I am the Lord President of Gallifrey. You can't put me on trial.

The Sixth Doctor

The Trial Of A Time Lord: The Mysterious Planet

Doctor Who In Detail is a guide to the long running BBC Television programme Doctor Who. The first episode was broadcast in 1963, and the programme celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013, making Doctor Who the longest running science fiction television programme.

So far twelve actors have portrayed the role of the Doctor (or thirteen if you count John Hurt as the War Doctor) in the televsion series (excluding stand-ins), with Peter Capaldi soon to appear in his third series in 2017.

On TV today 30 March 2017

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On this day 30 March

1968: Fury From The Deep: Episode 3: An oil refinery has been experiencing problems and has sucked up a form of parasitic weed
1974: The Monster Of Peladon: Part Two: Fifty years after the Doctor's previous vist the Ice Warriors are at war with the Federation
1982: Time-Flight: Part Three: The Doctor manages to return Tegan to Heathrow where Concordes have been disappearing
1984: The Twin Dilemma: Part Four: Two kidnapped twins are helped by the newly regenerated, and unstable, Doctor
1985: Reveleation Of The Daleks: Part Two: A new breed of Daleks is being created from the bodies of the dead
2007: The Runaway Bride: A woman in her wedding dress mysteriously appears on board the TARDIS
2009: The Unicorn And The Wasp: The Doctor and Donna meet Agatha Christie
2012: Planet Of The Ood: On the Oods' home planet the Doctor and Donna find out the truth of the Ood-sphere
2012: The Sontaran Stratagem: The Sontarans plan to invade Earth by making it uninhabitable by humans
2013: The Bells Of Saint John: Something is harvesting human souls through the Wi-Fi and storing them in the cloud