11.9. It Takes You Away

Series 11 - 2018

Writer: Ed Hime
Series Producer: Nikki Wilson
Director: Jamie Childs
Music: Segun Akinola


The TARDIS materialises in a forest in Norway, winter 2018. Whilst admiring the view Ryan notices a cottage. It seems deserted, and the Doctor and her gang take a closer look. When they get closer they notice wood panels nailed on the outside - as thought the cottage has been barricaded.

Ryan notices someone inside, and the Doctor knocks on the cottage door. With no answer the Doctor gains entry using the sonic screwdriver. Whilst checking the house Ryan, hearing a noise, opens a wardrobe he finds a young girl inside. They take the girl, Hanne, who is blind, down tp the kitchen where Graham offers her a sandwich that he carries around for emergencies.

The Doctor asks Hanne what has made her scared. Hanne says "the thing" got into the house and took her father, and asks for the Doctor's help to find him. Hanne leads them outside, and Ryan asks if maybe her father just left, and Hanne snaps back that her father would never do that. Yaz tries to calm Hanne down and asks about her mother; Hanne said she died, and that hit her and her father hard.

Hanne checks her watch and warns the Doctor about the thing, saying it comes out about the same time each day. The Doctor and Graham go inside with Hanne whilst Ryan and Yaz check the area for the thing. Inside Hanne tells the Doctor that it was her father who barricaded the house the day before he disappeared. Outside they hear a roar, and Yaz and Ryan quickly join the Doctor and Graham inside the house. The Doctor asks her gang to secure the house while she comforts Hanne, who is hiding under a table, chanting "It takes you away".

Upstairs Graham and Ryan find an odd mirror; it's reflecting the room, but not them. Graham touches the mirror and his hand goes through it. When the Doctor arrives she leans into the mirror. Yaz and Hanne hear the noise and join the others. The Doctor says she wants to go through the portal, and everyone else wants to go as well. The Doctor tells Hanne to stay behind with Ryan, and she leaves a message on the wall for Ryan that Hanne can't see. 

Behind the mirror is barely lit rock tunnel. Around a corner there is a red light and a person, Ribbons. When Ribbons sees the Doctor's sonic screwdriver he is prepared to trade information about Hanne's father, Erik, and also the lantern that is lighting the area. The Doctor tells Ribbons to show them where Erik went. Ribbons takes them round different tunnels to confuse them. He tells them in the darkness are Flesh moths, and only the lantern is keeping them safe. When the lantern goes out Ribbons tries to grab the sonic screwdriver and is attacked. Taking the chance the Doctor, Yaz, and Graham, run towards a light. They exit through a portal back into the cottage, but things have been moved around. Scanning the area the Doctor realises they have exited through a different portal.

Investigating the second cottage the Doctor, Yaz, and Graham, find Erik downstairs making breakfast. He assures them his daughter is safe. He tells them he set up the noise and barricaded the house to stop her leaving. The Doctor notices there are two plates; there's someone else in the cottage. That's when Trine, Erik's wife, introduces herself. Trine should be dead, and she remembers dying, but somehow she can exist in the second cottage. Trine has tried, but she is unable to leave.

Graham thinks Erik has got his priorities wrong and says they should leave. That when Trine tells him about the new visitor. Outside, in the garden, is Grace. Graham doesn't believe it's possible for her to be there, but she knows all about a necklace that Grace had. Leaving Graham with Grace the Doctor and Yaz return to the portal mirror. The Doctor tells Yaz about a myth she was told about the Solitract. She tells Yaz that in the beginning all the elements that make up the universe were present, but they couldn't make the universe because the Solitract, a conscious energy, was there. The universe cannot work if there is Solitract energy in it. Tne universe separated the Solitract energy to its own plane. Worried it sounds like a trap the Doctor tells Graham they are all leaving. 

In the anti-zone between the cottages Hanne, having slipped away from Ryan, is slowly making progress when she is told to stop by Ryan before she can trip over the body of Ribbons. Finding a second lantern Ryan leads Hanne out of the anti-zone, avoiding the Flesh moths. Hanne makes it into the Solitract cottage, but Ryan is trapped. Inside the cottage Hanne hears her mother, but as Trine hugs her Hanne realises it is not her mother. The Doctor realises the Solitract have built a copy of Norway because it wants to be with the real universe, and is reluctant to let them leave - even though their prescence is destabilising the Solitract plane. When threatened Trine fires energy at Yaz throwing her into the anti-zone. When Hanne tries to get her father to return Trine also throws her into the anti-zone.

The Doctor tries to presuade Graham to leave, but he can't face leaving Grace again. But when Graham mentions Ryan, Grace tells him Ryan will be fine. That's all Graham needs to realise this isn't really Grace, as she would never let Graham leave Ryan in danger. Grace sends Graham back, and disappears. With just Erik and the Doctor left Trine won't send Erik away. But with the Solitract place collapsing the Doctor persuades Trine to send Erik back and keep her, as with all her memories she is a better person to keep.

When only the Doctor remains Trine and the house disappear, leaving the Doctor in a brightly lit room. All that remains is a chair, and a frog that sounds like Grace. (Grace likes frogs.) The Solitract asks the Doctor to tell it about her universe. The Solitract wants the Doctor to stay, but the Solitract place is still destabilising. Reluctantly the Solitract sends the Doctor back into the anti-zone. Erik, Hanne, Yaz, Ryan, Graham, and the Doctor, make it back to the cottage before the anti-zone destabilises and collapses.

Regular Cast

  • Graham O'Brien: Bradley Walsh
  • Ryan Sinclair: Tosin Cole
  • Yasmin Khan: Mandip Gill

Guest Cast

  • Grace O'Brien: Sharon D. Clarke
  • Hanne: Eleanor Wallwork
  • Ribbons: Kevin Eldon
  • Erik: Christian Rubeck
  • Trine: Lisa Stokes

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 (HD) 9. It Takes You Away Sunday, December 2, 2018 6:30 PM - 7:20 PM 6.24M 80

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