12 / 13. The Sound Of Drums / Last Of The Time Lords

Series 3 - 2007

Writer: Russell T. Davies
Produced by: Phil Collinson
Director: Colin Teague
Music: Murray Gold


The Doctor, Martha and Jack arrive on 21st century Earth. With the sonic screwdriver the Doctor is able to reactive Jack's time manipulator and escape the planet the Master left them on.

On a big screen the Master appears – as the new Prime Minister of Britain.

In 10 Downing Street Saxon attends a cabinet meeting, and promptly throws meeting schedules in the air. A minister wants to discuss policy, but Saxon starts to insult the cabinet and starts behaving erratically.

Saxon puts on a gas mask. One of the ministers asks why he is wearing it, just before a fast acting nerve gas kills everyone.

The Doctor, Martha and Jack go back to Martha's room. Martha has one message on her phone where Tish is announcing her new job (at 10 Downing Street), but Martha ignores it. Jack grabs her laptop and starts to show the Doctor about Saxon.

In Downing Street a reporter tries to convince Mrs. Saxon about how Mr. Saxon's past has been invented. Mr. Saxon enters the room, and so do three Toclafane. Mr. and Mrs. Saxon leave the room and leave the reporter to the Toclafane.

Martha and Jack reveal to the Doctor that they were going to vote for Saxon, even though they didn't know any of his policies. On television, Saxon says he has been contacted by an alien species known as the Toclafane. In the message Saxon drops a hint, and the Doctor notices explosives in her room.

They manage to get out just before the room explodes. Martha immediately begins to worry about her family and calls her mum. Her family have been held by Saxon's people, and her dad urges her to run.

Martha drives the Doctor and Jack round to her house in time to see her family being kidnapped. She drives away as they are shot at. Martha contacts her brother, and Saxon interrupts the call.

The Doctor takes the phone and talks to the Master about the Time War and the death of Gallifrey. After the Doctor sees himself on the news they have no choice but to run and hide.

They manage to hole up inside a warehouse. The Doctor begins to explain about Gallifrey and the Master to Martha and Jack. Jack reveals to the Doctor that he works for Torchwood, which does not go down well.

Jack receives an email from the reported killed earlier. Documents relating to the Archangel mobile phone network are attached. Underneath the phone signal is a four beat rhythm – the sound of drums.

The Doctor is able to produce three keys containing a perception filter, allowing them to travel round unnoticed as long as they do nothing to grab attention.

At an airfield the President of the United States meets with Saxon and orders him to hand over power to UNIT. The Doctor, Martha and Jack are in the background watching. The Doctor stops Martha as her family are brought to the airfield.

A meeting has been set on board the UNIT aircraft carrier Valiant. Using Jacks time manipulator they are able to teleport on board. Only this aircraft carrier is not a ship but an flying carrier. On board they find the TARDIS, but the Master has cannibalised the TARDIS to create a paradox machine.

On board the carrier the President, Mr. Saxon and Mrs. Saxon await the arrival of the Toclafane. The Toclafane arrive, but do not accept the President as leader and ask for the Master – and Saxon stands up and commands the Toclafane to kill the President. The Doctor rushes forward to slip his perception filter over the Master, but is stopped by guards. The Master has concentrated Professor Lazarus's machine into a laser screwdriver. When aimed at the Doctor the Master manages to age him by 100 years.

The Master activates the paradox machine and six billion Toclafane descend on the Earth.

All but Martha is free, and the only way to survive is to teleport to Earth.

Over the coming year things get worse on Earth. A message is broadcast into space to warn Earth is entering an extinction phase.

Martha still lives, and is making her way round the world. She meets Tom Milligan on a beach in England. She wants Tom to help her meet Professor Docherty. Martha has become a legend with stories that she can stop the Master.

On board the Valiant Martha's family has been enslaved, Jack is held in chains and tortured, and the Doctor lives in a tent as a toy of the Master. Despite this the Doctor manages to send a signal to everyone.

On Earth Martha still has her perception key that tunes to the same hypnotic field of the Archangel network meaning even the Toclafane can't see her, allowing her to travel the world.

At three o'clock Jack manages to break free, and the Doctor grabs the Master's laser screwdriver. The controls are isomorphic and only work for the Master and the attempt by the Doctor to stop the Master fails.

On Earth Martha meets Professor Docherty in time to see a transmission from the Master showing the Master. She watches as the Master uses his screwdriver on the Doctor to constantly age him but suppressing the ability to regenerate. Out of the Doctor's clothes emerges a very small creature with the Doctor's face.

Martha has a CD that contains data on how to bring down a Toclafane sphere. Using the data and the professor Martha and Tom attract a Toclafane. When it runs into an electric charge it is downed.

The Master has been building millions of missiles to open a rift in space and plans to launch within a day.

Professor Docherty manages to open the downed sphere and inside they find a face. The creature recognises Martha. It is Creet – who she met on Utopia. The Toclafane are the humans from Utopia. The Master turned the TARDIS into a paradox machine to allow humans from the future to come back to the past to kill the current human race and build a new human/Time Lord empire.

Martha shows Professor Docherty a weapon that fires four chemicals into the Master. All four together would kill the Master and stop him regenerating. She has three chemicals, but needs a fourth from an old UNIT building. Whilst travelling to the building they stop off overnight at a house where Martha tells the people about the Doctor.

At the same time Professor Docherty is betraying Martha by reporting her position to the Master.

The Master makes a rare visit to Earth. He asks for Martha Jones. She has no choice but to give herself up when the Master threatens all the people. The Master orders her to throw her bag containing the weapon on the ground where he destroys it.

Martha is taken back aboard the Valiant. The Master points his laser screwdriver at Martha, but she simply laughs. She taunts the Master and tells him what she was doing – spreading news of the Doctor. The Master has set a countdown, but Martha has instructed the whole world to think of one word at the same time – Doctor.

Using the power of the psychic network the Doctor is able to rejuvenate himself. Whilst Jack goes to destroy the paradox machine the Master teleports to Earth, taking the Doctor with him. The Master has a device that will ignite every rocket. But the Doctor knows that the Master will not use the device as it would mean suicide for the Master.

When the paradox machine is destroyed time reverses, and the previous year is wiped out. After everything reverts Francine Jones holds a gun to the Master, but ultimately cannot shoot.

Instead Mrs. Saxon picks up the gun and shoots the Master. The Doctor comforts the Master and urges him to regenerate, but the Master refuses as it would mean a lifetime imprisoned in the TARDIS.

The Doctor gives the Master a proper cremation as watches the pyre burn. The Doctor once again is the last of the Time Lords. All that survives of the Master is his ring.

As the Doctor and Martha say goodbye to Jack he reveals that he used to be a poster boy due to his looks – nicknamed the Face of Boe.

Back at Martha's family's house everyone is getting on well, and the Doctor is ready to go. Only Martha decides to stay behind.

Regular Cast

  • Martha Jones: Freema Agyeman
  • Captain Jack Harkness: John Barrowman

Guest Cast

  • The Master: John Simm
  • Francine Jones: Adjoa Andoh
  • Tish Jones: Gugu Mbatha-Raw
  • Clive Jones: Trevor Laird
  • Leo Jones: Reggie Yates
  • Lucy Saxon: Alexandra Moen
  • President: Colin Stinton (12)
  • Vivien Rook: Nichola McAuliffe (12)
  • Albert Dumfries: Nicholas Gecks (12)
  • Herself: Sharon Osbourne (12), Ann Widdecombe (12)
  • Themselves: McFly (12)
  • BBC Newsreader: Olivia Hill (12)
  • US Newsreader: Lachele Carl (12)
  • Chinese Newsreader: Daniel Ming (12)
  • Sinister Woman: Elize Du Toit (12)
  • Sphere Voices: Zoe Thorne, Gerard Logan, Johnnie Lyne-Pirkis
  • Thomas Milligan: Tom Ellis (13)
  • Professor Docherty: Ellie Haddington (13)
  • Lad: Tom Goulding (13)
  • Woman: Natasha Alexander (13)
  • Passers-by: James Young, Paul O'Brien, Natascha Motee, Peter Sheward, Alex Archer, Rob Skidmore, Kaman Chan, Alaina Henderson, Jon Cecil, Martin Richards, Anna Shaw, Helen Lennox, Louise Poolman
  • Futurekind: Ken Hosking, Rauri Mears, Kris Williams, Edd Flemming, Natalie Cuzner, Cath McGowan, Elen Thomas
  • Campaigners: Jennifer Peace, Lawrence Hayes, Raj Sawhney, Andrew Marchant
  • Dreadlock Man: James Byrne
  • Armed Police: Bryan Williams, Colin Webb, Mike Freeman, Eddy Martin
  • Minions: James Young, Paul O'Brien, Natascha Motee, Peter Sheward, Derek Appau, Elsie May, Sabrina Simms, Shikira Austin, Sally Martin, David Newton
  • Press: Alex Archer, Rob Skidmore, Karman Chan, Alaina Henderson, Jon Cecil, Martin Richards, Anna Shaw, Helen Lennox, Jennifer Pierce, Lawrence Hayes, Raj Sawhney, Andrew Marchant
  • Ministers: Glenn Row, Nick Barton, John Herbert, Richard Atkin, Sean Saye, Mark Lynch, Matthew Harries, Rakesh Mistry, Peter Small, Alphonso Archer, Durine Howell, Helen Coles, Deborah Beeson, Babette L. Hospice, Joanne Lancastle
  • TV Crew: Junior Ford, Scott Baker, Susan Cecil
  • Henchmen: David Cordingley, Bernie Hodges,
  • Policemen: Richard Harris, Gerard Morgan, Andrew Michell, Tony Gallagher, Anthony Moulton, Steve Trenchard, Geraint Thomas, Mark Kelly
  • Neighbours: Barbara Fadden, Ollie Bryan, Tyrone Jackson, Angharad Thomas, Helen Cuthbert
  • Stunt double for the Doctor: Gordon Seed
  • Stunt double for Martha Jones: Dani Biernat
  • Stunt double for Captain Jack: Curtis Rivers
  • Heavies: Tat Wa Lay, Dane Bishop
  • Shop staff: Winston Pike
  • Leo's girlfriend: Channon Jacob
  • Hoodie: Ryan Probert
  • Time Lords: Jeff Goodwin, Denzie Phipps, Phil Kirk
  • Young Master: William Hughes
  • Lads: Gurmail Singh, Marc Williams
  • Presidential Aides: Paul Burke, Greg Bennett, Martin Kray
  • Presidential Drivers: Richard Simpkins, Lee Bradshaw
  • UNIT Soldiers: Jai Gomer, Alan Bond Ballard, Richard Turland, Ian Hilditch, Kevin Hudson, Craig Bowden, Marcus Hobbs, Nigel Hobbs, Luke Postians, Jason Ingram
  • British soldiers: Richard Harris, Carl Watson, Dave Pearce, Bob Davies, Geraint Thomas, Mark Kelly, Andrew Michell, Gerard Morgan, Chris Alderman, Kevin Short, Steve Trenchard, Elfed Price, Tom Davies, Kay-D Mills
  • UNIT Staff/Tanya: Emily Moore
  • UNIT Staff: David Newton, Samatha Link, Mark Jones
  • Presidential Aide: Jonathan Burnside
  • Audience: Tina Stratford, Victoria Wilson, Nathan Lewis, Diane Lukins, Vikki Bustard, Iestyn Bryn Jones, Dale Hitchman, Nigel Burford, Penny Chamber
  • UNIT soldier: Chris Lee
  • Factory Workers: James Ballard, Jesse Williams
  • Shoppers: Elizabeth Cairns, Sarah Janye Farthing, David Jones, Enfys Roberts
  • Business Men: Jason Clemmings, Mark Foxsmith, Richard Tunesi
  • Window salesmen: Steven Giles, John Sinclair
  • Students: Tom Hedges, Adele-Elizabeth Orchard, Martyn Smith, Sam Richards, Claire Evans, Jonathan Hughes, Jade Cupit
  • Workers: Claudio Laurini, Jayne Lutwyche, Kevin Dawkins, Phil Beale, Rupert Randie, Kodjo Tsakpo, James Saunders, Eryl Vaughan, Jefron Rhys Thomas, Amy Woodsend, Andy Watts, Matthew Cox, Paul Watson, Neil Partridge, Joe Lippiatt, Odile Rault, Sian Tudor Davies, Polly Barsby, Anne Lyken Garner, Nicola Harris, Victoria Fox, Christine Joseph, Debbie Burch, Chris Ellie
  • Business Women: Carol Lewis, Jennifer Pierce
  • Mum: Marjorie Teague
  • American students: Carl Tracey, Daniel Radbourne, Nicole See, Emma Powell
  • Militia: Jai Gorner, Alan Ballard, Richard Turland, Ian Hilditch, Alastair Wood, Alan Philpott, Simon Hamilton, Dennis Gregory, Grant Lock, Jason Weeks, James Hannan, Craig Palmer
  • Indian Mum: Malina Vekaria
  • Indian Dad: Tulsi Vekaria
  • Indian children: Mansi Vekaria, Diva Rayani, Mona Kapuria
  • Chinese Dad: Dave Wong
  • Chinese Mum: Shirley Wong
  • Chinese children: Callum Wong, Mariah Yau, Darrel Wong
  • Jack's new guard: Steve Grant
  • Nurse Gladys: Lindsay Bonaccorsi
  • Ladies Hand: Tracie Simpson
  • Crowd / Additional dialogue recording: Neil Gray, Daryl Adcock, Nicholas Wilkes, Claire Hilder, Stephen Bracken-Keogh, Lindsay Hollingsworth, Hannah Welch, Emma Feeney, Paula Keogh, Paul Sparrowham, Paul Ganney, Wendi Sheard

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 12. The Sound Of Drums Saturday, June 23, 2007 7:15 PM - 8:00 PM 7.5M 87
BBC 1 13. Last Of The Time Lords Saturday, June 30, 2007 7:05 PM - 7:55 PM 8.6M 88

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  • Upper Boat Studios, Trefforest

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  • Cathay's Park, Civic Centre, Cardiff
  • Cwrt-y-Vil Road, Penarth
  • DARA RAF St. Athan, Barry
  • Esplanade, Penarth
  • Forte's Cafe, Barry Island
  • Greyfriar's Place / The Friary, Cardiff
  • Hensol Castle, Hensol
  • Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London
  • Millennium Square, Bute Place, Cardiff Bay
  • Old British Rail Red Brick Warehouse, Mainday Road, Cathays, Cardiff
  • Old NEG Glass Site, Trident Park, Glass Avenue, Cardiff Bay
  • Queen's Road / Harbour View Road, Penarth
  • Roundwood, Llanedeyrn, Cardiff
  • South Luton Place, Adamsdown, Cardiff
  • The Friary, Cardiff
  • Universal Music, Kensington High Street, London
  • University Place, Splott, Cardiff
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  • Wenallt Road, Caerphilly Mountain, nr. Caerphilly