4 / 5. Daleks In Manhattan / Evolution Of The Daleks

Series 3 - 2007

Writer: Helen Raynor
Produced by: Phil Collinson
Director: James Strong
Music: Murray Gold


In a Manhattan theatre Lazlo, the boyfriend of dancing girl Tallulah, hears strange noises. When he investigates he encounters a strange pig-man.

The TARDIS lands at the base of the Statue of Libery on 1st November 1930. Seeing a headline in a newspaper telling of people disappearing at Hooverville, a settlement set up in Central Park for people who have become homeless, the Doctor and Martha decide to visit. Whilst people starve in Hooverville they wonder where the money comes from to continue the building of the Empire State building.

The workers building the Empire State building are being pushed hard by my Diagoras. When one of the workers complains Mr. Diagoras summons one of his 'Masters'.

The worker is shocked when he sees a Dalek with two pig-men. The Dalek orders the pig-men to take the worker away to be processed. Mr Diagoras goes to Hooverville to find two workers, paying only a dollar a day. The Doctor and Martha, and a few other people, volunteer. The job is to, apparently, clear a tunnel that has collapsed under the city. Whilst making their way to the collapse Martha finds a strange green creature on the ground.

Inside the building Mr. Diagoras tells workers to attach panels to the antenna - and the work has to be completed by the night. The Daleks decide that Mr. Diagoras is their best hope and take him away for the final experiment. He is taken to an underground laboratory where the Cult of Skaro are waiting for him.

In the tunnels the Doctor, Matha and the other volunteers (Frank and Solomon) have not found any collapse, and are hearing strange pig noises. In the distance they see a pig-man sat on the ground. The Doctor goes to the pig-man and offers him help. More pig-men approach and the group run away. The Doctor finds a ladder and all but Frank make it through a manhole and into the dance hall where they meet a gun wielding (although it's only a prop) Tallulah wanting to know what they have done with Lazlo.

The Doctor still has the green creature, and using bits of a old radio, and his sonic screwdriver, tries to create a crude DNA scanner. Meanwhile Martha is getting to know Tallulah better. In Hooverville Solomon is urging the people to take up arms to protect themselves. In the laboratory the final experiment is about to take place, but the Daleks are doubting the Dalek Sec's experiment. The experiment is to join human and Dalek DNA. Dalek Sec opens up and consumes Mr. Diagoras.

In the theatre a pig-man takes Martha, and the Doctor follows, followed by Tallulah. They come across one of the pig-men who has been following Tallulah and leaving her flowers. The pig-man is Lazlo, her boyfriend.

The Daleks have rounded up a group of humans, Martha and Frank included, and are testing them for intelligence. Low intelligence people are turned into pig-men to become slaves, superior intelligence, such as Martha, are taken for experimentation. As Martha and Frank are led to transgenic laboratory the Doctor joins the group, keeping himself hidden from the Daleks. Martha asks what is happening, and a Dalek explains that to survive they must escape their shells. As Martha and the Doctor watch Dalek Sec's lights die, and from the Dalek emerges a human-dalek hybrid in Mr. Diagoras's body.

Dalek Sec orders the humans to be prepared for hybridisation, but the Doctor announces himself. The Daleks immediately want to exterminate him, but Dalek Sec orders them to stop. Using the sonic screwdriver on a radio a loud noise disorientates the Daleks and the people manage to escape. Two Daleks follow the people, but in the tunnels they discuss Dalek Sec, and reveal to each other that they have doubts.

In Hooverville the pig-men are order to attack the people, but then then two Daleks appear in the air and start to attack the camp. Solomon attempts to reason with the

Daleks but is killed by one of them. Dalek Sec is astonished by this, and when the Doctor stands in Solomon's place Dalek Sec commands the Dalek to not kill. The Dalek urgently wants to kill the Doctor, but ultimately obeys Dalek Sec. Before being taken away by the Dalek the Doctor hands Martha his psychic paper.

When the Doctor is brought to Dalek Sec he is astonished when Dalek Sec says Solomon's death was wrong. Dalek Sec shows the Doctor the extent of the Dalek experiments - hundreds of humans waiting for life. To succeed the Daleks need a lot of energy - especially gamma radiation. A solar flare is due - a source of gamma radiation - and the Daleks have built a conductor to collect the energy.

Using the psychic paper Frank, Martha and Tallulah manage to get into the Empire State building, whilst Dalek Sec persuades the Doctor to help them - with eighteen minutes to spare.

When the Doctor has finished he starts the process, but the remaining Daleks override the gene feed to make the dormant humans into full Daleks. The Doctor makes his way to the top of the building where he attempts to remove the Dalekanium panels from the antenna/conductor. The Daleks send the pig-men up the lift after the Doctor and Frank, Lazlo, Martha and Tallulah are trapped on the top floor waiting for them. Martha and Frank attach metal rods to the conductor leading to the lift.

The Doctor is unable to remove the panels in time,and instead holds on to the conductor as the lightning strikes. The electricity is directed into the lift with the pig-men. In the laboratory the new Dalek/humans awake and are mobilised by the Daleks. The Doctor decides to meet the Daleks in the theatre and uses his sonic screwdriver to draw their attention.

The Dalek/humans arrive carrying Dalek weapons, and two Daleks appear with Dalek Sec chained up. One of the Daleks tries to exterminate the Doctor, but Dalek Sec stands up in the way. The Doctor provokes the Daleks by saying that the new Dalek/humans should have the kill. The Daleks order the Dalek/humans to exterminate, but instead they question the Dalek's orders. When the Doctor got in the way of the lightening strike the Doctor's DNA was implanted. The Daleks decide to kill the Dalek-humans, but they fight back, destroying the Daleks. The last remaining Dalek destroys the humans by remote.

The Doctor goes back to confront the last Dalek - Dalek Kahn. The Doctor offers his help, but Dalek Kahn initiates an emergency temporal shift. Tallulah, Martha and Lazlo appear. Pig-men have a low life span, and Lazlo collapses. The Doctor, determined to have no more deaths, uses the Dalek laboratory to rescue Lazlo.

Regular Cast

  • Martha Jones: Freema Agyeman

Guest Cast

  • Tallulah: Miranda Raison
  • Laszlo: Ryan Carnes
  • Solomon: Hugh Quarshie
  • Frank: Andrew Garfield
  • Mr. Diagoras (4) / Dalek Sec (5): Eric Loren
  • Myrna: Flik Swan (4)
  • Lois: Alex Caley (4)
  • Man 1: Earl Perkins
  • Man 2: Peter Brooke (4)
  • Foreman (4) / Hybrid (5): Ian Porter
  • Worker 1: Joe Montana (4)
  • Worker 2: Stewart Alexander (4)
  • Dock Worker: Mel Taylor (4)
  • Dalek Operators: Barnaby Edwards, Nicholas Pegg, David Harkinson, David Spargo (4)
  • Dalek Voices: Nicholas Briggs
  • Hero Pig Man: Paul Kasey (4 - credited as Hero Pig)
  • Chorus Girls: Victoria Southgate, Jodie Leigh, Aimee Hall, Emma Baskerville, Mia Okorafox, Suzanne Mole, Sarah Merry, Aimee Brammall
  • Juggler: Ian Greenwood
  • Clown: Steve Apelt
  • Stage Hands: James Welsh, Richard Manning
  • Passers-by: Dinah Lees, Julian Hensey, Aimee Dewett, Paul Lofts
  • Cyclist: Jason Weeks
  • Hoover Kids: Harrison Campbell, Gemma Vaughan, Carly Puckett, Stacy Thomas
  • Female Hoovers: Finoula Rochford, Anna Rudolph, Ellen Florence, Vanessa Bailey, Eleanor MacDonald
  • Male Hoovers: Sean Saye, Claudio Laurini, David Handford, Pete Symonds, Franco Demarco, John Walker, Gary Devonish, Mark Gottshalk, Eddie Martin, Julian Landau, Adam Barrat, John Sheperd,Gareth Long, Christopher Hancock, Justin Walters, Gary Greenslade
  • Workers: David Morris, Andrew Morgan John, Dominic Kynaston, Simon Challis, Graham O'Malley
  • Pig Man: Rauri Mears
  • Bodyguards: Giles Clayden, Pablo Raybould
  • Pig Men: Ken Hosking, Karl Greenwood, Adam Sweet, Kevin Hudson, Pete Symmonds
  • Audience: Nick Madge, Tony Was, Paul Lofts, Jonnie Black, Aimee Dewitt, Elsie May, Julian Hensey, Annisla, Jason Weeks, David Hodges, Tim Pottinger, Christopher Ellis, Lucy Eloise, Gabrielle Windsor, Julie Gregory, Clare Brice, Carys Boulton, Angharad Thomas, Catrin O'Neill, Jade Harris Cupit, Aimee Baldwin, Adele Orchard, David Brewer, Andy Jackson, Jack Grisham, Adam Lloyd, Matthew Riley, Tom Welch, Oliver Gardner
  • Prisoners: Levi Summers, Gary Dobbs, Simon Davey, Greg Bennett, Ian Hilditch
  • Double for Laszlo: Harry Ferrier
  • Stunt Pig Man: Guy List
  • Stunt Public: Andy Smart
  • Stunt Female Hoover: Kim McCarthy
  • Stunt double for the Doctor: Will Willoughby
  • Human Daleks: Sabrina Morris, Will Downie, Andrew Mitchell, Phil Stockton, John Jenner, Matt Doman, Jon Lloyd, John Childs, Liam Taborn, Alan Higgs, Matt Kid, Jason Gregg, Levi James, Damien Mantoulan, David Stock, Chris Barber, Jessie Mears, Louise Downie, Paul Anderson
  • Crowd / Additional Dialogue Recording: John Gerrasio, Martin T. Sherman, Laurel Lefkow, David Jarvis, Barbara Barnes, Kathryn Akin, Tim Beckman, Alan Marriott

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 4. Daleks In Manhattan Saturday, April 21, 2007 6:35 PM - 7:20 PM 6.7M 86
BBC 1 5. Evolution Of The Daleks Saturday, April 28, 2007 6:45 PM - 7:30 PM 7.0M 85

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  • Upper Boat Studios, Trefforest

Outside Locations

  • 230 Fifth Avenue, New York
  • Bute Park, Cardiff
  • Cardiff Heliport, Foreshore Road, Cardiff
  • Central Park, Manhattan, New York
  • Cogan Leisure Centre, Penarth
  • Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Avenue, New York
  • Headlands School, St. Augustine's Room, Penarth
  • Majestic Theatre, 247 West 44th Street, New York
  • Old NEG Glass Site, Trident Park, Glass Avenue, Cardiff Bay
  • Parc & Dare Theatre, Station Road, Treorchy
  • Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island, New York
  • Treberfydd House, Llangasty, Brecon