Channing assisted the Nestene Conciousness during its first attack on Earth. Although he looked human, he did not display any human emotion. Channing was in fact no more than a superior Auton, although he had better skin than that of regular Autons, fooling people into thinking he was human.

Channing was able to control the will of a plastics factory manager, and was able to make him bend to the Nestene's will. This included making the manager fire most of his staff, including the head of sales, and turn the factory over to automation.

Channing was able to use the power of the Nestene to control and command the Autons, and was able to see what they saw. Channing reverted to a plastic mannequin when the link to the Nestene Consciousness was severed when the third Doctor destroyed the portion of the Nestene Consciousness on Earth.

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Played By
  • Hugh Burden
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