Jodie Whittaker - Thirteenth Doctor

2017 - 2020

Doctor: Why are you calling me madam?
Yaz: Because you're a woman.
Doctor: Am I? Does it suit me?
Yaz: What?
Doctor: Oh, yeah! I remember. Sorry, half an hour ago I was a white-haired Scotsman.

Thirteenth Doctor and Yasmin Kahn

Doctor Who The Official Annual 2019 featuring the Thirteenth Doctor, Yaz, Graham, and Ryan

Published: 2018 BBC Children's Books
Number of Pages: 61

Comic Strip Stories

  • Where's The Doctor? Part 1
  • Where's The Doctor? Part 2


  • Into the TARDIS
  • Meet Graham
  • Meet Ryan
  • Meet Yasmin
  • TARDIS Twins
  • The Adventure Begins
  • The Doctor Falls
  • The Eighth Doctor
  • The Eleventh Doctor
  • The Fifth Doctor
  • The First Doctor
  • The Fourth Doctor
  • The Ninth Doctor
  • The Second Doctor
  • The Seventh Doctor
  • The Sixth Doctor
  • The Tenth Doctor
  • The Third Doctor
  • The Thirteenth Doctor
  • The Twelfth Doctor
  • The Warrior
  • Time Twisted