10. Blink

Series 3 - 2007

Writer: Steven Moffat
Produced by: Phil Collinson
Director: Hettie MacDonald
Music: Murray Gold


In an old abandoned house Sally Sparrow is taking photographs of the old rooms. She sees some peeling wallpaper. Behind it is a message from the Doctor is 1969 telling her to 'Beware the weeping angel, and to duck.' As she does a rock comes through the window. All she can see, though, through the window, is a statue.

When she returns home later at night she finds loads of screens showing the same DVD of the Doctor warning the viewer not to blink. Upstairs is her friend Kathy Nightingale is sleeping, until woken by Sally. Kathy tries to warn Sally about her brother, but it is too late - Sally has already seen Larry wandering around naked.

Sally tells Kathy about the house, and the next day they both go back to the house. Sally notices that the statue she saw the day before is closer to the house. When the doorbell rings Sally answers it. A man hands a letter to her, saying he has been instructed to hand the letter to her at this exact date and time. Kathy is watching Sally and the man, failing to notice the statue has moved into the house.

The man says he was told to hand the note to Sally by his grandmother who, before marriage, was named Kathy Nightingale. Sally calls out to Kathy, but there is no answer. Instead, Kathy finds her transported to Hull on 5th December 1920. The letter is from Kathy in the past, complete with photographs. When Sally goes to find Kathy she sees many statues inside the house, one of which holds a key.

In the letter Kathy tells Sally to tell her brother about the disappearance. Sally goes to the DVD store where he works, and meets Larry, who has been watching a DVD featuring the Doctor. Larry explains to Sally that the Doctor is an easter egg on seventeen DVDs, and he was checking to see if they were all the same. As Sally talks the Doctor appears to answer her, even though it is just a recording.

Sally goes to the police, and tries to explain about Kathy's disappearance. Everywhere she goes she seems to see statues that keep moving around. Eventually she meets DI Billy Shipton who shows her a whole underground car park of cars recovered from outside the house where Kathy had disappeared. Amongst the cars is a police box. Billy asks Sally out for a drink, and Sally gives him her phone number, then leaves embarrassed when giving her name as Sally Shipton by accident.

After Sally leaves Billy notices lots of statues around the Police Box.

Outside Sally realises she has a key that might work on the Police Box and returns to the car park. When she returns there is no sign of Billy. Instead Billy wakes up in 1969 and meets the Doctor and Martha. The Doctor starts explaining about the weeping angels, a race of beings who kill by transporting the victim into the past, so that they have died by the time they get to the present day. The angels then feed off the potential energy. Billy, naturally, has no idea what the Doctor is talking about.

The Doctor needs to Billy to send a message to Sally. In the present day Sally receives a message, and visits an old Billy Shipton in hospital. Billy tells Sally to look at the list - a list of seventeen DVDs. After being transported into the past Billy became a DVD publisher, and it was him who hid the easter egg on the seventeen DVDs - the seventeen DVDs owned by Sally.

Sally phones Larry and tells him to bring a portable DVD player to the house. Whilst there Larry starts to play one of the easter eggs. The Doctor seems to be replying to everything that is said, allowing Sally to hold a conversation with him. Sally can't understand how the Doctor can know what she is going to say when he is 38 years in the past - until the Doctor tells her to look to the left, where Larry is writing a transcript of the conversation.

The Doctor explains that the statues are creatures from another world, and that they only become statues when you see them. They are quantum locked - they don't exist unless they are being observed. If they are seen they turn into rock. That is why they can only move when a person blinks. The Doctor asks her to send the TARDIS back to him, and warns her not to blink.

Sally tries to get out of the house whilst Larry is stuck looking at a statue. When he does blink that statue moves to right in front of him - arms outstretched. Larry retreats, always looking at the statue, into a cellar that Sally has found.

The TARDIS is inside the cellar, and so are more statues. The light starts to flicker as Sally struggles to open the TARDIS. During periods of darkness the statues get closer. Eventually Sally opens the TARDIS and Sally and Larry get inside. The angels start to rock the TARDIS as Larry inserts a DVD into the console. The TARDIS starts to dematerialise from around Sally and Larry. When the TARDIS has gone they are surrounded by statues. The angels have been tricked into looking at each other, and are forever trapped.

A year later Sally and Larry are working together in a DVD store. Outside the store a taxi pulls up and out gets the Doctor and Martha. Sally rushes out, but the Doctor doesn't recognise her as the events are yet to happen to the Doctor. She hands the transcript to him as he rushes off.

Regular Cast

  • Martha Jones: Freema Agyeman

Guest Cast

  • Sally Sparrow: Carey Mulligan
  • Kathy Nightingale: Lucy Gaskell
  • Larry Nightingale: Finlay Robertson
  • Malcolm Wainright: Richard Cant
  • Billy Shipton: Michael Obiora
  • Old Billy: Louis Mahoney
  • Ben Wainright: Thomas Nelstrop
  • Banto: Ian Boldsworth
  • Desk Sergeant: Ray Sawyer
  • Angel Performers: Aga Blonska, Elen Thomas
  • Waitress: Sian Warrilow
  • Shorthand Double: Aled Blake
  • Billy's Wife: Maria Ohrwal

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 10. Blink Saturday, June 9, 2007 7:10 PM - 7:55 PM 6.6M 87

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  • Upper Boat Studios, Trefforest

Outside Locations

  • Caerphilly Miners' Hospital, Mountain Road, Caerphilly
  • Charterist Tower, Upper Dock Street, Newport
  • Coal Exchange, Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff Bay
  • Cwm Ifor Farm, Caerphilly
  • Diverse Vinyl, 10 Charles Street, Newport
  • Field Park Road, Newport, Gwent
  • Llanfair Road, Pontcanna
  • Oddverse Cafe, 25 Charles Street, Newport
  • Old NatWest Bank, West Bute Street., Cardiff Bay
  • St. Woolos Cemetery, Risca Road, Newport
  • West Bute Dock, West Bute Street, Cardiff Bay