7.1. Asylum Of The Daleks

Series 7 - 2012/2013

Writer: Steven Moffat
Produced by: Marcus Wilson
Director: Nick Hurran
Music: Murray Gold


On Skaro, the Daleks' battle-scarred home planet, a woman sends a message to the Doctor. She says her daughter, Hannah, is being held in a Dalek prison camp. When the Doctor asks why the woman is not in the prison camp she says she escaped. The Doctor doesn't believe her; no-one escapes. The woman is cold to the touch, and the Doctor realises she is a trap. A Dalek eye stalk appears from her head, and she fires on the Doctor.

On Earth Amy is modelling when she is told her husband is waiting. Things have not been going well, and Rory is there with some divorce papers. She signs them, and Rory takes them away. After he leaves a make up assistant is about to help Amy when an eye stalk appears from her head. Outside Rory catches a bus. The bus driver notices him get on, and a few moments later an eyestalk emerges from is head as well.

When Rory and Amy recover they find themseles in a white circular room. There is one window, and through it Amy and Rory can see a fleet of Dalek ships. They realise they are in big trouble when the Doctor enters the room, accompanied by Daleks.

A lift takes them up in to a specal spaceship - the Parliament of the Daleks. The Doctor realises there is no escape and prepares for the worst. He is surprised when the Dalek Prime Minister tells him to 'Save the Daleks'.

Onboard another spaceship a young woman - Oswin Oswald - is recording a log, and barricading herself inside her spaceship. It has been 363 days, and the terror continues. On the plus side she has managed to make another souffle - even if it is burnt and destined for the bin. Outside she can hear Daleks telling her to let them enter.

The Dalek ship arrives at its location, and the Prime Minister speaks with the Doctor. The Prime Minister asks the Doctor what he knows about the Asylum. The Doctor says that legend says the Daleks have a dumping ground where they house the damagaed and battle scarred Daleks - the ones they cannot control. To the Daleks these Daleks are beautiful, and the Daleks can't bring themselves to destroy them.

The Daleks reveal a signal is being received by the Daleks - Carmen: L'amour est un Oiseau Rebelle - from the heart of the Asylum planet. The Doctor tracks back the signal and talks to the sender. The sender is Oswin Oswald - Junior Entertainments Manager - Starship Alaska. She says she has been there a year, and the crew are missing. For a year she has been alone, making Souffles. The Doctor has one question: where did she get the milk?

The starliner has crashed into the planet. If something can get it then everything could get out. The planet is protected by a force-field meaning it cannot be destroyed. It can only be turned off from the inside. The Daleks are too scared to go in and so they will fire the Predator of the Daleks (the doctor) at the planet instead. The Doctor, and his companions, are given wrist bands that will protect them from the nano-cloud and they fired towards the Asylum planet.

They land on a snowtopped mountain range. One of the starliner's crew, Harvey, out on the surface, sees Amy land. He goes to help, but she gets up and starts looking for the Doctor and Rory.

The Doctor revives and is spotted by a Dalek camera. A few seconds later he hears Carmen. Oswin is controlling the Dalek tech and is watching, and communicating, through the camera. A few seconds later Amy and Harvey arrive. Realising Rory is not there they go off to look for him.

They don't find rory, but do find a shaft. Rory is at the bottom, and when he wakes finds himself in a room of inert, dusty, old, broken Daleks.

On the surface Harvey says he is from an escape pod, and has been there for two days. They are from the same ship, but Oswin has been there for nearly a year. Harvey takes the Doctor and Amy back to his escape pod to meet the other members of the crew but they are dea - no more than skeletons. Harvey said he had spoken to them only two hours ago. Harvey tells the Doctor he forgot about the dying part, and an eye stalk emerges from his head. The Doctor uses a fire extinguisher to distract Harvey whilst he and Amy get out of the room to another part.

The Doctor realises it's the wrist band that is protecting them. Without it the nanites will convert anything into Dakek - like they have done with Harvey. The dead crew start turnin into Daleks, and the Doctor and Amy make lock themselves into the cockpit where they can talk to Oswin. The Doctor finds a hatch which leads into the Asylum. On the monitor they can see the dead crew trying to break into the cockpit. One of them has a wrist band. The Doctor still has his, but Amy has lost hers.

Inside the Asylum Rory is looking around and exaines on of the Daleks. He accidentally knocks a piece of metal, and the sound starts to wake up the Daleks. Rory runs as the Daleks that have working armaments start firing. He hears Oswin telling him which way to run, and he makes it out of the room into a corridor as the door closes. Oswin opens doors for Rory leading him to a safe room.

Amy wants to know what will happen to her. The Doctor tells her that nanogenes will start re-writing her, but other effects will happen first, such as memory loss - as he tells her for the fourth time. Owsin helps the Doctor by providing him with a map. Whilst he is not watching Amy starts to hallucinate and thinks she sees a room full of people - when in fact she is in a room full of Daleks. The Doctor gets her out and a Dalek follows them. It tries to fire but has no power. Its standing order is to kill the Doctor. The only way it can do that is to self-destruct. As the timer starts the Doctor sends the Dalek into reserves and directs it back into the room with the Daleks where the explosion destroys them.

Rory emerges from the room he was in and asks Oswin who killed all the Daleks... when the Doctor emerges - carrying Amy. Oswin thinks Amy is beginning to change psychologically, and the Doctor asks why she has not been changed. The Doctor is still wondering how a junior entertainments manager, even after a year, is able to hack into Dalek technology. And also where is she getting the milk for the souffles?

The Doctor knows that as soon as he turns off the force-field the Daleks will destroy the planet - with him in it. There is a teleport, and Oswin says she can drop the force-field from where she is. Oswin sends the Doctor a map so he can go and get her so they can all teleport off and back to the Dalek ship when the force-field is dropped.

As the Doctor goes to help Oswin Rory offers to give Amy his wrist band. Owsin said that to make a Dalek they subtract love. If Rory gives Amy his wrist band it will buy them time - as he loves her more than she loves him. When Rory tries to give Amy his wrist band he finds she already has one - the Doctors. The whole conversation was the Doctor getting them back together.

The Doctor is around 20 feet away from Oswin, but the bad news is he is about to pass through intensive care. They are survivors of different conflicts - they survived an encounter with the Doctor. Oswin is in a room with a locked door. Owsin tries to open the door but instead releases more Daleks. Oswin can't get the door open, but instead hacks into the 'Path Web' - a form of hive mind - and deletes all references to the Doctor. She makes them forget who he is.

A few moments later the door to Oswin opens. Oswin can see the Doctor, but is wondering why he doesn't rescue her. What Oswin thinks is real is actually a dream. Oswin is in fact a Dalek. The Doctor had his suspicions when he was wondering where she was getting the eggs and the milk for the souffles.

Oswin still, mentally, insists she is human. She takes down the force-field and the Daleks start firing on the planet. Amy and Rory are still waiting for the Doctor. The Doctor is able to teleport them back into the TARDIS. On the spaceship the Doctor is ready to taunt the Daleks, but they have no idea who he is - Oswin managed to make all the Daleks forget.

Regular Cast

  • Amy Pond: Karen Gillan
  • Rory Williams: Arthur Darvill

Guest Cast

  • Oswin Oswald: Jenna-Louise Coleman
  • Darla: Anamaria Marica
  • Cassandra: Naomi Ryan
  • Harvey: David Gyasi
  • Voice of the Daleks: Nicholas Briggs
  • Dalek 1: Barnaby Edwards
  • Dalek 2: Nicholas Pegg
  • Photograper: David Stock
  • Stylist: Laine Rose
  • Bus driver: Peter Rawdanowicz
  • Driving double for the bus driver: David Brundrit
  • Dalek Humans: Adrian Brown, Robin Brown
  • Dalek operators: Harry Burt, Matthew Doman, Chester Durrant, Jeremy Harvey, Richard Husband, Claudio Laurini, Richard Knott, Mickey Lewis, Gwion Ap Rhisiart, Alistair Sanderson, Richard Roberts, Jon Davey, Mark Baron Hill, Dominic Kynaston, Darren Swain
  • Skeletons: Mickey Lewis, Richard Roberts, Tristan Lloyd, John Ninnis, Alistair Sanderson
  • Woman in ball gown: Marina Baibara
  • Formally dressed woman: Catrin O'Neill
  • Formally dressed men: Harry Burt, Gwion Ap Rhisiart
  • Business man/Dalek operator: Tony Evans
  • Man in dinner suit: Richard Knott
  • Ballerina: Lucy Edwards

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 (HD) 1. Asylum Of The Daleks Saturday, September 1, 2012 7:20 PM - 8:10 PM 8.33M 89

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  • Upper Boat Studios: Studio 1+2
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  • Upper Boat Studios: Studio 6

Outside Locations

  • BBC Roath Lock Studios: Exterior
  • Bristol University / Royal Fort House, Tyndall Avenue, Bristol
  • Bute Esplanade, Cardiff Bay
  • Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff Bay
  • Sierra Nevada National Park, Almeria, Spain


Future companion Jenna-Louise Coleman stars as Oswin Oswald.