4.10. Midnight

Series 4 - 2008

Writer: Russell T Davies
Produced by: Phil Collinson
Director: Alice Troughton
Music: Murray Gold


Whilst Donna stays behind in a Leisure Palace leisure complex the Doctor takes a trip across the planet Midnight.

The Doctor watches as passengers start to settle down in the Crusader 50 - the craft that will take them across the planet Midnight. The sheilds are lowered until the craft reaches the waterfall Palace. The planet Midnight has no air, and the hostess advises passengers not to touch the external door seals.

The hostess sets of a collection of music, cinema and holographic lighting - until the Doctor's sonic screwdriver puts a stop to it. Even through the entertainment was too much, the passengers wonder what they will do for 4 hours with no entertainment. The Doctor suggests they talk to each other.

Professer Hobbes is researching the planet Midnight. The planet has no history, and before the Leisure Palace company moved in the planet had no life. Due to radiation from an extonic star nothing can survive outside and no-one has ever set foot on Midnight. The Leisure Palace was dropped from orbit, and the Crusader never touches the surface.

When the Crusader comes to a halt the Doctor makes his way to see the cabin. The two pilots do not know what has happened; the craft has just stopped. A distress was sent, and relief craft will take 1 hour to arrive.

The Doctor suggests, while they are waiting, that they should lift the shield and look outside. The cabin glass is made from Finitoglass and should give a couple of minutes protection. As the Crudsader craft never stop, and path is worked out by computer, they are the first people to see the surface, which is made of diamond. Claude thinks he saw a shadow coming towards them before the shields close.

Dee Dee asks the Doctor about the engines, and when the Doctor says the pilots are fixing it the passengers start to panic about the air supply. The Docbintor quietens everyone down, and Dee Dee explains about the air. When there are knocks on the hull people try to come up with reasons - but ulitmately no-one knows what is making the noise. It is impossible for someone to be outside as the radiation would kill them in seconds.

When Biff bangs on one of the doors three times to test the strength, thee knocks are returned as an answer. The Doctor knocks four times and gets four knocks in return. Sky is crying that it is coming for her. As the Doctor goes to help one of the walls buckles and in a shower of sparks the lights go out asnd the power fails.

At the front of the Crusader Sky is sitting amongst upturned seats with her head in her hands. The hostess tries to open the door to the cabin, but it has gone. The Doctor calls out to Sky. When Sky turns round she appears vacant, and stares at each of the passengers, focusing on the Doctor.

She starts to repeat everything that is said - not just by the Doctor but by anyone. No matter what is said Sky is able to repeat it. When all the passengers start talking Sky is still able to repeat.

When the backup power is restored Sky is no longer just repeating - she is repeating at exactly the same time as the speaker. The Doctor moves everyone to the back of the Crusader and asks people not to look at Sky. The hostess suggests that Sky is thrown out - much to the Doctor's disgust. Dee Dee sugests it is possible to do as there is an air seal that lasts six seconds. The passengers are in favour of throwing Sky out, and they start to turn on the Doctor. Biff even suggests throwing the Doctor out.

Jethro tells people to look at Sky. Sky is only repeating what the Doctor says. As the Doctor and Sky are talking, Sky starts to talk first just before the Doctor. The Doctor is copying Sky, but she is saying the Doctor's words. Slowly Sky starts to come back, and the Doctor is repeating. Eventually they separate. The passengers believe Sky has been released, but Dee Dee is not so sure.

Biff starts to drag the Doctor in order to throw him outside. Something inside the Doctor makes him angle his foot round a chair leg as Biff, the Professor and Jethro try to drag the Doctor out. The hostess realises Dee Dee was right, and that Sky was the one still possessed. She opens the door and grabs Sky. Six seconds later they are sucked outside, and the Doctor is released.

Back at the Leisure Palace Donna gives the Doctor a comforting hug.

Regular Cast

  • Donna Noble: Catherine Tate
  • Rose Tyler: Billie Piper

Guest Cast

  • Sky Silvestry: Lesley Sharp
  • Hostess: Rakie Ayola
  • Professor Hobbes: David Troughton
  • Dee Dee Blasco: Ayesha Antoine
  • Val Cane: Lindsey Coulson
  • Biff Cane: Daniel Ryan
  • Jethro Cane: Colin Morgan
  • Driver Joe: Tony Bluto
  • Mechanic Claude: Duane Henry
  • Waiter: Michael Green
  • Crowd/Additional Dialogue Recording: Jane S.R. Kyte-Hunt, Daryl Adcock, Paul Sparrowham, Paul Ganney, Lindsay Hollingsworth, Matthew Jones, Nicholas Lupton, Holly Cracknell, Nicole Casey

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 9. Midnight Saturday, June 14, 2008 7:10 PM - 7:55 PM 8.1M 86

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  • Upper Boat Studios, Treforrest - Studio 6

Outside Locations

  • Dylan's Health Spa, Celtic Manor Resort, Coldra Woodlands, Usk Valley, Newport