As they get close a door opens, and two dinosaurs emerge. They all run from the dinosaurs and into a storage area. Riddell is keen to 'take' one of the dinosaurs, but the Doctor insists they need preserving.

The Doctor finds a terminal and activates it with the sonic screwdriver. The Doctor tells the computer he wants to get to the engines, and he, Rory and Brian are teleported to what looks like a beach. Rory tells the Doctor that the beach is humming. The Doctor goes off to look at a rock and tells Rory to dig. When Rory asks 'what with' Brian gets a small trowel from his tool-belt. Digging down a short distance he finds a metal floor.

The Doctor has been watched on monitors since he arrived. When the watcher hears the name Doctor he instructs his robots to fetch him. Elsewhere Amy, Riddell and Nefertiti are exploring the ship and getting to know each other better. The ship is dark and they nearly trip over a sleeping baby tyrannosaurus rex.

Inside on of the rocks on the beach the Doctor finds a computer screen, and realises they are in the engine room - a hydro-generator on a huge scale. Unfortunately the Doctor says he cannot shut the wave system down in time. The Doctor, Rory and Brian run as they are attacked by pterodactyls and hide in a cave. There is no option but to go deeper in to the cave, but they can hear something coming up towards them. After a short while two robots appear.

Amy, Riddell and Nefertiti make their way to a control room that is overgrown with plant life. Amy presses buttons and activates the computer. She activates a video log. A Silurian appears on the screen saying that the ship has managed to escape the destructive force that is forecast for Earth. Amy learns from the video that they are on a Silurian ark. There were thirty species on the ark, but one had difficulty surviving. Riddell does ask one very good question: If this is a Silurian ship, where are the Silurians? Trying to find out what happened Amy discovers another spaceship - the ship they are on has been boarded before.

As the Doctor, Rory and Brian are being led by the robots they come across a triceratops. The triceratops goes up to Brian, possibly smelling grassy residue on one the golf balls he is carrying around. He throws one and the triceratops goes after it. The robots continue and lead the Doctor to the second ship. Solomon, who is on a life support system, tells the robots to let the Doctor in to his room.

Solomon tells the Doctor that three velociraptors attacked him, but he was saved by the robots. Solomon thinks the Doctor is a medical Doctor, and tells the Doctor to fix him. When the Doctor hesitates Solomon orders a robot to fire at Brian. Whilst Rory tends to his dad he gets a call from Amy, who tells him about the ship.

The Doctor, after being threatened, starts to tend to Solomon's wounded legs. The Doctor learns that Solomon is a trader who came upon Silurian ship looking for things he can trade. He also scanned the Doctor, but the machine is unable to identify him.

Rory hands the mobile phone to the Doctor and tells him that the ship is a Silurian ship with none on board. Solomon tells the Doctor that he ejected them. The Doctor is not happy to learn that Solomon is nothing more than a pirate who is responsible for genocide. Solomon is unable to control the ship, and with no Silurians the ship defaulted and started to head home.

The Doctor, Rory and Brian escape from the robots on the back of the triceratops. The Doctor gets a message from Earth. Indira says the ship is breaking through the atmosphere, and that she has no option but to launch the missiles, giving the Doctor thirty minutes.

Solomon teleports, with his robots, to the Doctor's location. Solomon says he has his own ship. Solomon says he won't be able to take what he came for - the dinosaurs - but offers to let the Doctor go if he lets Solomon have Nefertiti. The Doctor immediately says no, so Solomon orders one of the robots to kill the triceratops. The Doctor still refuses, but Nefertiti, Amy and Riddell also teleport to the Doctor's position. Nefertiti is willing to give herself up to save everyone.

Solomon, with his robots and Nefertiti, teleports back to his ship. As they disappear everyone else teleport to the control deck. The Doctor magnetises Solomon's ship so it cannot move away. The Doctor cannot alter the ship's course either - the ship needs two pilots of the same gene chain. Bit he does have Rory and Brian. The Doctor gives them basic instructions and they start to pilot the ship. Rory and Brian are able to turn the ship, but the missiles have already locked on.

The Doctor teleports to Solomon's ship, and whilst Solomon is distracted Nefertiti overpowers him. The Doctor has the beacon from the Silurian ship that the missiles have locked on to. He leaves it on Solomon's ship and releases it. Solomon's ship, with him on board, flies away from the Silurian ship. The missiles follow and destroy the ship.

Regular Cast

  • Amy Pond: Karen Gillan
  • Rory Williams: Arthur Darvill

Guest Cast

  • Riddell: Rupert Graves
  • Brian Williams: Mark Williams
  • Solomon: David Bradley
  • Queen Nefertiti: Riann Steele
  • Indira: Sunetra Sarker
  • Robot 1: Noel Byrne
  • Robot 2: Richard Garaghty
  • Bleytal: Richard Hope
  • ISA Worker: Rudi Dharmalingam
  • Robot 1 Voice: David Mitchell
  • Robot 2 Voice: Robert Webb
  • ISA crew: Champa Morgan, Ying Qin, Narinder Metters, Farzin Gharvy, Azhar Miah, Iestyn Jones
  • Stunt double for the Doctor: Will Willoughby
  • Stunt double for Rory Williams: Rob Cooper
  • Stunt double for Brian Williams: Mike Lambert

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 (HD) 2. Dinosaurs On A Spaceship Saturday, September 8, 2012 7:35 PM - 8:20 PM 7.57M 87

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Outside Locations

  • Church Road, Penarth
  • Southerndown Beach, Beach Road, Dunraven Park