13.9. The Power Of The Doctor

Series 13 - 2021 (Flux)

Writer: Chris Chibnall
Co-Executive Producer: Nikki Wilson
Director: Jamie Magnus Stone
Music: Segun Akinola


Deep in space a train from the Toraki Transport Network is under attack by Cybermen. The Doctor responds to the distress call. The TARDIS cannot materialise inside the train so the TARDIS materialises above the train and the Doctor, Yaz, and Dan, climb down a ladder to the roof, and make their way inside where the Doctor gets the train under control. The marshals on the train have a priority to protect the cargo, but the Cybermen manage to steal it: a young girl.

The Doctor returns Dan back to Liverpool in time for a date - and Dan tells the Doctor that she does not need to return for him. Despite having a wonderful time he decides the Doctor's lifestyle doesn't suit him. The Doctor, not one for goodbyes, goes back into the TARDIS where she received a message from a Dalek with information that is critical to the future of both humans and Daleks. The Dalek tells the Doctor there is an imminent Dalek incursion of Earth and that it can help the Doctor destroy the Daleks. The Dalek ends the transmission just before Yaz enters the TARDIS.

The TARDIS locks onto the trace of the child cargo from the space train: Earth, 1916. There is also an extra planet in Earth's solar system.

Siberia, 1916: Father Girgori is summoned to the Winter Palace by the Tsarina after the Tsarevich is taken ill. In St. Petersburg Father Grigori, also known as Rasputin, meets with Tsarina. The Tsar is struggling with the war and Rasputin tells the Tsar to take his family on a long holiday whilst he looks after the Winter Palace.

At the same time the Doctor materialises the TARDIS on the planet where she immediately recognises Cyber technology. Also on the planet is another TARDIS - disguised as a Police Box. Inside the Doctor sees the TARDIS has been connected to the centre of the planet. The TARDIS is also powering a cloaking shield. When deactivated the Doctor and Yaz see the child cargo chained in the air. The child is another layer of the shield, and once deactivated the Doctor reveals another creature, a source of energy, a Qurunx.

Escaping from Cybermen on the surface inside the TARDIS the Doctor and Yaz receive an urgent message from Kate Stewart at UNIT. After the TARDIS leaves Vinder, tracing the Qurunx, crash lands on the Cyber planet. He sees the second TARDIS and, using an old phone left from his previous encounter with the Doctor, contacts the TARDIS.

London, 2022: In a gallery Ace, a former companion of the Doctor, is curious about a missing painting. The Curator tells Ace the painting has been taken down for maintenance, even though the painting had only been restored two years earlier. Ace contacts Tegan, another former companion of the Doctor, and tells her that 15 paintings have mysteriously been taken down for maintenance. Tegan is in Romania investigating a volcanic chain where three seismologists last seen investigating a nearby earthquake.

Tegan also tells Ace that when she arrived in Romania there was a package containing a miniature Cyberman doll and a message - from the Doctor.

At UNIT HQ Kate leads the Doctor to an awkward reunion with Ace and Tegan. Kate tells the Doctor about the missing paintings that had been taken out of public view as they had all been defaced with the face of Rasputin - otherwise known as the Master. The Master hijacks a video screen and gives the Doctor his location - a seismology conference near Mount Vesuvius. While Kate contacts the UNIT Naples office the Doctor taps Ace and Tegan on the shoulder, and gives them static shocks, before disappearing with Yaz.

The Doctor takes Yaz in the TARDIS to Naples where, with the help of UNIT troops, the Doctor and Yaz transport the Master back to London UNIT HQ where Kate has him locked a bunker. Upstairs at UNIT HQ Tegan and Ace watch the Master on a monitor. As the Master appears on screen the Cyber doll Tegan has starts to grow in size. The Master tells Tegan that he sent her the doll. Once restored to full size the doll opens and an army of Cybermen emerges - and the damaged Cyberman Ashad. Ace and Tegan run as the Cybermen start to attack, and Ashad makes his way to the bunker to free the Master.

The Doctor and Yaz disappear in the TARDIS. The Doctor heads to meet the Dalek inside a volcano in Bolivia. There is a good chance it is a trap, but if there is a chance that she can stop all the Daleks forever it's a risk the Doctor feels she has to take. The Doctor and Yaz take separate routes, and while the Doctor meets with the Dalek Yaz finds a group of Daleks testing machinery. Yaz gets back to the Doctor in time to see her surrounded by a group of Daleks. The Daleks had allowed the *traitor* Dalek to contact the Doctor and lure her to the Dalek operations. The Daleks exterminate the traitor and teleport the Doctor to the Winter Palace in 1916 - leaving Yaz alone.

In the Winter Palace the Doctor is met by the Master, dressed as Rasputin, and Daleks and Cybermen, united in their hatred of the Doctor. The Master tells the Doctor that when he destroyed Gallifrey he ransacked it - and amongst that was a machine that could force regenerate a Time Lords. It would require a lot of power - and that's where the Cyber planet and the Qurunx come in useful.

Alone in the TARDIS Yaz tries to operate the controls, and resorts to talking to the TARDIS. She receives the message from Vinder, but also receives a message from the Master. She can see the Doctor trapped in a glass box as the Master enters a second box. As the machine activates the Doctor is forced to regenerate - into the Master. The TARDIS materialises in the Winter Palace and Yaz confronts the Master, now the Doctor. The Master takes the TARDIS, and Yaz, although the TARDIS is not happy to be controlled by the Master until he threatens it with exile in a black hole. The Master tells Yaz he plans to let the Earth become a foundry for Daleks and Cybermen whilst he tarnishes the name of the Doctor.

The Thirteenth Doctor hasn't quite let go of her regeneration, and ends up in The Edge of Existence where she speaks with vestiges of her consciousness manifested as the first, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth, renegerations. The previous Doctors tell the Thirteenth Doctor that time is running out to stop the Master permanently hijacking their existence.

The TARDIS materialises on an asteroid where the Master, who has changed his outfit to an amalgamation of the outfits worn by previous regenerations of the Doctor, can view Earth and the Cyber planet in conflict. When a news drone appears the Master tells it he is the Doctor - and he caused everything. Yaz pushes the Master and de-materialises the TARDIS, leaving the Master stranded. Inside the TARDIS the Doctor appears as an AI hologram that can adapt to whoever it is interacting with. The AI Doctor tells Yaz that she has implanted a receiver and passed it off as static electricity. With the Doctor's guidance the TARDIS materialises on the Cyber planet where Yaz meets up with Vinder.

In UNIT HQ, with the building overrun by Cybermen, Ace and Tegan head to the roof with a pair of parachutes. Once on the roof Tegan tells Ace that the she needs to make amends for bringing the Cybermen into UNIT. She leaves Ace on the roof and heads back inside to Kate whilst the Cybermen start to convert the UNIT troops. Kate tells Tegan she plans to destroy the building and leave the Cybermen, and everyone else, entombed inside.

As Ace parachutes off the building the TARDIS materialises in her path. Yaz uses the TARDIS to drop Ace in the Bolivian volcano to attack the Daleks whilst she returns for the Master. As the Master takes over the TARDIS Vinder watches from behind a pillar. The Master takes Yaz back to the Winter Palace where he orders the Daleks to start de-stabilising volcanoes across the world. Yaz has prepared a surprise for the Master - and he is surprised when the fugitive Doctor causally walks into the room. Cybermen surround her and fire on the Master's orders. They are killed in the crossfire as their lasers shoot through a hologram. When Vinder pulls a gun on the Master Yaz tells him to get back in the regeneration machine. As the Cybermen start to regenerate the energy powers the machine and reverses the regeneration - separating the Master from the Doctor.

In UNIT HQ, to give Tegan more time, Kate surrenders to the Cybermen, on the condition that Ashad releases all the UNIT troops. At the same time Tegan makes her way to the basement, avoiding Cybermen. She is startled by the appearance of the AI Doctor which appears to her as the fifth Doctor. As the Cybermen start to convert Kate Tegan reaches the controls of the Cyber conversion units. The AI Doctor helps Tegan reroute the power, and the power is redirected into the Cybermen.

In the Bolivian volcano Ace is met by the AI Doctor appearing as the seventh Doctor. When she jumps out to confront a Dalek she meets Graham O'Brien. Graham has some psychic paper that announces to Ace that Graham is a friend of the Doctor. Between them they set-up some of Ace's Nitro-9 explosives and run (the timers need work). Graham and Ace enter the just materialised TARDIS as the Nitro-9 explodes.

Around the same time Kate and Tegan make it out of UNIT HQ is it, too, explodes. The TARDIS arrives and collects Tegan and Kate. With enough people to properly operate the TARDIS the Doctor takes Vinder back to his ship on the Cyber planet. She fixes his ship then enters the Master's TARDIS that is still on the surface. The Doctor contacts her TARDIS and tells her companions to activate the controls to jump-start the Master's TARDIS. The two TARDISes are able to move the Cyber planet from 1916 to 2022 where the Doctor is able to freeze the volcanoes that were erupting due to the Daleks.

Finally the Doctor asks the Qurunx to destroy the Cyber planet and free itself. When the Master appears he activates a control that causes the Qurunx to strike the Doctor. Yaz rescues her and takes her into the TARDIS as the planet is destroyed. While the Doctor is unconscious Yaz manages to return everyone else to their homes. Soon after the Doctor regains consciousness the regeneration process starts. The Doctor takes Yaz back to Sheffield before landing on a cliff top where she regenerates - into the fully clothed body of the Tenth Doctor.

Regular Cast

  • Yasmin Khan: Mandip Gill
  • Dan Lewis: John Bishop

Guest Cast

  • The Doctor: David Bradley, Colin Baker, Peter Davison, Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy, Jo Martin, and David Tennant
  • The Master: Sacha Dhawan
  • Ace: Sophie Aldred
  • Tegan: Janet Fielding
  • Kate Stewart: Jemma Redgrave
  • Vinder: Jacob Anderson
  • Graham: Bradley Walsh
  • Ashad: Patrick O'Kane
  • Deputy Marshal Arnhost: Joe Sims
  • Train Marshal Halaz: Sanchia McCormack
  • Curator: Danielle Bjelic
  • Alexandra: Anna Andresen
  • Nicholas: Richard Dempsey
  • Messenger: Jos Slovick
  • Voice of the Daleks and Cybermen: NIcholas Briggs
  • Dalek Operators: Barnaby Edwards, Nicholas Pegg
  • Cybermen: Simon Carew, Jon Davey, Chester Durrant, Mickey Lewis, Felix Young, Richard Price, Andrew Cross, Matt Doman
  • Melanie Bush: Bonnie Langford
  • Jo Jones: Katy Manning
  • Ian Chesterton: William Russell

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 (HD) 1. The Power Of The Doctor Sunday, October 23, 2022 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM 5.3M

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