11. Utopia

Series 3 - 2007

Writer: Russell T. Davies
Produced by: Phil Collinson
Director: Graeme Harper
Music: Murray Gold


The TARDIS materialises in Cardiff to refill the TARDIS using energy from the rift. Seeing the TARDIS Captain Jack Harkness rushes to it and clings on as it de-materialises and rushes through the vortex to the end of the Universe - the 100 trillion.

On a planet at the end of the Universe humans are being hunted by the natives - Futurekind. Professor Yana is developing a rocket that will take the humans in the Silo to Utopia. On a scanner in the Professor's laboratory a strange box has been detected.

The Doctor is nervous about where they have landed, but has to go and investigate. Martha immediately rushes to the side of a dead body. Jack immediately starts flirting with Martha when he reawakens. Jack and the Doctor start to catch up when they come across and abandoned conglomeration. They see a human being hunted and intervene. Jack fires into the air which scares the hunters. The man leads the Doctor, Martha and Jack to the Silo. They are told to show their teeth before being allowed in.

The Doctor, being a scientist, is of interest to Professor Yana, whilst the man looks for his family. The Silo is little more than a refugee camp. The Doctor opens a door and sees the rocket that is supposed to take the humans to Utopia, and meets Professor Yana.

In the laboratory the Professor shows the Doctor his equipment, whilst Martha and Jack meet Chantho. The Doctor looks at the system, but hasn't got any idea how the system works. Professor Yana shows the Doctor where he thinks Utopia lies. The Doctor asks if the Professor is all right, as he seems to be suffering from severe headaches.

Although the Doctor does not exactly understand the system the principles are the same, and a quick blast from the sonic screwdriver has everything working, and the rocket ready for boarding. After looking at the system the Doctor realises that the rocket has to be launched manually; Professor Yana was going to stay behind, meaning Chantho would also.

When a voice announces they have retrieved the TARDIS the Doctor offers the Professor a way out. The Doctor connects the TARDIS power to the systems. All that remains is for the couplings to be connected for launch. The room housing the couplings is filled with Stet radiation.

A Futurekind is in the camp and sabotages machinery. The radiation levels in the coupling room rise, and the man inside is killed. There is only one man who can enter the room – the indestructible Captain Jack Harkness.

Jack enters the room and starts connecting the couplings. Whist the Doctor and Jack talk about time travel and the TARDIS, Professor Yana starts to unearth hidden memories. When he draws out a pocket watch Martha is worried. She makes an excuse and goes to see the Doctor.

Jack completes the couplings and the launch is started. As the Doctor starts the launch Martha tells him about the watch. The Futurekind watch as the rocket launches.

As the rocket launches Professor Yana opens the watch. After the rocket launches the Professor unlocks the Silo, allowing the Futurekind inside. Chantho tries to get the Professor to stop by pointing a gun at him. The Professor turns on her with a live electrical cable. He reveals his name as he electrocutes Chanto – he is The Master.

The Master prepares to steal the Doctor's TARDIS, and is shot by a dying Chantho. The Doctor, Martha and Jack make it back to the laboratory, but the Master has locked the TARDIS with him inside.

Dying, the Master regenerates. The newly regenerated Master steals the TARDIS, leaving the Doctor, Martha and Jack trapped in the laboratory with the Futurekind trying to break in.

Regular Cast

  • Martha Jones: Freema Agyeman
  • Captain Jack Harkness: John Barrowman

Guest Cast

  • Professor Yana: Derek Jacobi
  • Chantho: Chippo Chung
  • Padra: Rene Zagger
  • Lieutenant Atillo: Neil Reidman
  • Chieftain: Paul Marc Davies
  • Guard: Robert Forknall
  • Creet: John Bell
  • Kistane: Deborah Maclaren
  • Wiry Woman: Abigail Canton
  • The Master: John Simm
  • Passers-by: Rhianwen Baily, Adam Moore, Mike Wiley
  • Futurekind: Ken Hosking,Chester Durrant, Rauri Mears, Jon Childs, Alan Wadlam, Kris Williams, Edd Flemming, Robert O'Neil, Mark Early, Rick Manning, Liam Taborn, Natalie Cuzner, Maddi Knibbs, Cath McGowan, Elen Thomas
  • Guards: Lloyd Everitt, Owen Prentice, Ian Newbury, Robert Price, William Adrian
  • Refugees: John Blackwood, Adam Chilvers, Darren Clarke, Kyle Legal, John Sinclair, Michael Green, John Mallon, David Ulett, Kwesi Gepi Atee, Graham O'Malley, Mike Roberts, Adam Sweet, Shelby Williams, Hopcyn Huw Henry, Alison Clist, Elizabeth Donaho, Jennifer Foubel,Kirsty Frost, Jaleelah Gabraith, Joanna Lawton, Aleeta Morgan, Sadie Reid, Anna Rice, Miriam Akhtar, Keena Anderson, Katie Fin Bar, Angela Bell, Catherine Olding, Frances Vilaydon Pillay, Dertinder Ragazzoli
  • Refugee Children: Amy Jenkins, Sofia Colanasanto, Jonathan Wharton, Lizzie Watkins
  • Guard at Desk: Kristian Arthur
  • Beltone: Adrian Walker
  • Jate: Oliver Hopkins

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 11. Utopia Saturday, June 16, 2007 7:15 PM - 8:00 PM 7.8M 87

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  • Upper Boat Studios, Trefforest

Outside Locations

  • Argoed Quarry, Llansannor, nr. Llanharry
  • Millennium Square, Bute Place, Cardiff Bay
  • Old NEG Glass Site, Trident Park, Glass Avenue, Cardiff Bay
  • Wenvoe Quarry, Cemex UK Ltd., Wenvoe