13.2. War Of The Sontarans

Series 13 - 2021 (Flux)

Writer: Chris Chibnall
Co-Executive Producer: Nikki Wilson
Director: Jamie Magnus Stone
Music: Segun Akinola


With the TARDIS being chased by the Flux in a dream the Doctor and she sees an old, rickety, house floating above a lake. When she awakes she finds herself in the aftermath of a battle. Yaz, Dan, and the TARDIS, are close by. Neither Yaz or Dan know how they have come to be on the battlefield. Whilst trying to work out where they are a woman approaches thinking they are looting the dead bodies. The Doctor learns they are at Sevastopol during the Crimean War, 1855, and the woman is Mary Seacole. They hide when they hear enemy soldiers. Only the enemy soldiers are Sontarans.

Mary leads the Doctor, Yaz, and Dan, off the battlefield and back to her "British Hotel". Before they go in Yaz and Dan fade away. The Doctor runs back to the TARDIS but the door has disappeared and there is no way in and seeks help from Mary. The "British Hotel" has a bar, and some medical facilities. Mary introduces the Doctor to Lieutenant General Logan. Logan reveals he is planning to battle the Sontarans, and the Doctor tries to argue against any attack. When Logan tells the Doctor that the Sontarans have always been on Earth she looks at maps and finds Russia has been replaced with Sontar. When Logan gets annoyed at the Doctor Seacole leads her to some of the wounded. Seacole explains she helps all comers: including an injured Sontaran.

At first Svild refuses to answer when the Doctor asks where the Sontaran encampment is located. The Doctor, concealing her identity, tells Svild that she knows that the Doctor is in Crimea, and that she is prepared to give information about the Doctor's location to the Sontaran Commander. The Doctor release Svild to relay the message to the Sontaran Commander. She and Seacole then follow Svild to the Sontarans encampment. Svild appears to walk through a cliff face - through a camouflage shield. The Doctor leads Seacole through the shield where they can see several Sontaran ships and thousands of Sontaran troops. The Doctor leaves Seacole to observe the encampment whilst she arranges a parlay with the commander - Skaak.

Skaak tells the Doctor that whilst the Flux is not their doing they took advantage and invaded seconds before the Lupari shield took affect. The Doctor delivers an ultimatum: Leave now and they can leave alive. When Logan arrives the Doctor is escorted off the battlefield as battle breaks out between Sontarans and humans. The Doctor escapes from her escort, reunites with Seacole, and takes a look inside the Sontarans ships now they are empty.

Dan finds himself transported forward back home to Liverpool where he finds his a gap where his house used to be. All seems to be normal - apart from the giant spaceship sat above Anfield stadium. Moments later he is fired at by a Sontaran squad for breaching curfew. Dan runs down a back alley pursued by two Sontarans. When they stop firing he looks: his Mum and Dad appear armed with a frying pan and a wok. They knocked out the Sontarans by striking their probic vents. Hiding from other Sontarans patrols Dan learns the Sontarans appeared on the day he disappeared - after a three minute eclipse.

Dan's parents takes Dan to the docks where Sontarans first appeared before they spread around the world. Dan tells them to leave whilst he investigates. Dan's Dad leaves him the wok. As Dan sneaks through the Sontaran command he seems Commander Ritskaw, of Sontaran Temporal Command, order the execution of three people. Dan starts filming and manages to get into one of the Sontaran ships. Inside a command centre he presses switches and forms a video link to the ship the Doctor is inside in the Crimea. The Doctor is able to use the Sontaran equipment to see the video on Dan's phone. The Doctor realises the Sontarans are planning a temporal offensive. Liverpool is the starting point, and the Crimea is the first test. She tells Dan he has to stop the first wave of temporal ships from leaving before the transmission is cut.

Moments later a group of Sontarans appear and aim at Dan, before Karvanista appears and kills them before taking off in the Sontaran ship to use as a battering ram. Dan and Karvanista manage to escape through an escape shute just before the ship rams into the compound.

In Sevastopol only Logan survived the battle. The Doctor, with Logan and Seacole, plans to attack the Sontarans whilst they are in their rest cycle. The plan is to drain away the Sontarans' energy forcing the to retreat to the 21st century. But after draining the Sontaran energy Logan uses explosives to ignite it destroying all the Sontaran ships. The Doctor returns to the TARDIS which lets her inside to pick up Dan to search for Yaz.

Across the galaxy Vinder, who escaped from a space station destroyed by the Flux, awakes in the Temple of Atropos. A priest triangle drone keeps asking him if he can repair. Vinder follows the priest triangle to an inner temple where Mouri guardians have been compromised after a Flux event. As Vinder steps on a dais Mouri guardians appear. Two have burned out.

Yaz finds herself in the same temple where she meets Joseph Williamson, who believes he is in the year 1820. As Williamson leaves the priest triangle appears asking Yaz if she can repair. She is led to the inner temple where she finds Vinder. Neither knows how to repair, and after talking both learn they have been affected by the flux. Vinder asks the priest triangle to explain Mouri and Temple of Atropos to Yaz. The priest triangle says the Mouri maintain the Temple of Atropos on the planet of Time. It says all time runs through the Temple, and that if the Mouri are broken time shall run unstoppable leading to uncontrolled destruction.

As Yaz and Vinder look at the dais three more people arrive at the temple: Swarm, Azure, and Passenger. After a previous encounter the Mouri guardians were quantum-locked against Azure and Swarm, but they appear when Vinder steps on the dais. Swarm touches one of the guardians and it's particles are dissipated. 

When the TARDIS arrives at the Temple of Atropos the Doctor and Dan meet Azure who leads them to the inner temple. The inner temple is crumbling, and when Dan steps on the dais the guardians appear. Swarm explains that time is starting to run wild, and that could really harm the TARDIS. Swarm says he made a short term repair, and two more guardians appear: Yaz and Vinder. As Azure starts counting down Swarm asks the Doctor how long she thinks Yaz and Vinder will last when the full force of time flows through them.

Regular Cast

  • Yasmin Khan: Mandip Gill
  • Dan Lewis: John Bishop

Guest Cast

  • Skaak / Sontaran Commander Riskaw: Jonathan Watson
  • Mary Seacole: Sara Powell
  • Vinder: Jacob Anderson
  • Eileen: Sue Jenkins
  • Neville: Paul Broughton
  • Joseph Williamson: Steve Oram
  • General Logan: Gerald Kyle
  • Svild: Dan Starkey
  • Swarm: Sam Spruell
  • Azure: Rochenda Sandall
  • Karvanista: Craige Els (credited as Craig Els)
  • Passenger: Jonny Mathers
  • Priest Triangle: Nigel Richard Lambert

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 (HD) 2. War Of The Sontarans Sunday, November 7, 2021 6:10 PM - 7:10 PM 5.13M 77

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