Doctor Who In Detail

Doctor Who In Detail is a guide to the long running BBC Television programme Doctor Who. The first episode was broadcast in 1963, and the programme celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013, making Doctor Who the longest running science fiction television programme.
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So far twelve actors have portrayed the role of the Doctor in the televsion series (excluding stand-ins), with Peter Capaldi having just completed his first series.

On TV today 30 January 2015

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On this day 30 January

The Romans: Conspiracy: Whilst on holiday in Rome, 64A.D., things go wrong for the TARDIS crew
The Mind Of Evil: Episode One: The Master uses a machine to increase negative emotions in inmates at a prison
The Green Death: Episode Five: People welcome Global Chemical's new refinery, but not the giant maggots
The Christmas Invasion: The Sycorax plan to invade Earth, but the Doctor is not his usual self
The Eleventh Hour: The Doctor investigates a crack in Amy's bedroom whilst remembering who he is
Robot Of Sherwood: Clara asks the Doctor to take her to see the fictional Robin Hood