Matt Smith
Eleventh Doctor
2010 - 2013

The Doctor: Imagine that. Human souls trapped like flies in the world wide web. Stuck forever, crying out for help.
Clara: Isn't that basically Twitter?

The Eleventh Doctor and Clara.


From 1965 in most years there has been an annual produced featuring the Doctor of the time containing behind the scenes facts, puzzles, and stories.

Doctor Who The Official Annual 2012 Featuring the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory

Published: 2011 BBC Children's Books
No. of pages: 60
Comic Strip Stories
The House of Lights
Snow White and the Seven Keys to Doomsday
Attack of the 50ft Rory
The Legend Continues...
Eleven Things You Didn't Know About the Eleventh Doctor
Did You Know...?
The Real Apollo Missions
The Impossible Astronaut
Recurring Nightmares
The TARDIS Archives
'Do Fish Have Fingers?'
Letter Home
The Intergalactic Book of Records
Word Swirl
The Silence
The Doctionary
Double Trouble
The Siren's Call
Find the Flesh
Double the Fun
Amy's Escapade
Rory's Adventure

Doctor Who The Official Annual 2013 Featuring the Eleventh Doctor

Published: 2012 BBC Children's Books
No. of pages: 61
Comic Strip Stories
The Zentrabot Invasion
The Tomb of Shemura
Back into the Shadows...
Servants of the Silence!
Mel's Diary
Toybox Terrors!
Teselecta Data Bank
Spot the Difference
Guess Who?
Secrets of the TARDIS
The Doctor's Army
Welcome to Nightmare Hotel
Peg Doll Mash-Up!
The Cyber Files
The Eleventh Doctor Super-Quiz
The Life and Times of River Song
Forest of Fear
Escape from the Silence!
Dorium's Prophecy
Lorna's Escape

Doctor Who The Official 50th Anniversary Annual Featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Clara

Published: 2013 BBC Children's Books
No. of pages: 61
Comic Strip Stories
The Door to a Winter Long Ago
Night Light
50 Years of Doctor Who
The Doctor's Diary
Monster Hunt!
Smaller on the Outside
Bigger on the Inside
50 Amazing Facts About the Doctor!
50 Years of Monsters!
Angel Attack!
Nano-cloud Danger!
Who's Who? Fifty years of the Doctor!
That Impossible Girl
Spot the Difference
The Great Intelligence
The Ice Warriors
The Cybermen
The Big Quiz!
Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
The Fifty-Year Delay