AAA. Spearhead From Space

Script Editor: Terrance Dicks; Writer: Robert Holmes; Produced by: Derrick Sherwin; Director: Derek Martinus; Designer: Paul Allen; Incidental Music: Dudley Simpson;

At a UNIT tracking station a member of staff, sweating due to an unusual heatwave, reports a series of what appears to be meteorites heading in formation towards Earth. They land in Epping, and local poacher Sam Seeley sees them land.

Close by the TARDIS materialises, but a stranger wearing the second Doctor's clothes stumbles out and collapses. UNIT soldiers, investigating the meteorites, find the Doctor and take him to the Ashbridge Cottage Hospital.

In London the Brigadier is welcoming Doctor Liz Shaw as the new UNIT scientific advisor. She is not there by choice, and not happy that she has been torn away from her research and drafted to UNIT. The Brigadier tells her about the shower of meteorites that came to Earth through a tunnel of super heated air. Liz is curious as most meteorites burn up. She says there must be a natural explanation, and the Brigadier tells her they didn't find one last time it happened.

The Brigadier tells Liz about UNIT, and how UNIT has been set up to investigate strange events and alien life forms. He also tells her that on previous occasions when there have been alien invasion attempts they had help from a mysterious person with experience of other life forms - the Doctor.

The Brigadier is interrupted by a telephone call from Captain Munro, who tells the Brigadier they have found a man unconscious in Oxley Woods - next to a Police Box. Both Munro and Liz think its odd when the Brigadier says he wants an armed guard placing around the Police Box.


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Regular cast

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart: Nicholas Courtney; Liz Shaw: Caroline John;

Guest cast

Channing: Hugh Burden; Captain Munro: John Breslin; Sam Seeley: Neil Wilson (1-3); Doctor Henderson: Antony Webb (1-2); Corporal Forbes: George Lee (1-2); Mullins: Talfryn Thomas (1); Nurse: Helen Dorward (1); UNIT Officer: Tessa Shaw (1); Technician: Ellis Jones (1); First Reporter (Michael Wagstaffe): Alan Mitchell (1); Second Reporter (Jimmy): Prentis Hancock (1); George Hibbert: John Woodnutt (2-4); Major General Scobie: Hamilton Dyce (2-4); John Ransome: Derek Smee (2-3); Meg Seeley: Betty Bowden (2-3); Doctor Beavis: Henry McCarthy (2); Sergeant: Clifford Cox (3); Attendant at Waxworks: Edmund Bailey (4);
Uncredited cast: UNIT Car Park Attendant: Derrick Sherwin; Voice of Doctor Lomax: Ellis Jones (1); Autons: Geoffrey Brightly, Ronald Mayer, Ivan Orton; Factory Workers: Christine Bradley, Constance Carling, Denis MacTighe, Brian Nolan, Lindy Russell, Rosemary Turner, Robert Windman; UNIT Soldiers: Roy Brent, Alan Cooper, Victoria Croxford, Trevor Cuff, Antonio De Maggio, Dave Dewhurst, Rachel Hipwood, Michael Horsburgh, John Hughes, Marie Johnson, June Johnson, Arthur Judd, Vicky Maxine, Patrick Milner, Dave Mobley, Robert Needham, Iain Smith, Hugh Wood; Extras: Barry Ashton, Keith Ashley, Bernadette Barry, David Billa, Joy Burnett, Arnold Chazen, Alan Clements, Diana Collins, Fred Davis, Gary Dean, Grace Dola, Michael Earl, Walter Goodman, Alan Granville, June Gray, Michael Harrison, Denis Haywood, Roger Houghton, Derek hunt, Alfred Hurst, Brian Justice, Vi Kane, Peter Kaukus, Barry Kennington, Leonard Kingston, Sheila Knight, Gideon Kolb, Doris Lang, Kenneth Lindford, Norman Littlejohn, Reg Lloyd, Anthony Maine, Claire Maine. Bill Matthews, David Melbourne, Roger Minnis, Lola Morrice, Robert Murphy, Lesley Pates, Maurice Quick, Henry Rainer, Laurence Ross, Christopher Rushton, Tom Segal, Maurice Selwin, Keith Simon, John Spradbury, Sandy Stel, Cara Stevens, Cy Town, Hein Viljoen, Sonny Willis;

First showing

Channel Episode Title Date Viewers Position
BBC 1254Episode OneSat 3 Jan 19705:15 pm - 5:40 pm8.4M54th
BBC 1255Episode TwoSat 10 Jan 19705:15 pm - 5:40 pm8.1M57th
BBC 1256Episode ThreeSat 17 Jan 19705:15 pm - 5:40 pm8.3M49th
BBC 1257Episode FourSat 24 Jan 19705:15 pm - 5:40 pm8.1M51st

Repeats (on the BBC)

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Outside filming

BBC Training Centre, Wood Norton; Guinness Factory, Acton; King's Cross Station, London; Madame Tussauds, London;

Studio filming

This programme does not have any studio filming

Bloopers and mistakes

General Scobie's epaulettes have only two decorations, though a Royal Army general's epaulettes have three decorations: a crown, diamond and crossed swords.;

Episode 3: In the scene where Seeley is checking that his globe is safe the trunk lid shuts as his wife calls; watch closely and you will see a hand push the lid.;

Notes and trivia

This was the first colour Doctor Who story made. Due to problems at the BBC this story was shot entirely on location on film, and is the only classic Doctor Who story to be released on Blu-Ray.;

The story introduced new opening titles (again by an uncredited Bernard Lodge) and end credits that now no longer scrolled.;

In the opening titles the story title enlarges from the centre of the screen.;

Working titles