Chang-Lee was a member of a gang in San Francisco at the end of the twentieth century. During a shoot out two members of his gang are killed, and is about to be shot when the TARDIS materialises in front of him. The Doctor is shot instead and the rival gang runs off. Lee helps the Doctor and travels with him to the hospital.

Chang-Lee claims he is the Doctor's nephew, and steals the Doctor's possessions from the hospital, including the TARDIS key and his sonic screwdriver. Entering the TARDIS Lee falls under the influence of the Master. The Master offers Lee money (in the form of two bags of gold dust) and promises more money, which would buy him power, if he helps the Master. The Master tells Lee that it is the Doctor who has stolen his body. When the Master later slips up and says he has wasted his lives going after the Doctor Lee realises he should have been helping the Doctor, and is killed by the Master.

Reversing time the Doctor is able to revive Lee. After the Master has gone Lee returns the Doctors possessions he stole, and the Doctor lets him keep the two bags of gold dust.

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  • San Francisco, USA, Earth
Played By
  • Yee Jee Tso