12 / 13. Army Of Ghosts / Doomsday

Series 2 - 2006

Writer: Russell T. Davies
Produced by: Phil Collinson
Director: Graeme Harper


The Doctor returns Rose to Earth so Rose can visit her mum and hand over her washing. She also has a gift for her mum. But Jackie has news for Rose - her granddad is going to visit in a few minutes. Rose thinks her mum is going mad - her granddad died when she was nine. A few minutes later a ghost appears. Jackie is convinced this is her dad, but Rose and the Doctor aren't, and the Doctor is worried something is trying to squeeze into this universe.

All over the Earth, at the same time each day, ghosts appear. At first people were scared, but after two months they have gotten used to it, and some people think the ghosts are their dead relatives, others have fallen in love with ghosts, and one has even been elected an MP. The Doctor is not convinced, and sets up a field to trap a ghost to find out where it comes from. On time a ghost appears, and it is not happy at being caught.

The mysterious Torchwood are behind the ghosts. They have been opening a breach in order to harness the energy. The Doctor's field interferes with their transfer, and they stop the ghost shift. The ghost the Doctor has trapped disappears, but he is able to triangulate the point where the ghost came through. At Torchwood they hack into the CCTV system and are in time to see the TARDIS dematerialise.

The TARDIS materialises in Torchwood Tower with Rose and also Jackie. On the screen they can see soldiers with guns surrounding the TARDIS. This doesn't stop the Doctor leaving, but he tells Rose and Jackie to stay behind.

Outside the Doctor is greeted by the head of the London Torchwood - Yvonne Hartman. She is delighted to finally meet the Doctor, and wants to meet his companion. The Doctor immediately doesn't trust Torchwood, and reaches inside the TARDIS for Jackie, claiming she is Rose who has aged 57 years.

Yvonne takes the Doctor and Jackie on a quick tour of Torchwood whilst the TARDIS is taken away - with Rose still inside. Yvonne explains that Torchwood claim anything that is alien, and that includes the TARDIS and the Doctor, who is technically a prisoner. She then shows him a sphere. It has no mass, emits no heat, and defies analysis, but yet can be seen. The Doctor looks at it through a pair of 3D spectacles, before Yvonne takes him and Jackie to the lever room where a ghost shift is about to take place. The Doctor, using reverse psychology, has Yvonne stop the transfer.

Meanwhile Rose has left the TARDIS and taken a lab coat. She finds here way to the sphere room where she meets another scientist. She tries to use the psychic paper but the staff have psychic training and he gets another member of staff to seal the room whilst he reports her to Yvonne. The other member of staff is Mickey - although he signals to Rose to keep it quiet.

Yvonne asks the Doctor about Rose. When he denies her Yvonne says she can be shot. The Doctor then tells her that is the real Rose, and is a bit embarrassed to be seen with her mother. That is soon forgotten when the ghost shift begins again. Yvonne insists that it stop, but the staff continue. Unbeknown to her the staff have been taken over and are being controlled. They have bluetooth headsets, and when the Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver they collapse.

It is too late to stop the shift, and this time the ghosts manage to make it through and take corporeal form. The Cybermen have made it through the breach. In one move the Cybermen manage to appear all over the world. It is more than invasion - it is a victory. When the Doctor asks the Cybermen about the sphere they say the breach and sphere are not theirs; they just used an existing breach.

In the sphere room the sphere also makes it through the breach, and now has form. It opens, and Mickey reaches for a weapon. He thinks Cybermen will emerge. Instead four Daleks do, and immediately state their intention to exterminate, but don't when they realise Rose and Mickey are time travellers.They do kill the other scientist whilst extracting data about the planet. From this they learn about the Cybermen, and one Dalek goes to investigate.

At the same time the Cybermen learn of superior technology, and two go to investigate. They meet the Dalek and propose an alliance. The Dalek rejects this. The Cybermen attacks the Dalek, but its shields project it. It destroys both Cybermen. Cybermen and Daleks communicate, amd the Doctor is worried when he sees the Daleks. The Daleks are not concerned by thousands of Cybermen, claiming one Dalek could take them out. They are worried when they learn about the Doctor.

In the lever room the Cybermen take away the remaining staff, including Yvonne and Jackie for processing. They leave the Doctor as he has knowledge of the Daleks. Unexpected help comes from Jake (see episodes 5 and 6) and other freedom fighters. Using newly developed weapons and technology from their Torchwood they are able to destroy the Cybermen in the room.

Jake then takes the Doctor to his world where he meets Pete Tyler. Pete wants the Doctor to seal the breach in his world. Now that the Cybermen have gone his world will be safe. The Doctor has another idea, and transports them all back to the real world. The Cybermen still want his help to defeat the Daleks, so he enlists some Cybermen to help him rescue Rose. The Daleks have a 'genesis ark' that is a remnant of Time Lord technology. A battle ensues, and the humans escape, but the Daleks destroy the Cybermen. Mickey touches the ark, and it is activated.

The Daleks leave the sphere chamber and move to a room that has access, via a roof hatch, to the outside, killing all humans and Cybermen in the way. They open the hatch and ascend to the top of Torchwood Tower.

The Doctor, Rose, Mickey, Jackie, Pete and Jake take a lift to the top of the tower where they watch the ark open. The Time Lord technology meant the device was bigger on the inside. They watch as thousands of Daleks emerge with order to exterminate all life below. The Cybermen on the ground fire at the Daleks and war breaks out.

The Doctor has a plan to destroy all Daleks and Cybermen. By throwing the breach into reverse he can suck anything that has passed through the void back into the void. Unfortunately that means Rose and himself. The Doctor tells Rose that she must go back to Pete's world where she will be safe. She resits, but when the Doctor slips a transfer device over her head Pete activates it, and he is left in the room alone.

In Pete's dimension Rose won't leave the Doctor, and she activates the device sending her back to the real world. Pete confiscates all the other devices. Every transfer makes the breach worse and that could destroy both worlds.

The Doctor is upset that Rose has returned, but now she is back she may as well help. Together they open the breach, and anything that came through the breach is sucked back in. The Doctor has managed to get hold of two devices that Torchwood have that clamp onto a wall and are immovable. He and Rose grab onto one each to stop them also falling into the breach. They watch as Daleks and Cybermen hurtle past.

Rose's lever hasn't completely connected. As it move the breach starts to stop. The Doctor watches with fear as Rose grabs onto it and resets it. It locks into position and the remaining Daleks rush past. But Rose is unable to hold on and scream as she is sucked in. She is rescued at the last moment by Pete who transports in and out with Rose.

The Doctor manages to seal the breach. Rose is in tears as she realises she is trapped in another dimension away from the Doctor. There is one last bit of the breach left to close, and the Doctor uses that to talk to Rose one last time. The breach finally closes and Rose is left in a parallel dimension - although she does have her mum, Pete and Mickey she is stranded without the Doctor.

The Doctor also sheds a tear but that stops when he finds a bride in his TARDIS...

Regular Cast

  • Rose Tyler: Billie Piper

Guest Cast

  • Jackie Tyler: Camille Coduri
  • Mickey Smith: Noel Clarke
  • Yvonne Hartman: Tracy-Ann Oberman
  • Dr. Rajesh Singh: Raji James
  • Adeola: Freeme Agyeman (1)
  • Gareth: Hadley Fraser (1)
  • Matt: Oliver Mellor (1)
  • Peggy Mitchell: Barbara Windsor (1)
  • Indian Newsreader: Hajaz Akram (1)
  • French Newsreader: Anthony Debaeck (1)
  • Japanese Newsreader: Takako Akashi (1)
  • Weatherman: Paul Fields (1)
  • Police Commisioner: David Warwick (1)
  • Eileen: Rachel Webster (1)
  • Japanese Girl: Kyoko Morita (1)
  • Housewife: Maddi Cryer (1)
  • Themselves: (all 1) Derek Acorah, Alistair Appleton, Trisha Goddard
  • Cyberleader: Paul Kasey
  • Dalek/Cyberman Voices: Nicholas Briggs
  • Dalek Operators: Nicholas Pegg, Barbaby Edwards, Stuart Crossman, Anthony Spargo, Dan Barratt, Dave Hankinson
  • Pete Tyler: Shaun Dingwall (2)
  • Jake Simmonds: Andrew Hayden-Smith (2)
  • The Bride: Catherine Tate (2)
  • Passengers: Liz Edney, Simon Cornish, Rhian Jones
  • Black Ghosts: Jon Davey, Adam Sweet, JJ Angel, Kristian Arthur, Matthew Gregory, Claudio Laurini, Scott Price, Joe White, Pete Symmonds, Matt Doman
  • Kids: Alexander Jewel, Niabinghi Frazer, Lawrence Tate
  • Residents: Emily Harper, Lena Abu Oun, Justin Jeffries, Nicholas John, Marina Michael, Tom Robinson, Sachin Seghal. Ashley Wade, Timothy West, Dot Smith, Gwen Smith
  • Suits: Ian Wilson, Nick Wade, Sabrina Morris
  • White Coats: Yolaris Khan, Marc Bradley, Peter Crebbin
  • Japanese Girls: Eriko Kurasawa, Mari Yoshida
  • Troopers: Nicholas Gwyn Evans, Fiona Hepburn, Angela Gowing, Fay McDonald, Colin Webb, Owen Stanton, Jim Thrusingham, Luke Postians, Jamie Bird
  • Labourers: Andy Jackson, Christian Rae, Gareth Edwards, Neil Duffin, Kristian Arthur, Carl Watson, Denzie Phipps, Mike Buss
  • Cybermen: Jon Davey, Ken Hoskings, Rauri Mears, Karl Greenwood, Pete Symmonds, Matt Doman, Jon Davy, Kevin Hudson, Adam Sweet, Joe White, JJ Angel, Peter McKinstry, Teilo Trimble
  • Technician: Brian Morgan
  • Captain: Marcus Hobbs
  • Soldiers: Luke Parsons, Jason Ingram, Sarah Emerson Thomas, Shane Davis, Eddie Martin, Jon William, Elfed Price, Adeola Akande, Brett Postians, Steve Reynolds, Phil Stockton, Wyn Thomas, Geraint Thomas, Mark Kelly, Duncan Campbell, Rhys Parry, Garry Dobbs, Jonathon Holcroft, Hopcyn Bird, Mark Harrison, Jason Stevens, Brett Langdon, Tony Squire, Craig Bowden, Richard Harris
  • Double for Mickey: Cleve Bererey
  • Mum: Liz Edne
  • Dad: Simon Cornish
  • Daughter: Ciara Cohen-Ennis
  • Stunt Cybermen: Paul Kennington, Jimmy O'Dee
  • Older lady: Nicky Valentine
  • Crowd: Eriko Kurasawa, Mari Yoshida, Nicky Valentine, Jane Dance, Zana Cousins, Nina Maffrey, Eddie Martin, John Sinclair, Basil Anderson, John Griffith, Paul Turp, Ed Lost, Alison Grounsell, Darren Steven, Owen Griffiths, John Paul Green, Vicky Chapple, Dominik Sacchetti, Justin Bees, Simon Hamilton, Bianca Jones, Richard Oakley, Rachel Dax, Domenico Balasco, Jason Shepherd, Jaleelah Galberth, Patricia Croughan, Kate Marshall, Zoe Jeffrries, Keena Anderson, Lottie Ball, Susan Morgan, Olivia T Jones, Matthew Pardo, Natalie Burford, Nigel Burford, Ashley Wills, Duncan Hepple, Alex Quantock, Alan Philpott, Leila Parsons, Mark John Fletcher, Jason Stevens, Dennis Gregory, Rhiannon Ward
  • Sergeants: Phil Kirk, Andrew Mitchell
  • Policemen: Jeff Jones, Steve Cooper
  • Additional Dialogue Recording: Jane S R Kyle-Hunt, Daryl Adcock, Paul Ganney, Ian Williams, Paul Sparrowham, Nicholas Wilkes, Lindsay Hollingsworth

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 12. Army Of Ghosts Saturday, July 1, 2006 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM 8.2M
BBC 1 13. Doomsday Saturday, July 8, 2006 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM 8.2M

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  • Enfys Television Studios, Unit 31, Portmanmoor Road, Cardiff
  • HTV Studios, Culverhouse Croff, Cardiff
  • Teddington Studios, London
  • Unit Q2, Newport

Outside Locations

  • Basement, Capital Arcade, Churchill Way, Cardiff
  • Brackla Bunkers, Brackla, Bridgend
  • Brandon Estate, Kennington, London
  • Broadstairs Road, Canton, Cardiff
  • Cardiff Dockside, Cargo Road, Cardiff
  • Hoel Spencer, Brynceithyn, Bridgend
  • Loudoun Square, Gabalfa, Cardiff
  • Mount Stuart Square, Bute Street, Cardiff Bay
  • Southerndown Beach, Ogmore Vale, nr Bridgend
  • St. Nicholas, nr Cardiff
  • The Hayes, Cardiff
  • Tredegar House & Park, Newport
  • Unit 878 Picketson Site, RAF St. Athan, Barry
  • Westminster Bridge, London


In Army Of Ghosts Adeola, who was killed by the Cybermen, was played by future companion Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones)