2. Tooth And Claw

Series 2 - 2006

Writer: Russell T. Davies
Produced by: Phil Collinson
Director: Euros Lyn


Scotland: 1879: A priest and a group of disciples arrive at a manor where, using superhuman powers, they attack the estate's owners and imprison the staff in the cellar along with a crate containing a living being.

The Doctor has set the TARDIS for 1979 to attend a Blockheads concert. The TARDIS misses the target by 100 hundred years and a few hundred miles and materialises in Scotland as Queen Victoria and her armed entourage are passing by on the way to Aberdeen, The Doctor introduces himself as Doctor James McCrimmon. After seeing the Doctor's psychic paper Queen Victoria invites the Doctor and Rose to join them.

The group stops for the night at the home of Sir Robert. Even though Sir Robert's wife is being held hostage he attempts to dissuade Queen Victoria from stopping - even tales of a wolf. No-one suspects anything is wrong, and Sir Robert shows them round before dinner, including a room which includes a large telescope built by his father - a telescope the Doctor is not impressed with.

Later Rose, whilst about to change for dinner, finds a frightened maid in her wardrobe. The maid is Flora who managed to escape the attack. Before Rose and Flora can alert anyone else they are sedated and taken to the cellar.

At dinner the Doctor wants to know more about Sir Robert's wolf story, and is more intrigued when Sirt Robert mentions werewolf. In the basement the light from a full moon has hit the crate, and something is happening to the occupant. Rose organises all the staff who have been chained to the wall. All pulling together they manage to pull the chain from the wall. Hearing a commotion in the cellar the Doctor and Sir Robert rush down to find the staff escaping. The Doctor is in awe when he sets eyes on the werewolf.

Whilst the staff escape into another part of the house the werewolf sets off to find Queen Victoria. The Doctor, with the help of Sir Robert, barricades Queen Victoria, himself, Sir Robert and Rose into a library. For some unknown reason, despite its strength, the werewolf does not try to break in. Looking through the books the Doctor finds out more about the werewolf. Centuries earlier a spacecraft crashed. There was something on board, and this has affected one person in every generation. A bite from the werewolf passes it on to another victim. The aim is to infect someone in power - like Queen Victoria.

The Doctor sees mistletoe on the door, and realises that this, after being worked into the wood panelling, was preventing the werewolf from entering. They are all forced to flee when the glass roof breaks and the werewolf drops in. They make there way to the telescope room. Queen Victoria has been carrying around the Koh-i-noor diamon, one of the biggest diamonds ever. Her husband, Albert, went to Aberdeen every to have it cut, and often stopped with Sir Robert's father.

The Doctor then realises that whilst the monks have laid a trap for Queen Victoria, Prince Albert had laid a trap for the werewolf. When the werewolf breaks into the room, which is not protected by mistletoe, the Doctor and Rose manoeuvre the telescope so it points at the moon. Rather than magnifying the image the lenses magnify the light. When projected through the diamond the werewolf is trapped, and its true form is released. At its request the Doctor intensifies the light, and the creature is banished.

As a reward the Doctor and Rose are knighted, and then banished from the British Empire. Queen Victoria is not amused with what has happened. Queen Victoria announces her intention to set up an institute to investigate these kind of events. In memory of the house she announces the Torchwood Institute.

Regular Cast

  • Rose Tyler: Billie Piper

Guest Cast

  • Queen Victoria: Pauline Collins
  • Father Angelo: Ian Hanmore
  • Lady Isobel: Michelle Duncan
  • Sir Robert: Derek Riddell
  • Captain Reynolds: Jamie Sives
  • Steward: Ron Donache
  • The Host: Tom Smith
  • Flora: Ruthie Milne
  • Monks: Ruari Mears, Marc Llewellyn-Thopmson, Laurence Channon, Andrew Morgan Evans, Sam Stennett, Alessandro Noble, Dave Jennings, Richard Carpenter, Rob Taylor
  • Cart Driver/Monk: Stephen Giffard
  • Farm Hands: Darryl Cross, Pete Newman, John Jones Snr., Adam Sweet, Michael Barry, John Mallon
  • Stunt Double for Steward/Stunt Farm Hand: Tony Van Silva
  • Stunt Monks: Levan Doran, Kai Martin, Rick English
  • Maids: Debbie Reid, Jade Harris Cupit
  • Cook: Suzanne Downs
  • Servants: Dom Kynaston, Paul Strike, Ruari Mears, Laurance Channon
  • Soldiers: Marcus Hobbs, Jonathon Holcroft, Dave Smith, Leighton Haberfield, Les Mason, Tony Was, Geraint Herbert, Brett Langdon
  • Mackeson: Jonny Black, Dave Smith
  • Ramsey: Charles de Paula
  • Footmen: Matt Johnston, Richard Fletcher, Richard Wellesley
  • Carriage Driver: Chris Buckingham
  • Wolf Stand-in: Josh Green
  • Double for Queen Victoria: Colleen Quinn
  • Additional Dialogue Recording: Cameron Jake, Ian Busted, Ronnie McCann, Glenna Morrison, Judith Williams, Marsall Stewart

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 2. Tooth And Claw Saturday, April 22, 2006 7:15 PM - 8:00 PM 9.2M 83

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  • Unit Q2, Newport

Outside Locations

  • Craig-y-Nos, Brecon Road, Pen y Cae
  • Dyffryn Gardens, St. Nicholas, Vale of Glamorgan
  • Headlands School, St. Augustine's Road, Penarth
  • Llansannor Court, Llasannor, Vale of Glamorgan
  • Mounatin Roads, Gelligaer Common, Mythyr
  • Penllyn Castle, Penllyn Cowbridge
  • Treowen Manor, Dingestow, Monmouth