6W. The Two Doctors

Season Twenty Two - 1985

Script Editor: Eric Saward
Produced by: John Nathan-Turner
Writer: Robert Holmes
Director: Peter Moffat
Designer: Tony Burrough
Incidental Music: Peter Howell


The Time Lords send the second incarnation of the Doctor, and his companion Jamie, to investigate time travel experiments being conducted at Space Station J7. Whilst talking to his old friend Dastari the station is attacked and the Doctor is kidnapped whilst Jamie escapes into maintenance sections.

The sixth Doctor, after feeling the pain of his second self, decides to visit his old friend Dastari, but finds the station in ruins. Security defences stop the Doctor and Peri from venturing to a different section of the station. To do so they have to travel through the maintenance section, where they find Jamie.

The Doctor learns of his other self's capture, and follows him to Spain, where Dastari, the second Doctor, two Androgums, and two Sontaram scouts are located. The Sontarans plan to use the Kartz -Reimer time travel module, which the second Doctor was sent to investigate. However, a series of double crosses mean that instead of helping the Sontarans, Chessene tries to destroy them, but not before they killed Dastari.

The Doctor meanwhile, has left a trap in the Kartz-Reimer module, and Chessene is destroyed when she uses it. The second Androgum was killed by the Doctor. Peri and the sixth Doctor continue travelling whilst the second and Jamie return to their own timestreams.

Regular Cast

  • Peri Brown: Nicola Bryant

Guest Cast

  • The Second Doctor: Patrick Troughton
  • Jamie McCrimmon: Frazer Hines
  • Shockeye O' The Quancing Grig: John Strattori
  • Chessene O' The Franzine Grig: Jacqueline Pearce
  • Professor Joinson Dastari: Laurence Payne
  • Oscar Botcherby: James Saxon
  • Anita: Carmen Gomez
  • Varl: Tim Raynham
  • Dona Arana: Aimee Delamain (1)
  • Technician: Nicholas Fawcett (1)
  • Group Marshal Stike: Clinton Geyn (2-3)
  • Dead Androgum: Jacy McGrath (1)
  • Scientist: Fernando Monast (1)
  • Computer Voice: Laurence Payne (1)
  • People outside restaurant: (all 3) Peter Moffat, Jan Wright
  • Woman on balcony: Mercedes Carnegie (3)
  • Diners and waiters at Las Cadenas: (all 3) June Easther, Patrick Edwards, Maria Eldridge, Michael Eriera, Iris Everson, John Holland, Tim Milsom, Nedjet Salih, Glynis Simmons

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 633. Part One Saturday, February 16, 1985 5:20 PM - 6:05 PM 6.6M 65%
BBC 1 634. Part Two Saturday, February 23, 1985 5:20 PM - 6:05 PM 6.0M 62%
BBC 1 635. Part Three Saturday, March 2, 1985 5:20 PM - 6:05 PM 6.9M 65%


  • Television Centre Studio 1
  • Television Centre Studio 6

Outside Locations

  • Santa Cruz streets, Restaurant del Laurel, villa near Gerena, stream and roadside, Seville, Spain


Part 1: When the second Doctor materialises the TARDIS on the research station he and Jamie head for the TARDIS door with every intention of leaving. However, the door isn't open, nor has the Doctor gone to open it. He then quite conveniently remembers that he should "take the recall disk" from the control console. It was a prop needed for the story, so it wasn't just an excuse for going back to open the door (there is dialogue during this as well). He walks back to take it, and opens the door.

Part 3: The knife Shockeye uses to stab Oscar has a surprisingly total lack of blood on it.

Part 3: When the Second Doctor is running to hail down the lorry he slips slightly on the gravel of the roadway.

Working Titles

Seventh Amendment

The Androgum Inheritance



The opening moments of the story, with the second Doctor and Jamie in an old style TARDIS console room, are seen in black and white, gradually fading to colour.

The guitar music heard in the story was played by Les Thatcher.