Henry Van Statten


Henry Van Statten

Henry van Statten was a very wealthy alien artefacts collector from Utah, Ameria. Being wealthy meant he had power, and could even influence the President of the United States. A little known fact was that he owned the Internet, although he preferred it if people thought that no-one owned it.

He was not a tolerant man, and if anyone disappointed him he would think nothing of having their mind wiped and the person left on the side of a road somewhere.

The Doctor met Van Statten in a facility 53 storeys underneath Utah, answering a distress signal from a Dalek (named Metaltron by Van Statten before he knew its real name). Before the Doctor arrived the Dalek would not speak, despite Van Statten asking one of his men, Simmons, to torture it. When he learns the Doctor is also an alien the Doctor is also tortured.

After the Dalek escapes the Doctor helps to destroy it. Van Statten's personal assistant, Goddard, takes charge and orders people to wipe Van Statten's mind and leave him somewhere in America beginning with S.

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  • Corey Johnson